cheap uggs boots online Alleged torture victim’s blood found on footwear of two of accused

ugg cosy slippers Alleged torture victim’s blood found on footwear of two of accused

HomeNewsNorth East NewsPercy MainJimmy Prout murder trial: Alleged torture victim’s blood found on footwear of two of accusedA forensic scientist told the murder trial blood on Zahid Zaman’s Crocs shoe and Ann Corbett’s Ugg boot matched Jimmy’s DNA profile21:00, 15 MAY 2017Zahid Zaman (inset left) stands accused of the murder of Jimmy Prout (inset right)

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Alleged murder victim Jimmy Prout’s blood was found on the footwear of two of the people accused of killing him, a court heard.

A forensic scientist said blood found on Zahid Zaman’s Crocs shoe and Ann Corbett’s Ugg boot was found to be a DNA match to Jimmy.

Two other pairs of trainers were found hanging on the washing line at St Stephen’s Way, Percy Main, North Shields, and no blood was found on them.

Prosecutors allege four people Zaman, Corbett, Kay Rayworth and Myra Wood tortured and murdered the vulnerable 43 year old in a series of attacks, which they deny.

Forensic scientist Michelle Walton told jurors she had visited the scene where Jimmy’s body was discovered, in a wooded area off the A187,
cheap uggs boots online Alleged torture victim's blood found on footwear of two of accused
not far from St Stephen’s Way, last March.

Miss Walton said the body was in two sleeping bags and the outside one was green, making it hard to spot in the bushes.

Kay Rayworth, Ann Corbett, Zahid Zaman and Myra Wood

She said Jimmy’s body, which had allegedly been there for around six weeks, was in a state of decomposition.

The body was dressed in two jackets, four T shirts, jeans and shorts or jogging bottoms.

Miss Walton was unable to find DNA of sufficient quality on the sleeping bags or clothing but ran tests on other items seized in subsequent days.

A pair of Ugg boots which Corbett was wearing at the police station on March 27 were examined and the right one was found to have a small blood stain on the welt of the outer aspect of the toe area.

There was also heavier blood staining on the toe area itself and she could see blood stains within the stitching.

Miss Walton said it was her opinion the boot had been cleaned. She said: “That suggests there had once been more blood on the toe area of the boot but the blood had been wiped from the surface so the blood only remained in the recessed areas.”

The scientist said one possible explanation for the blood was a forceful kick into a surface wet with blood.

However she added that it is not possible to exclude alternative possibilities that blood was transferred in some more innocent way, such as surfaces heavily wet with blood being applied with pressure to the toe region.

Asked about her findings with regard to an area of crusty blood on the boot, Miss Walton said: “The DNA profile was obtained which matched that of James Prout.”

A pair of Crocs seized from Zaman on March 28 were also found to have blood on them.

Tests showed blood on the right shoe was Zaman’s and some on the left shoe produced a mixed DNA profile including the DNA of Jimmy and Zaman, meaning it was not possible to say who it had originated from.
cheap uggs boots online Alleged torture victim's blood found on footwear of two of accused

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