ugg pumps Find out about hot sellers for back to school ahead of Tulsa’s tax

size 5 ugg boots Find out about hot sellers for back to school ahead of Tulsa’s tax

For parents, back to school time is when you need to try to get the most for your money. Shopping on Oklahoma’s tax free weekend (Aug. 7 9) or shopping resale or consignment events like Just Between Friends are ways to stretch those dollars.

The National Retail Federation’s annual consumer survey shows total combined spending for back to school and college is expected to reach $68 billion in 2015. The average family with kids in kindergarten through high school plan to spend $630 with the average college student or college family expecting to spend $899, according to the survey. Add to that, families plan to spend an average of $97.74 on school supplies such as notebooks, pencils and backpacks, the second highest amount since the 2008 recession.

Tulsan Tammy Applegate said she will be looking for uniform pants, shorts and shirts for her 7 year old son. She said she can spend about $300 and outfit him through the winter by shopping at the Just Between Friends consignment event set for Aug. 23 28 at the Exchange Center at Tulsa’s Expo Square.

“I have been dressing him at JBF for the past seven years from there, and it’s been great,” said Applegate, adding she can find high quality items for reasonable prices at the event. “I get what I can for school there, but I also get things like winter coats, boots, shoes, jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts because he has free dress days and weekends.”

Like lots of kids, he asks for favorites he wants his mother to buy, she said. Those desired items include Under Armour athletic wear; superhero gear such as Spider Man, The Hulk and Green Lantern; and anything John Deere.

“I have gotten things to decorate his bedroom like tractors, a John Deere lamp and all kinds of stuff at JBF.”

Applegate’s child isn’t alone in his love for certain brands. Retailers are seeing lots of brands and apparel trends among back to school shoppers.

Phil Meeker of Hartly New Resale in Jenks said this will be his 28th school season and kids are looking for Abercrombie and Under Armour among other brands.

“Justice is very strong, as are American Eagle, and you can buy them so much cheaper resale but still in good quality condition and tax free this weekend,” he said.

For girls and juniors, bohemian wear, the remnants of the ’70s, are popular sellers this season, said Keith Dockery, store manager for Dillard’s in Woodland Hills Mall.

“Athletic wear is also popular as in shorts for girls and Nike shirts for boys,” he said. “A nice trend in juniors is denim with the worn or aged effects like a little bit of the fabric has worn away and you can see the skin as long as it’s tasteful and appropriate. And skinny jeans for junior girls with more emphasis on how they fit and the wear and less about the decorative pockets this year.”

Converse sneakers are popular in ladies’ shoes, Dockery said, as are throwback brands. Bohemian style flats will be huge. In athletic shoes, even if the kids are wearing uniforms, they make their own individual statement with colorful shoes, he added.

At Lolly Garden in Utica Square, shoppers are going for the popular brands like Tea Collection that features clothing based on a different country every year. This year the brand will be showing a lot of blanket stripes, plaids, bright geometric prints and baroque swirls with plenty of color, said owner Marlow Sipes.

“For back to school, there are lots of wash and wear dresses and tunics paired with leggings and shorts and pants for boys,” she said. “I have three boys who blow out the knees of their pants, and what I love about this line is that the knees are double reinforced with the same color fabric.”

Parents can expect to buy a lot of bright colors this season, Sipes added, including reds, oranges, blues and pinks for both boys and girls.

Tulsa’s Kicks for Kids and Kathleen’s Kids stores are selling a lot of tennis shoes.

At Kathleen’s Kids, parents are buying navy Mary Janes, two tone oxford Keds, Tsukihoshi, Jumping Jacks, Keens, Sperry loafers for girls and a ton of Uggs, said owner Kathleen Marshall.

“People already start picking them up to wear when it gets cold,” she said.

For the most part, people are buying tennis shoes because “everyone needs a good pair,” said Amy James, owner of Kicks for Kids. “Sometimes they buy Mary Janes or flats for little girls, but it’s pretty much tennis shoes.”

James said she is selling a lot of Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Tsukihoshi (Japanese tennis shoes with a cult following in Tulsa) plus boutique brands Lizzie Luca and See Kai Run for back to school shoppers.

For boys’ sneakers, the brighter the color the better. They like to pair them with Nike Elite socks that don’t match, she added.

Boho, or the bohemian look, is big for girls at Drysdales, said women’s buyer Leigh Ann Offield. She’s talking vintage, tunics, high low hem, items that can be worn with skinny jeans or leggings and lots of layering essentials plus shortie boots. Looks that can transition through the season are key, she said, adding that fringe is everywhere this fall.

“The jeans are not so much bling this year but more about embroidery on the back pockets, a little higher rise and boot cut, but we also carry straight legs.”

Denim for boys is still a strong performer for Drysdales, said Frank Lambert, men’s buyer. Wrangler 20x, Wrangler Retro, Cinch for boys and George Strait jeans are best sellers, he said.

Shoppers at Stage in Sapulpa are buying up skinny jeans, lots of Nike athletic wear, graphic T shirts, Converse in lots of colors and a lot of old school looks for girls, said manager Sharyl Leverich.

“It’s more like an ’80s look, lots of layering, the ‘Flashdance’ look and still lots of printed skirts,” Leverich said. “Lots of lace is in style and color bright, bright colors is really in style especially putting crazy colors together like hot pinks, oranges, lime greens and fuschias.”

Ida Red on Peoria is seeing a big rush of college kids “who want to take some Oklahoma gear with them,” said manager Angelene Wright.

“So that’s one of the main things we sell here Tulsa and Oklahoma related T shirts. They want to take a little piece of Oklahoma with them.”
ugg pumps Find out about hot sellers for back to school ahead of Tulsa's tax

cheap ugg boots uk sale Ferryhill mother set up Facebook page selling hundreds of counterfeit goods to give her kids a ‘decent Christmas’

uggs kensington Ferryhill mother set up Facebook page selling hundreds of counterfeit goods to give her kids a ‘decent Christmas’

Gill Proud, prosecuting on behalf of Durham County Council, said Darlington Trading Standards had received information regarding the selling of goods believed to be counterfeit.

“As part of an investigation initial checks were made on Facebook of a page called Kim Wallace Dean Bank buy and sell,” she said. “Posts on that page showed pictures of items with prices listed in the comments.

“When police searched Mrs Wallace’s home on Bessemer Street, 140 suspected counterfeit items were recovered in boxes from the Manchester Clothing Company that had two separate addresses on.”

The addresses were those of Wright’s home, in Stocks Green, Newton Aycliffe, and Harrop’s home, in West View, Bishop Auckland.

Mrs Proud added: “Goods were also being offered for sale on the personal Facebook page of Andrew Wright and there was evidence that it was linked to the Dean Bank buy and sell page.

“When Mr Wright’s house was searched, 42 items of counterfeit clothing were found and when Mrs Harrop’s property was searched, 30 pairs of counterfeit Nike trainers were seized along with 22 Ralph Lauren body warmers.”

Ben Pegman, representing Harrop, said the 55 year old bought the trainers from a market to give to friends and family.

She claimed the box found in Wallace’s house with her name on had originally contained a uniform ordered from the Manchester company, and she had simply reused it to pack kitchen items she later sold to Wallace.

Wallace, 40, who represented herself in court, pleaded guilty to a total of ten charges and said: “Everything I had was for my family, I have six kids and grandchildren and I wanted to give them a decent Christmas for once. It was a one off.”
cheap ugg boots uk sale Ferryhill mother set up Facebook page selling hundreds of counterfeit goods to give her kids a 'decent Christmas'

ugg cardy boots Fired Mizzou softball coach Ehren Earleywine issues statement

ugg australia classic mini leather boots Fired Mizzou softball coach Ehren Earleywine issues statement

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I was told there was no singular incident that led to my termination. Subsequently, I asked what culminating factors lead to this decision and the response I got from Jim Sterk was, “I’m not required to give you a reason.” I don’t know what’s “required” administratively speaking, but I do know what’s right looking someone in the eye and telling them specifically why they are being fired after giving 11 years of their life to the university is the RIGHT thing to do.

I think this all boiled down to a philosophical coaching difference between MU and myself. We’ll never know for sure but here’s what I think: I believe in winning. Winning isn’t always warm and fuzzy. It’s not a love fest, it’s a fight. Being a highly competitive coach means occasionally getting on your players when they aren’t giving their best effort. A tool they will need if they want to be successful in life. That approach is heavily frowned at Mizzou (and is the trend nationwide nowadays) which is evident by the response I received from Brian Brown a couple months ago when I asked, “Do you think Nick Saban and Geno Auriemma with their hard nosed approach could coach at Mizzou?” He responded, “You know, I don’t know, that’s a good question.” You know there’s great administrative confusion about what a good coach is when those two can’t qualify as “Mizzou Made.”

The plan was always to lead this program to an eventual national championship and I know we would have won one eventually. And in the meantime, continue to be one of the top programs in the country. There were tremendous recruiting classes stacked up all the back to the 7th grade and a current freshman class ranking 8th in the country. I had a great coaching staff, the team GPA was 3.0 or higher every semester,
ugg cardy boots Fired Mizzou softball coach Ehren Earleywine issues statement
averaged the highest attendance for Olympic sports, have an extremely loyal fan base which was never more evident than during our investigation. Eleven straight regional tournaments, eight super regionals and three college world series, a thriving booster club, no public incidents regarding off the field behavior by our players, and the highest winning percentage of any coach in the history of the Missouri Athletic Department in ANY sport. But according to Jim Sterk there is “a lack of confidence in my ability to lead.”

It’s now time for me to close this chapter and move forward. Of course, I am sad to see it go, but excited about what God has in store for me. I know initially, I’m looking forward to being more available for my kids, who are the most important things in my life. Coaching has kept me from being with them more than I would’ve liked, but now I can steal back some of the time I missed. I don’t know what career path I will take at this time, nor do I know if I want to continue to coach again. Like I said,
ugg cardy boots Fired Mizzou softball coach Ehren Earleywine issues statement
I’m going to try to take His lead and see what’s next.

men ugg slippers File your taxes before hackers can get your return

ugg scarf File your taxes before hackers can get your return

“What a nightmare! That was exactly the thought because it going to affect our clientele, said Hill remembering her reaction to learning about the Equifax breach.

Here what you need to do. If you haven done so already, check the Equifax website to see if your personal information has been exposed.

Even if you frozen your credit, it does not protect you from tax related identity theft. Experts say the best protection is to file early before thieves have a chance to do so.

“I caution people that are the early filers,
men ugg slippers File your taxes before hackers can get your return
and I say you sure that you have everything? is the time to make sure you do have everything, so when your W 2 arrives, you ready to file.

By law, your employer must make your W 2 available by January 31. The IRS has not yet announced when it will begin accepting individual tax returns, but it traditionally begins accepting e files on the third Monday in January.
men ugg slippers File your taxes before hackers can get your return

ugg shoes fishing and getting outdoors in Minnesota

grey uggs sale fishing and getting outdoors in Minnesota

The year 2017 saw an increase in the number of Minnesotans getting outdoors and enjoying the state’s abundant natural resources, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR opened two new state campgrounds, added new resources to combat aquatic invasive species, connected more Minnesotans to information about the state’s natural resources, and engaged Minnesotans in the decision making process on how to best plan for the future of the state’s natural resources.

“Minnesotans had more occasions in 2017 to engage with us on conservation decisions,” said DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr. “I want to thank the outdoors loving residents of this state for taking the time to share their ideas and opinions with us.”

Outdoor highlights for the year include:

More people got outdoors and visited state parks New and returning visitors flocked to Minnesota . Year to date overnight stays at state parks in 2017 were up 4.1 percent compared to 2016 and sales of year round state park vehicle permits were up 4.5 percent.

New campgrounds and trail rehabilitations The DNR opened two new state campgrounds, one at Whitewater State Park and partially opened a new campground at Lake Vermilion Soudan Underground Mine State Park. The DNR also reopened two state trails after extensive repairs. Following the completion of a five mile segment severely damaged by flooding in 2012, the 70 mile Willard Munger State Trail is now completely open for the first time in more than five years. A six mile segment of the Glacial Lakes State Trail is also open, after being widened and resurfaced between Willmar and Spicer.

New parks benefits for veterans Active military personnel in any branch or unit of the United States Armed Forces and veterans with a service related disability are now eligible to receive a free year round state parks vehicle permit, providing unlimited access to all 75 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas. These new benefits were proposed by the DNR and approved by state lawmakers during the 2017 Minnesota legislative session.

Expanded information center hours Responding to public demand, the DNR expanded its Information Center hours into weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. The hotline is a great resource to get many outdoor questions answered from fish limits on lakes to trail conditions for snowmobile and skiing. The project started as a pilot project late in 2016, but public response was so overwhelmingly positive that operational hours were made permanent. The DNR’s Information Center received 85,146 calls in 2017; more than 12,000 of those calls were taken during the new weekend and evening hours. on Saturday.

Good deer season Minnesota deer hunters had one of their better deer seasons in several years, with fall harvest expected to total nearly 199,000 deer with some late season hunting yet to come, compared to 173,213 in 2016. The state has about 500,000 deer hunters each year.

Statewide Deer Plan engagement The DNR is committed to ensuring sustainable and healthy wildlife populations across the state. In 2017, the DNR held a series of 12 public meetings statewide with people interested in deer to discuss goals and values that would define Minnesota’s first ever statewide deer management plan. A diverse citizen advisory committee met monthly to discuss the plan and further input was gathered through public surveys. The draft plan will be finalized in 2018.

Chronic wasting disease down Chronic wasting disease was not found in precautionary testing of nearly 11,500 samples from deer that hunters harvested in north central, central and southeastern Minnesota outside deer permit area 603. Within permit area 603 the disease was identified in 2016, and this past season six new cases of CWD were confirmed. Overall, the results lent confidence that the disease has not spread across the landscape. Hunter cooperation and public support were both very strong during the monitoring effort.

Forestry initiative Minnesota’s forest products industry has seen increased global competition, high raw material prices,
ugg shoes fishing and getting outdoors in Minnesota
and increased demand for state timber in recent years. These and other developments underscored the need to update the sustainable timber harvest level from DNR administered forest lands.

The DNR is working closely with a stakeholder advisory group to evaluate the implications of various harvest levels for the forest ecosystem and economy. Specifically, the analysis will examine the sustainability of harvesting 1 million cords of timber per year from DNR administered forest lands. If the analysis does not support that level of harvest, the DNR will use information from the analysis to determine what is the sustainable harvest level.

DNR administered lands provide 30 percent of the wood fiber in the state. The state’s forest products industry is the fifth largest manufacturing sector in Minnesota by employment, with a $17.8 billion economic impact supporting 64,000 jobs.

The DNR created seven new, state of the art maps that make it easier and safer for people to explore, hunt and recreate in state forests. The maps were developed for Paul Bunyan State Forest, Badoura State Forest, St. Andrews State Forest and Chengwatana State Forest. In addition to paper maps, a geoPDF map allows users to download a map onto a mobile device using a variety of map apps and then track their location on the screen. The agency plans to produce 52 more new state forest maps in coming years.

New state fish records New state records were recorded for golden redhorse (4 pound 7 ounces), short nose gar (5 pound 4 ounces), catch and release flathead catfish (53 inches), and two caught and released lake sturgeon that were 70 inches long. There are more than 1.4 million anglers in Minnesota.

Buffer map completed After processing 4,200 public comments and making 2,800 changes to Minnesota’s buffer protection map, the DNR updated a map of public waters and ditch systems that require buffers under a state law. Minnesota’s buffer law, passed in 2015 with bipartisan support, requires landowners to establish perennial vegetation buffers, up to 50 feet wide, along rivers, streams and ditches to help protect clean water quality across the state. Over 97 percent of public waters are now in compliance with the state’s buffer law.

The DNR also captured a 37 pound, 43 inch bighead carp in the St. Croix River, surgically implanted a thin, 4 inch long tracking tag, and returned the fish to the river. The fish will give scientists better data about the fish’s movements, precise range,
ugg shoes fishing and getting outdoors in Minnesota
feeding areas and other details about the types of conditions these invasive species prefer. The information will help the agency to develop future strategies to control invasive carp.

grey short ugg boots Finding the perfect lipstick

ugg store locator Finding the perfect lipstick

I think the caking and drying vary from person to person. My lips aren’t dry, and I really don’t have much of a problem in this area. But you do, and that’s all that’s important.

I have three suggestions for you: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lips, which has great staying power but, at $20, is a little pricey. Lipmix ($15), a truly interesting product if you’re one of those people who enjoyexperimenting. It’s a cream in a tube, and it comes in an array of normal lipstick colors. But by buying offbeat colors (blue, red, yellow, white at $15 per), you can mix your own shade. YouTube has loads of videos to show you how. Finally for the frugal shopper, there’s Maybelline Super Stay 24, a two step lipstick that you can find at drugstores for under $8.

Dear Answer Angel: Have you ever heard of this? Out of nowhere, I’ve suddenly got one spot in the middle of my back right where the bra clasp is that itches like mad. Due to the location, it is an itch that is almost impossible to reach, and it is maddening. What do you suppose could be the cause, and what can I do about it?


Dear Pegs: An itch you can’t scratch? That’s torture! First, the answer to what is going on. Dermatologists I consulted suggest it could be an allergy to the metal in your bra clasp.

Even though there’s a piece of fabric between your back and the clasp, it could still be irritating. And,
grey short ugg boots Finding the perfect lipstick
allergies can come on quite suddenly, so a bra that was fine a month ago could be a torture device today. Shop for a bra that either uses a plastic closure (as most front closures do) or no closure at all (sort of like an over the head sports bra), and see if that works.

But this brings me to what might be one of the best suggestions I’ve ever come up with a solution to scratching the itch. Buy a couple of the classic bamboo back scratchers. Google it, and you’ll see what I mean. I have seen them at dollar stores and flea markets for $1 apiece. The problem is that the curved handlike part is never sharp enough to satisfy your needs.

I came up with this idea and got my brother Tom to put it into action. He sharpened the “fingers” using his power belt sander, but any type of power sander would work, and he thinks a large flat file would also do the job. If you’re not lucky enough to have a brother with a carpenter’s workshop in his basement or your own woodworking setup, some hardware stores could handle this simple job, but they might give you a strange look (so what?). You will thank me for this suggestion, believe me. I now give my new and improved back scratchers as (admittedly unglamorous) gifts, and they are a huge hit.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: How can I get the ugly salt and water stains off my Ugg boots? Should I take them to the dry cleaners, or what?

Bonnie R.

Dear Bonnie: I love my Uggs for their lamby softness inside, but they don’t keep out the water or snow, and they’re the devil to keep clean, I know. I’ve always cleaned my Uggs myself. For water stains, I wet the entire boot evenly with water using a sponge or white cloth wet, don’t soak. Let them air dry. (A hair dryer or clothes dryer is a no!) For salt, use a cup of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and rub gently with a white cloth. I usually get impatient and use more vinegar. If you rub too hard (which I’ve also done), you can discolor them. For oil stains, pile on the baby powder or corn starch and let it sit there for two days to soak up the oil, then brush with a nail brush or old toothbrush. She saved hundreds of dollars and loved the dress both times.”

Angelic readers 2

Jyme S. suggests carrying a tiny pair of folding scissors (drug and fabric stores) to open those annoying condiment packages and noisy candy wrappers in movie theaters: “No noise and no mess.”

Angelic readers 3

Fran F. and Debbie B. set me straight on my suggestion to use tiny pointy scissors to remove annoying labels on scarves and such. They say a seam ripper is the ideal tool. I tried it,
grey short ugg boots Finding the perfect lipstick
and they’re right. But I’ve already misplaced mine. (Maybe it’s in the same place that I put the teensy screwdriver to fix my eyeglasses?)

classic tall chestnut uggs Festival of beautiful boots

blue ugg slippers Festival of beautiful boots

Let us first all agree, without fear of being labelled awful knuckle dragging sexist porkers, that it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a pair of billiard table legs or gangly chicken sticks, there’s nary a woman alive who doesn’t look better in a fine pair of boots.

Oh don’t deny it ladies! Why spend all that money if it’s not so?

Black, brown, white, leather, felt, plastic, Cuban heeled, spiked, knee high, thigh high, pixie like ankle boots (okay, not them). but apart from them it’s all good.

And of course for your dedicated boot aficionado, this time of year is. well. what can I say that won’t be misconstrued?

And yet. and yet this year the festival of the boot has been ruined, yes ruined my little Instruments, by an insidious interloper; the pretend boot, which is to say, the noxious practice of wearing black, knee length socks with kitten heels to create the impression of a boot from a distance, which soon resolves itself into calumny and betrayal and bitter disappointment upon closer inspection.

Two questions? Why would anybody do this?

And why is the effect so profound anyway?

Why is an aesthetic consequence, which is so strikingly positive at a remove, suddenly rendered not just neutral but actively negative at closer quarters? For I’m sure you’ll agree, both male and female, boot connoisseur or not, the appearance of the sock and heel ensemble is a travesty, made all the more upsetting by having misled one into a false assumption in the first place.

Not professing nor pretending any expertise in this area I throw myself on the mercy of my readership, especially the fashion conscious female readership which I am sure is voluminous, to seek an answer to this mystery.

And perhaps an answer to the question of how this wretched practice might be stamped out.

The Deep South of Enzed must be a few fashion fad generations behind Brisvegas (apparently we’re still cast adrift in the hideous ’80s flashback era with big stupid shirts covered in big stupid writing like FRANKIE SAYS BE ORIGINAL) so yet to come across the knee sock/heel combo yet among our heinously trendite student population, still seeing predominantly the superannuated glorified gentified ugg boot with anatomically endangering skinny jeans tucked thereinto and this in a town allegedly considered the alternative fashion capital of the Shakies, with seemingly more young/emergent fashion designers per unit volume than even Orkland. Then again it is colder than a nun’s Fisher and Paykel chest freezer over here, knee length socks and dainty bootlets ain’t gonna cut it. Hence the other compulsory acquisition of the Otago uni fashionista, aside the boot of ugg and the jeans of skinnydom: the black Kathmandu puffer jacket. More ubiquitous than snaggle toothed bogans at the Ipswich 400.

Grubby Chuck Taylors, jeans and a Mr Grumpy T shirt, since you asked. My nomination for Fashionista Of The Year apparently got lost in the mail daahhling.

I agree,
classic tall chestnut uggs Festival of beautiful boots
the Knee high FMB’s are among my favourites. I heard a theory that the heel toe syncopated beat of high heels does something to men. Something deep visceral and not particularly family friendly. Well, in retrospect family making friendly. Usually 16 hole lace ups, occasionally slab toed bike boots and on special occasions my cuban heeled embroided cowboy boots.

However I suspect 6ft+ 100kgs of bearded wierdy is not the silky sexy dom siren you are talking about.

Saw a stunning Asian girl in Town Hall Station last week, wearing stiletto heeled knee boots, skin tight latex or leather trousers and a tight leather jacket.

The crowds of WYD pilgrims walking past looked at her in two ways.

The first group obviously saw her as an agent of the devil, temptation made flesh, purpose sent to tempt them into sin.

The smaller group obviously were wondering how many of the 10 commandments they could break with her, and how many Hail Mary’s they would have to say afterwards (but it would be so worth it).

Boots help draw you in, you follow them up the leg, now at the tops of the boot you get Pandora’s box, Figuratively speaking of course. Double OMFG, Imagine suspenders. WOOOOOW or perhaps DENIM Jeansahhhh yeeeess.Personally wether they be leather, velvet or imitation vinyl WHO CARES. Boots give you that BAD GIRL hint and like all architectural covering draw you up from ground level to the rest of the structure.

As a self confessed shoe aholic, my boot collection is threatening to swamp my casual shoe collection. I need another wardrobe . okay room. I’m not kidding. I dont know about the other ladies out there but I lurv the look of a hi heeled boot mid calf or higher. It looks sexy to me, and it makes me feel sexy to boot 😉 Winter is a fantastic time for more boots and my heels keep getting higher.

My one complaint is women who cant cope with the height of their heel, forcing them to walk like ducks, bent kneed, bent forward and heels scraping on the pavement that’s not sexy in anyone’s book I dare say.

As for your original complaint, Mr Blunt, I would rather not be seen dead in socks and kitten heeled mules ugh! Especially when I have variations of wedge or spike heel, rounded toe or pointy, 3/4 length or over the knee, leather or suede, tasseled or not (spanish ones 🙂 to choose between.

And in response to McKinney and AbeF, is it that below knee socks take the school girl thing into dangerous waters, while over the knee socks lead the observer into dangerous waters of their own? What do you think?

Booots, mmmm! With those skirts that are cut so that they swirl flick as she walks. My Beloved Wife has many pairs of boots (wonder why?) Calf clinging suede, shiny, stitched, zipped, buckled and (esp) laced. Sometimes she only just makes it out the door vs being rather late for work. Sometimes. I don’t know why they affect us males so strongly heaven knows I am NOT kinky. (Erotic = using a feather, kinky = the whole chicken).

On the other hand (and the topic) I agree that the faked with socks effect seems to have started with Japanese schoolgirls and spread to “Clueless” types of occidentals. Probably prejudiced to say that they generally are clueless P Hilton clones, but consider it said. Maybe that’s what makes them such a turn off?

Who cares? I think it’s time The Woman I went boot shopping again. Incidentally, for those without a cold shower nearby try picturing Havoc in his undoubtedly gray, sagging and holey underdaks.

Despite the cringeworthy Lolita esque effect,
classic tall chestnut uggs Festival of beautiful boots
socks with heels were huge in NQ in the mid ’80’s. Thank you Kylie Minogue. NOT. It just didn’t work unless you were 18 and had lucky legs and a ra ra skirt.

the ugg shop fired power plants sprouting in Ohio to replace old coal

ugg boots size 6 uk fired power plants sprouting in Ohio to replace old coal

All are being built by independent power companies. They hope to capitalize on Ohio’s plentiful and cheap shale gas, on the decision by companies like FirstEnergy to close old coal burning power plants rather than upgrade them or replace them with natural gas plants, and on proposed federal rules requiring power companies to cut their carbon dioxide emissions.The latest gas project to make the news is in shale gas rich Carroll County, where a Swiss power plant builder has begun grading parts of a 77 acre parcel about 2 miles outside of the county seat Carrollton. Carroll County Energy’s 750 megawatt gas fired power plant will have the capacity to generate enough electricity to power about 750,000 homes, on average.Unlike conventional coal, the new plants combine gas turbines and steam boilers, making them far more efficient than coal fired steam boilers. Also, these “combined cycle” gas fired generators can ramp up to full power in minutes rather than hours or days that coal burners require.On the downside, gas unlike coal cannot be stored at these power plants, and is delivered only by pipelines, leaving the power plants vulnerable to terrorists or natural calamities.Advanced Power, the privately owned Swiss company building Carroll County Energy, partnered with a large retirement fund, a Japanese utility and two investment groups connected to insurance companies to raise a little more than half of the $890 million construction costs. It secured a financing package from 10 large banks for the rest.Ohio regulators recently told state lawmakers that they expect 4,300 megawatts of electricity to flow from new gas fired power plants by 2019, most of it from plants owned by independent power companies.At the same time, Ohio’s old utilities are expected to close their coal plants. FirstEnergy, for example, is expected to close several old coal plants next week, including remaining boilers in Eastlake and at East 72nd Street off the East Shoreway in Cleveland.This change over is occurring as Ohio lawmakers are trying to decide whether to allow the state’s energy efficiency standards to spring back to life automatically in 2017 as they are set to do under a temporary two year freeze put in place last spring with the passage of a bill for which FirstEnergy heavily lobbied.Energy efficiency programs can cut demand and that can reduce the pressure on utilities to scrap older coal fired power plants, a study released last month by grid manager PJM Interconnection concluded.Advanced Power has chosen the internationally ranked heavy construction company Bechtel to build the Carrollton plant. About 700 temporary jobs will be created. The company expects to be generating and selling electricity by December 2017.The power will be sold into the regional high voltage grid through a nearby 345,000 volt American Electric Power line.The plant will take gas from Kinder Morgan’s transcontinental Tennessee Gas Pipeline that runs through Ohio’s Utica shale gas fields and northeast in the Marcellus shale gas fields in Pennsylvania. Some of Ohio’s shale producers already use the line now to ship gas south to Louisiana.Here are other gas fired power plants already being built or planned.Developers began building the Oregon Clean Energy gas fired power plant near Toledo in December at a cost of about $850 million. The 799 megawatt gas fired plant will fill the gap left by FirstEnergy’s decision to close some old coal fired boilers nearby rather than retrofit or replace them to meet modern emission standards.Florida based NTE Energy, another independent power company, is poised to begin construction of a 525 megawatt gas fired power plant in Middletown, Ohio, in Butler County. That plant is projected to be on line in early to mid 2018.The Rolling Hills power plant has been operating in Vinton County, Ohio, since 2003, and is now in the final stages of permitting to expand, add new technology, and boost its output from 850 megawatts to 1,414, enough power for more than a million households.Clean Energy Future Lordstown, LLC, is proposing to build an 800 megawatt gas fired plant in Trumbull County. The project, which will use gas from nearby pipelines and will connect to power lines owned by a FirstEnergy subsidiary, is under review at the Ohio Power Siting Board.NRG Energy, is converting its 725 megawatt coal fired Avon Lake power plant to gas and is awaiting approval to build a 20 mile gas line from Dominion East Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio lines to its plant on Lake Erie. There has been opposition to the placement of the new gas line and a public hearing was scheduled this week.
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ebay uk ugg boots Filled Reasons to Visit The Hartford Library

girls ugg boots clearance Filled Reasons to Visit The Hartford Library

Jazz. At the library. Dig it.

Starting on Jan. (there’s no concert on Easter) and tend to fill up quickly. Here’s a handy guide.

Andy Sherwood’sDixieland Jazz Quartet (Jan. 7)Sherwood, a clarinet and saxophone player, ran the Coast Guard Dixieland Band for 15 years, and his band pianist (and fellow Coast Guard Band veteran) Ian Frenkel, bassist Bryan Rizzuto (who works at Upton Bass in Mystic) and drummer Tom Briggs brings a quasi military sense of precision to Dixieland standards (without sacrificing spontaneity).

Metro Jazz Band (Jan. 14)Singer Kath Bonaccorsi and her CT centric Metro Jazz (pianist Mark Vickers, guitarist Drew Amendola, bassist James Hunter and drummer Garry Lapidus) navigate standards from the Great American Songbook with a light, sophisticated touch.

The Matisse Project (Jan. 21)Inspired by French painter Henri Matisse (1869 1954), pianist (and Wesleyan alum) Christopher Bakriges composed 20 impressionistic pieces that explore a wide range of characters and moods. He performs at HPL with violinist and Creative Strings Improvisers Orchestra founder Gwen Laster.

Ronnie BurrageAnd Holographic Principle (Jan. As performed by Holographic Principle (pianist Michal Wierba and bassist Nimrod Speaks), it’s funky and airtight, metrically ambiguous and expansive. More, please.

Sinan Bakir Duo (Feb. 4)Some of us have been lucky enough to hear Bakir, a Hartford area guitarist, play long, electric sets on Saturday afternoons at Wethersfield record shop Integrity N Music, backed by outstanding local players. These days, he’s interpreting the music of French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. (Catch a preview of Bakir’s act at First Night Hartford.) At HPL, he’ll perform with pianist Tim Peck.

John Kordalewski Trio (Feb. 11)Boston area pianist John Kordalewski communes with Colombian bassist Carlos Pino and South African drummer Kesivan Naidoo in nimble, hard swinging, global jazz,
ebay uk ugg boots Filled Reasons to Visit The Hartford Library
which sometimes includes a run through Hartford legend Horace Silver’s “The St. Vitus Dance.”

New World Ensemble, Featuring Margaux Hayes (Feb. 18)Vocalist Margaux Hayes leads a group loaded with Connecticut talent woodwind player and frequent collaborator Richard A. McGhee II, pianist Jonathan Chatfield, Medusa drummer Jocelyn Pleasant, and violinist Colin Benn through a set of spiritual, diaspora centered jazz.

Haneef Nelson (Feb. 25)In addition to fronting the Paul Brown Legacy Band, trumpeter/composer Nelson runs the Hartford Jazz Jam on Monday nights at Black eyed Sally’s in Hartford. He’ll perform at HPL with pianist Taber Gable, bassist Matt Dwonszyk and drummer Jonathan Barber.

Jan Jungden Trio (March 11)Jungden, a keyboardist, singer and multi instrumentalist (she also performs with funk/soul/R band FUSE), brings her trio (bassist Bob Laramie and drummer Justin Blackburn) to HPL for a fun afternoon set.

Hot Club of New England (March 18)Atla and Matt DeChamplain released the album “Pause” at the end of 2015. Atla then began fronting the stylish, gypsy jazz collective Hot Club of New England with violinist Jason Anick (of The Rhythm Future Quartet), guitarist Max O’Rourke and bassist Greg Loughman. (Matt, a pianist, is now on board, too.) Check out their live take on “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing).”Bossa Nova Project (April 15)”Blame Destiny,” the 2015 debut by sublime Brazilian singer/pianist Isabella Mendes, was an eclectic collection of original songs. Her Bossa Nova Project, on the other hand, which now includes bassist Itaiguara Brand guitarist Wesley Amorim and drummer Mauricio Zottarelli,
ebay uk ugg boots Filled Reasons to Visit The Hartford Library
pays tribute to her musical forbears.

ugg bags Fishing opportunities abound in metro

lace up ugg boots Fishing opportunities abound in metro

While heading north for the big fishing opener may be a Minnesota tradition, people living in the Twin Cities need not worry about missing out on quality angling if circumstances keep them at home. As far as major urban areas go, the Twin Cities metro region probably has no equal when it comes to combining big city amenities with top notch fishing opportunities.

“If you love angling and want to live in a big city, you couldn’t do any better than the Twin Cities metro,” said Daryl Ellison, west metro area fisheries supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “Bright lights, big fish we’ve got it all.”

That status is largely the result of the region’s quantity and quality of water, encompassing a wide variety of angling opportunities. For starters, three of the state’s major rivers converge in the metro region: the Minnesota, Mississippi and the St. Croix. Flowing through the heart of the region, the Mississippi’s northern reaches are well known as a top notch bass fishery.

Then there’s Pool 2, the area between the dams at St. Paul and Hastings. A few decades ago, it was so polluted that bullheads could barely survive. Now it’s recognized as a world class year round catch and release fishery for walleye and sauger thanks in large part to the federal Clean Water Act and state and local efforts to clean up the river.

The St. Croix offers anglers the chance to hook Minnesota’s largest and longest lived fish, the lake sturgeon: both a catch and release season and a fall season for harvesting one of these monsters with an appropriate tag (consult the regulations for details). All three rivers provide excellent opportunities for catfish, with the record channel cat having been pulled from the Mississippi in Hennepin County, and the record flathead harvested from the St. Croix in Washington County.

“If you’re looking to just drift a ways, you never know what you might pick up on the St. DeBates. “A one pound redhorse or a 30 pound catfish or even a sturgeon.”

Numerous smaller rivers and streams also flow through the region, including the Rum, the Crow and the Vermillion, a designated trout stream with a reputation for harboring lunker brown trout.

The Twin Cities region also features a number of consistently productive large lakes. Waconia, Minnetonka, Prior, Independence and Medicine in the west metro area, along with White Bear, Bald Eagle,
ugg bags Fishing opportunities abound in metro
Forest, Marine and Coon Lakes in the east metro area all are reliable for yielding up bass, panfish, pike and walleye. Production of bass, panfish and pike occurs through natural reproduction, while the walleye and muskies found there are the result of stocking. Those large lakes can also generally be counted on if you’re looking for something for the frying pan, although anglers are advised to consult fish consumption advisories and stick to smaller fish for eating.

Smaller lakes also abound. Clear Lake in Washington County, for instance, holds walleye in above average numbers and weights, as well as northern pike and hybrid muskies. West of the Mississippi, the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes provides good walleye fishing, especially on Cedar and Harriet, both of which are regularly stocked. Both lakes lend themselves to shore fishing.

While catching fish is pleasing, watching kids do it can be even more rewarding. The Twin Cities is rich in opportunities there, too. The DNR Fishing in the Neighborhood Program (FiN) stocks catchable size fish in more than 60 smaller bodies of water around the metro region. Those small lakes are an excellent choice for getting some big grins and squeals of excitement from young anglers.

One of FiN Program Specialist Matt Petersen’s favorites is Wolfe Lake in St. Louis Park.

“Everybody catches fish there,” Petersen said. “They’re mostly small to medium size bluegills, but everybody catches fish.”

Centennial Lake in Edina, Smith Lake in Bloomington, Powderhorn in south Minneapolis all offer good shorefishing for kids. Nearly any lake with a fishing pier is likely to be “filled with hungry little bluegills,” according to west metro’s Ellison.

“This region just offers an abundance of angling potential,” Ellison said. “No matter where you live in the Twin Cities, there’s good fishing nearby. All you need is a license and some fishing tackle.”

If you’re under 16, you don’t even need a license, and if you go to one of the growing number of area parks that offer free loaner tackle, all you need is some bait and a desire to enjoy some of the best fun in town.
ugg bags Fishing opportunities abound in metro