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for women’s foot surgeries. Sources: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Apparel Footwear Association, American Orthopaedic Foot Ankle Society, Mayo Clinic, Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, “Women’s Shoes and Knee Osteoarthritis,” by D. Casey Kerrigan, Jennifer L. Lelas, Mark E. Karvosky, The Lancet 2001: 357: 1097 1098. (Washington Post graphic/Todd Lindeman and Brenna Maloney)

Now is the season when women take their freshly pedicured toes al fresco, often courtesy of strappy high heel sandals or open toed pumps that look fabulous but sometimes feel like the masochistic torture tools that many podiatrists insist they are.

Michael Liebow, a podiatrist in Bethesda, Md., pulls out a wince inducing photograph of a foot X rayed in a high heel shoe: It reveals the ball of the foot at a nearly 90 degree angle to the bones in the rest of the foot. It does not look good.

The X ray is a prop that Liebow says he shows to patients who “walk into the office in six inch heels and say, ‘My feet are killing me! Why?’ ” He says he tells them, “That is not how your foot has evolved to walk.”

To sum up his brief and frequently futile plea for foot health: Humans are meant to walk heel to toe, with the leg at about a 90 degree angle to the foot and the ankle joint employing a 60 degree range of motion during normal daily activities. By wearing a high heel, Liebow explains, “you’re altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function. Therefore, lots of bad things happen.”

Among the more common problems podiatrists say they see in women are calluses and, more painfully, corns, hard nuggets of keratin buildup caused by pressure on the skin. With high heels, corns develop up under the balls of the foot where the weight of your body presses down, and they feel like small rocks underfoot when you walk. Liebow also sees capsulitis, a painful inflammation of the joints where the toes attach to the foot, and neuromas, or pinched nerves, where pointy high heels squeeze the toes. And when the heel is frequently in a high heel shoe, it can cause the Achilles tendon (which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone) to tighten. When you kick off your shoes and the heel comes down to the floor at the end of the day, the extra stretching of the tendon can lead to a condition called Achilles tendinitis.

Wearing high heels can also cause inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia. That can result in severe heel pain and the need for aggressive treatments such as oral anti inflammatories, oral steroids, cortisone injections, walking boots and crutches.

All of these conditions can be incredibly painful, requiring corticosteroid shots and, ideally, flatter and wider shoes. His patients will take the shots, but give up the shoes?

Women, Liebow says, “will wear their high heeled shoes until their feet are bloody stumps.”

Take Danielle Pletka, vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. She wears four or five inch heels to work most days; on a recent Tuesday,
black uggs uk heeled shoes may look good
she towered in five inch stiletto heeled black Sergio Rossi open toed booties.

“There are lots of things that impact the way you look that aren’t necessarily optimal for every muscle in your body,” says Pletka, who admits that she has some high pairs “that are uncomfortable, no question.” But, she adds, “you want to look nice. I always get nice comments on my shoes. And I like it.”

Erika Schwartz, a podiatrist who practices in Washington, says that when she asks her patients to stick with heels less than two inches high, “some say, ‘Oh, you’re so cute! No, I’m not going to wear under two inches, but it’s very cute of you to say that!’ ”

Schwartz says she understands that many are in professions that demand a more fashionable shoe than the comfy, orthopedically correct footwear she wears to work. So she tells them to at least “walk in something else. Put those dress shoes on when you get to the office. Minimizing the amount of time that you’re standing or walking will minimize the issues that come along with such an unnatural position of the foot.”

Did we mention that walking too long in high heeled shoes can result in, besides all of the above, stress fractures, or cracks in the bones of the feet?

Schwartz also suggests that women avoid the thin, stiletto style heel: “The bigger the heel, if it’s chunky or a wedge, seems to be better because the shoe has a wider base of stability. A skinnier heel and you’re more likely to have ankle spraining.” You can also break your ankle or injure the ligaments on the side of your ankle, among other body parts, when you fall from wobbly high shoes thus becoming “fashion roadkill,” a la Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City,” who in one episode fell face first while walking the runway in sky high heels. Like Schwartz’s patients, many of them aren’t willing to throw out their Manolo Blahniks (or knock offs). “A high heeled shoe is sexier looking,” he says. “I get that.” So he tries to give them, as he puts it, “an action plan that’s actually doable.”

Polun’s advice includes going with a rubber soled shoe over leather, because rubber is better able to absorb pressure on nerves in the feet. He also suggests shopping for shoes at the end of the day, when your foot is most swollen, rather than in the morning.

Liebow, too, has a “short list of things you can do to minimize the problems” if you insist on wearing high heels. The list includes buying only shoes with good padding at the balls of the foot and a gradual slope (rather than the 90 degree angle shown in his X ray), so “the force is more evenly distributed” over the foot.

As for how high you can safely go with heels, Liebow says, “there’s no height that’s good.” But “most women can handle a heel of an inch or two with minimal side effects.”

And the proclivity toward foot problems does depend somewhat on the person. Pletka says her feet rarely hurt in her four inch heels, and she points out that, though heels have their problems, “Uggs are really bad for your feet: They don’t support your arches.” Liebow agrees that some people have problems wearing such slip on woolly winter boots, which often have little or no support; ditto for that other summertime favorite, flip flops.
black uggs uk heeled shoes may look good

ugg boots with heels higher tier refinement of drainflow exposure

ugg kensington kids higher tier refinement of drainflow exposure

Webfram: higher tier refinement of drainflow exposureWebfram is a web based risk assessment tool that can be used as a higher tier refinement option. In refining the risk it uses the current risk assessment models but incorporates both uncertainty and variability. Webfram performs multiple simulations (sometimes millions) to produce outputs as probability distributions. The outputs are different from conventional risk assessments and therefore the aim of these information and the step by step guide is to outline how to carry out a Webfram assessment and what information to include in a regulatory submission. In addition it provides some guidance on how to interpret outputs and use them to make regulatory decisions. All modules have been peer reviewed, validated, are freely available and user friendly. The tool has been available for use in regulatory submissions since 2009 and an updated version was released in 2014. The updated version has significantly greater functionality to aid refinement of drainflow exposure. The drainflow module is likely to be the most frequently encountered part of Webfram and is therefore the focus of this guidance. When addressing variability and uncertainty within the drainflow module, the key factors considered are as follows: timing of application, amount of spray intercepted by the crop, degradation and sorption properties, soil pH and organic matter content, field capacity period and clay content (as an indicator of vulnerability to preferential flow). The drainage module is based on current risk assessment methods and utilises a meta model of MACRO v4.3. Links to the underlying R that supported the development of Webfram and that provide more background information on all of the modules are included at the end of the guidance and also at Research development.

Role of Webfram in regulation

Webfram is only one of a range of options available and an Applicant is free to choose which option is the most appropriate for their assessment. Advantages over alternative approaches (eg stand alone higher tier assessments using MACRO see Higher tier drainflow from MACRO) are that Webfram contains a set of standardized scenarios and outputs, where the user only selects the substance properties and GAP. The ability to quantitatively account for variability1 and uncertainty2 in a fully probabilistic manner is also an advantage over alternative deterministic models. However the incorporation of uncertainty and variability in environmental regulatory risk assessment is still relatively new and care should always be taken when using and interpreting Webfram outputs to ensure we maintain the same degree of consistency between assessments and maintain the appropriate level of protection or conservatism. Further guidance on this is provided in the sections below.

Since Webfram is only one of the options available it may be used on its own to refine a Tier 1 drainflow exposure assessment, or may also be provided alongside a standalone MACRO assessment. Based on limited current experience, there is no standard tiered approach to refining drainflow. What this means is that for some substances and use patterns, Webfram will provide a greater level of refinement (ie higher tier) than standalone MACRO, and in other cases Webfram will provide a lower level of refinement (ie lower tier). Since either approach is accepted, provided that the subsequent aquatic risk assessment is acceptable, the use of either approach would be accepted by CRD. It is not necessary to pass both methods. Based on limited experience, Webfram may give a greater level of refinement for moderately sorbed substances with relatively large regulatory datasets for DT50 and/or Koc. It may give a lower level of refinement for more mobile substances with standard data sets. This latter finding may be linked to the ability to quantify variability and uncertainty.

Basic model guide

Further Information on running the model can be obtained via the available links within the Webfram model itself, or clicking on the various ‘here’ or the ‘?’ symbols throughout. Further detailed guidance on specific aspects of the model are provided in the additional sections below.

How to deal with uncertainty

Currently in regulatory risk assessment uncertainty is not dealt with explicitly as it is assumed to be incorporated in the uncertainty factors applied to the ecotoxicological effects endpoints. These do not account for any uncertainty in the exposure estimate. However, the output from Webfram highlights the degree of certainty via the use of confidence intervals,
ugg boots with heels higher tier refinement of drainflow exposure
ie it gives an indication of how sure we are about any of the outputs. The key issue here is how should we deal with this issue?

It is proposed that the median of any chosen exposure value should be used in regulatory risk assessment. In addition it is proposed to not use the confidence intervals provided by the Webfram models directly in making a regulatory decision. However since the confidence intervals do provide useful information on the level of certainty in any particular assessment, it is proposed that these are always reported as part of a regulatory submission. These may provide useful supporting information when making a regulatory decision. For example, an exceedance of the Regulatory Acceptable Concentration (RAC) in one scenario of 25% with confidence intervals of 23 to 27% would be different to an exceedance of 25% with confidence intervals of 2 to 98%.

How to present and use in a regulatory submission

The following outlines what should be submitted and considered when a regulatory submission includes a Webfram based risk assessment.

Input data: It is necessary for Applicants to submit all the input data that has been used in the risk assessment. Details of the GAP assessed and how this relates to the label should be provided (ie confirmation that the modelled GAP represents a reasonable worst case use pattern as per the label). As regards the choice of application date, this should be justified in terms of the disease, weed or pest being treated and should generally reflect the most vulnerable timing of application with regards likely drainflow exposure. Where a wide application window may be expected based on the label recommendations, it may be necessary to run multiple simulations to cover both early and late applications. Confirmation of all other parameters (eg percentiles, number of iterations used in each calculation, whether any relationship between sorption, degradation and pH was assumed, relevant RAC etc.) should be provided automatically as part of the input data submission.

All relevant outputs used to make a regulatory decision should be submitted with any submission, along with underlying studies unless these have been previously evaluated (eg at EU level or as part of another UK product assessment in which case COP number references are required). The key output from the drainage model is most likely to be the details of the Exceedance Statistics for each scenario. This broadly matches the standard scenario years type approach detailed in higher tier drainflow from MACRO. Here it will be critical to report the individual level of exceedance for each scenario for comparison against regulatory triggers (for example, where the RAC is based on effects against primary producers a maximum of 60% exceedance for any single scenario must not be breached). The overall exceedance must also be less than 10%.

For risk assessments where the RAC is based on effects against fish or aquatic invertebrates the maximum 60% exceedance level for any single scenario is not appropriate. This is consistent with the approach to assessing risks to these groups in other forms of higher tier drainflow modelling eg using MACRO. However an alternative approach based on exceedances in Webfram modelling can be derived based on the individual 90th percentile PEC values for each scenario. Given that the risk from spray drift is regulated on the 90th percentile PECs, it is considered that the same approach can be used to assess the risk from drainflow exposure on these soils, ie consider the 90th percentile PECs against the RAC. It should be noted that Webfram calculates a single maximum PECsw value after the first drainflow event in each model iteration so the distributions represent maximum values that effectively account for both the spatial and temporal aspects in an appropriately conservative manner. The use of a 90th percentile value for direct use in the risk assessment is therefore considered reasonable in this case. If the 90th percentile PEC in Webfram is less than the RAC, the risk may be considered acceptable. If the 90th percentile PEC in Webfram is above the RAC, it does not necessarily mean that the use is unacceptable. However additional modelling and analysis (eg using MACRO) may be necessary in order to determine the acceptability of the use.

In addition copies of the key exposure distributions or risk graphs may be useful for further interpretation of the outputs. One drawback of the Webfram approach is that it is not possible to provide a detailed assessment of exposure profiles (eg to consider duration of exposure events or intervals between exceedances and potential for recovery). However the advantage of the Webfram simulation in providing a quantitative estimate of uncertainty and variability is useful when considering the outputs in a regulatory decision making context.

Where the regulatory submission provided is insufficient to allow HSE CRD to validate all aspects of the submission, the missing information will be requested.

How to download input data

A summary of the input data can be obtained by going to ‘Saved Models’, locating the relevant model and right clicking on ‘data’ (see red circle),
ugg boots with heels higher tier refinement of drainflow exposure
click on ‘save target as’ and save this as word document.

chocolate uggs Hartford Police Seize Counterfeit Items

ugg uk sale online Hartford Police Seize Counterfeit Items

Hartford Police Seize Counterfeit Items, Arrest Store OwnerAnthony Griffen, 49, of Adams Road in Bloomfield was charged Tuesday with selling counterfeit merchandise and possession of a controlled substance, according to a press release by Sgt. Christene Mertes. His business, Anthony’s Whole 9 Clothing, is at 3281 Main St.

Detectives confiscated 232 counterfeit items, including: 23 counterfeit compact discs; 132 pairs of counterfeit Nike sneakers;
chocolate uggs Hartford Police Seize Counterfeit Items
17 pairs of counterfeit UGG boots; 23 pairs of counterfeit Timberland boots; seven counterfeit Polo shirts; two counterfeit Gucci handbags; one counterfeit Gucci belt, and four counterfeit Lacoste shirts.

Eight grams of marijuana about .28 ounces also was seized.

Officers from the department’s vice and narcotics division teamed up with a private consultant for the operation. The consultant, Andrea Powers of Powers and Associations, is trained by manufacturers and trademark holders to identify counterfeit merchandise.

Anonymous, confidential tips may be made by calling Hartford Crime Stoppers at 860 722 8477 (TIPS). Hartford Crime Stoppers is a community and business based organization that awards up to $1,
chocolate uggs Hartford Police Seize Counterfeit Items
000 for information from confidential sources leading to the arrest of a suspect in a police investigation.

uggs office How cheap imitation Ugg boots are ‘crippling’ a generation of fashion victim women

baby uggs sale How cheap imitation Ugg boots are ‘crippling’ a generation of fashion victim women

And a phrase has even been coined for the gait of devoted wearers the Ugg ‘shuffle’ which describes the lopsided, pigeon toed way in which cheap versions of the boots force women to walk.

Top brand Ugg Australia boots, which cost from 150, are worn by celebrities including Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz, sparking a craze for the flat, furry generic boots.

But low cost imitations often provide inadequate foot support.

With each step the wearer’s feet slide around. This can cause the feet to splay which flattens the foot arch and leads to wear and tear on the joints in the feet, knees, hips and back.

As a result leading podiatrist and chiropodists have seen a stark rise in the number of women suffering toe deformities, backache and pain in their feet.

They have expressed their concern and warned against children wearing the unsupported boots as their feet are still forming, increasing the risk of long term damage.

‘As the foot slides around,
uggs office How cheap imitation Ugg boots are 'crippling' a generation of fashion victim women
you get wear and tear on the joints on the

inside of the foot. The ankle is in the wrong position, the thigh bone

also changes position and you get an abnormal movement in the pelvis,

which leads to back problems.’

However he agreed that cheap Uggs are fine to wear at home, but not for walking long distances.

While there is often little to visibly distinguish a well made pair of boots from a badly made pair, even brand leader Ugg Australia admits its boots are ‘comfort’ not ‘performance footwear’

and that buyers should be aware of ‘knock offs’ which lack reinforced

heels or insoles of their boots.’

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uggs office How cheap imitation Ugg boots are 'crippling' a generation of fashion victim women

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brown leather ugg boots heeled Ugg boots are a real thing

Your news how you want it.

On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.

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Once you’ve built a wardrobe staple, it might be tempting to leave it untouched, but Ugg has taken a daring step to update its classic, love them or hate them sheepskin booties.

The American company, headquartered in Goleta, California, is debuting a new version of the shoes inspired by traditional ugg boots from Australia and New Zealand, after which the brand is named.

This time, Ugg has added a chunky heel to the comfy accessories, giving the flat boots a few extra inches of height, the Daily Mail reports. repost UGGLife

Along with the Kasen styles, which most resemble Ugg’s classic shoe, the brand offers additional designs, such as mahogany suede boots with a similarly high heel.

The new Kasen releases are a stark departure from the booties that became a wardrobe classic after being favoured by Hollywood stars in the 2000s.
cheap ugg boots online heeled Ugg boots are a real thing

ugg booots History of Combat Boots And Their Role In Fashion

ugg store manchester History of Combat Boots And Their Role In Fashion

Combat boots have become a common place amongst military around the world. The first soldiers that were issued combat boots were the foot soldiers of the Assyrians, they wore hobnail boots called caligae.

Soldiers in the English Civil war were issued 3 set of boots and would change them after every march to be sure that each boot was worn in evenly. Instead of laces these boots had buckles that were used by most armies during that time period.

The Napoleonic wars saw the first set of lace up combat boots and were issued to replace the older buckle shoes. The first combat boots issued by the Americans were lace up ankle boots. These boots however had no left or right shoe. They were instead intended to shape themselves around the soldier’s feet. These boots were both uncomfortable and cause a lot of blisters.

The next official set of US combat boots came during WWII. They were part of the M 1943 uniform ensemble. With this boot issue the Americans were back to the double buckled boot which they would keep until 1948. During the Vietnam War the US was back to lace up combat boots made specifically for jungle warfare.

Current United States combat boots are available in two styles. The first is a 2.5 lb temperate weather boot and the second is a 2 lb hot weather boot. Current manufacturer of United States combat boots include Altama, Bates, Belleville Shoe, McRae,
ugg booots History of Combat Boots And Their Role In Fashion
Rocky, Warson, Converse and Wellco. All branches of the military use a tan rough out combat boot except the Air Force who uses a foliage green suede boot.

In recent history combat boots have a new genre of people looking to buy the outside of the military. With the invasion of the goth, punk, and industrial kids combat boots have become much more mainstream. They have become a fashion statement for a large population of American youth.

Many people who choose combat boots for fashion want the real thing which creates an authentic and vintage look and feel. As a result you can buy combat boots at pretty much any military surplus store or online at several different retailers.

Beyond fashion,
ugg booots History of Combat Boots And Their Role In Fashion
some people also wear combat boots simply because they are so durable and long lasting. They can be worn for long periods of time in any conditions which makes them ideal for many industries even outside of the military.

classic tall chestnut ugg boots Haul of fake goods seized from Tyneside shop

ugg style Haul of fake goods seized from Tyneside shop

A fake goods stash was uncovered in a raid on a Tyneside shop.Neighbourhood police officers received intelligence counterfeit goods were being sold from the shop, in Newcastle’s East End, during the festive period.After passing information on to trading standards officers at the city council, they jointly executed a search warrant and uncovered the huge haul.They filled a Transit van full of more than 1,000 items seized from the outlet.The goods recovered included bogus jewellery bearing the trademarks of luxury brands including Tiffany, as well as thousands of charms for Pandora bracelets, which were being sold for up to each.Also recovered were 56 pairs of fake UGG boots and 24 pairs of counterfeit Lacoste trainers.There were 129 pairs of jeans, including some bearing the logos of brands like G Star Raw, and 17 tracksuits.The haul also included 41 fake pairs of boxer shorts and 264 pairs of phoney Ted Baker socks.And 21 tops and 71 hoodies, all fakes of trademarks including Versace,
classic tall chestnut ugg boots Haul of fake goods seized from Tyneside shop
Adidas and Fred Perry, were found.The haul was completed with 42 jackets, 69 fake Chloe and Playboy handbags, nine watches and 102 T shirts.Collectively, the phoneys could be sold on the black market for an estimated Newcastle City Council executive member for regulation Coun Anita Lower said: “This operation has resulted in a large quantity of counterfeit clothing and jewellery being prevented from hitting the streets.”Fake goods like this are generally poor in quality and can even be dangerous, with the profits funding other forms of criminal activity.”People who buy these things may think they are getting a bargain but the public should be warned that if they think the price is too good to be true, it probably is. We are committed to cracking down on the trade in counterfeit goods and will work closely with the police and other agencies to do so.”After the seizure was made, an investigation was launched into the origin of all the goods.A man found at the store at the time of the raid was questioned and continues to help officers with their inquiries.Insp Terry McNamara said: “Trading Standards officers from the city council were supported by local officers and they jointly executed a warrant at an outlet on Shields Road, Byker.”This was a successful operation and we’ll continue to work in partnership with Newcastle City Council and other agencies to put a stop to fraudulent activity, target criminals and prevent other crime and disorder across the area.”As is often the case,
classic tall chestnut ugg boots Haul of fake goods seized from Tyneside shop
the information about this activity came from the public and I’d like to encourage more people to come forward with information about crime and disorder in their area.”This operation demonstrates we do act on information we receive in order to tackle the issues of most concern to the community and stop criminals in their tracks.”

discount ugg boots classic short How hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

classic tall black ugg boots How hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

But while it’s fair to say that climbing the nearly 6,000m Kilimanjaro is not akin to climbing Everest or K2, it’s still something to be approached with care.

Altitude is the key, says Simon Mtuy, who as well as leading trips up the mountain holds the record for the quickest ascent and descent, managing in eight and a half hours what takes the tourists six days.

The essence is not bounding ahead enthusiastically, says Jon Garside,
discount ugg boots classic short How hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
training officer of the British Mountaineering Council, who led a party of teenagers up the mountain in 2002.

“It is nothing that a reasonably fit person shouldn’t be able to do. The path is a pretty gentle gradient. It is not technically challenging.

“But you get very high very quickly. That affects the body. You have got to walk so incredibly slowly. Imagine an arthritic 90 year old walking backwards that’s probably too fast.

“If you exert your body at altitude the body will find it really hard to get its breath back.”

Some people take aspirin or diamox, a drug to treat the symptoms of altitude sickness, although this is not always recommended. People must always drink plenty of water.

“Chris Moyles is probably used to drinking lots of beer,” says Mr Garside. “If he drinks water to the same amount he will be fine.”

The Comic Relief party are doing the ascent and descent in eight days meaning they are likely to find it a bit easier than the tourists who try to do it in five and struggle to acclimatise.

On Kilimanjaro there’s none of what mountaineers call “technical climbing” moments where you find yourself rummaging for an ice axe as you cling on to an overhang. But despite this many of the tourists fail to complete the ascent.

Mr Mtuy runs expeditions using the Lemosho trail which take seven days up and four days down and says with this gentle programme he manages to achieve a 95% success rate.

And whichever route you’re doing whether it’s the touristy Marangu route, the more scenic Machame, the longer Lemosho or any of the others the key thing is mental strength. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.

This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser,
discount ugg boots classic short How hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

uggs size chart Held Without Bail In Mass

baby girls uggs Held Without Bail In Mass

A court filing said Ritzer and Chism were known to each other from the high school, but it did not elaborate. The arrest was made based on statements by the suspect and corroborating evidence at multiple scenes, investigators said in court documents.

Ritzer’s family said they are mourning the death of their “amazing, beautiful daughter and sister.”

“Everyone that knew and loved Colleen knew of her passion for teaching and how she mentored each and every one of her students,” the family said in a statement provided by her uncle Dale Webster. “For the first time, math became one of my favorite classes.”

Riley said Ritzer’s students thought highly of her.

“She was always very courteous to her students, and she would never talk down to them,” Riley said.

Regan said Ritzer’s death came as a shock to the school.

“It’s just a tragedy, and it’s so bad because she’s so young,” Regan said, “and you could tell that she really loved her job and the kids, and it’s sad that this had to happen.”

At his arraignment in adult court in Salem, Chism’s defense attorney, Denise Regan, argued for the proceeding to be closed and her client to be allowed to stay hidden because of his age. The judge denied the request but granted Regan’s request for the teen to be given a mental health evaluation. A not guilty plea was entered on Chism’s behalf and he was ordered held without bail.

The tall, lanky teenager had moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee before the start of the school year and was a top scorer on the school’s junior varsity soccer team, said Kyle Cahill, a junior who also plays soccer. He said the team had been wondering where Chism was when he skipped a team dinner Tuesday night.

“We’re all just a family. It just amazes me really,” Cahill said. “He wasn’t violent at all. He was really the opposite of aggressive.”

Ritzer had a Twitter account where she gave homework assignments, encouraged students and described herself as a “math teacher often too excited about the topics I’m teaching.”

She was a 2011 graduate of Assumption College in Worcester, a school spokeswoman said Wednesday. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in math, a minor in psychology and a secondary education concentration, according to the college’s 2011 commencement program.

“I just remember seeing her in the hallway and she always had a smile, like ‘hi’ to everyone, and she was just an amazing person,
uggs size chart Held Without Bail In Mass
” Megan Papagelis, a Danvers High graduate, told CBS Boston station WBZ AM.

“It’s just shocking to see that this could happen,” Papagelis told WBZ AM. “Unbelievable.”

One of her former students, Chris Weimert, 17, said she was a warm, welcoming person who would stand outside her classroom and say hello to students she didn’t teach. He said she had been at the school for two years.

“She was the nicest teacher anyone could ever have. She always had a warm smile on her face,” he said.

Ritzer liked to post homework assignments and words of encouragement on Twitter. In August she tweeted: “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

Ryan Kelleher, a senior, said students related to the young teacher, who liked to wear jeans and UGG boots just like the teenagers she taught. Kelleher, who also plays soccer, said the arrest of the soft spoken Chism didn’t make sense to him.

“From what I know about him and seeing him every day, it just doesn’t add up that he would do such a thing, unless this was all an act to fool somebody,” the 17 year old said.

Ritzer lived at home with her 20 year old brother and her sister, a high school senior. The close knit family was often outside, barbecuing, spending time together and enjoying each other’s company, neighbors said.

Mary Duffy has lived next door to the Ritzers in the suburban neighborhood in Andover since the family moved there more than two decades ago. She had known Colleen Ritzer from the time she was a baby and said the Ritzers’ oldest child had just one life ambition: to be a high school math teacher.

“All I ever heard is that she loved her job,” Duffy said.

All public schools in Danvers, about 20 miles north of Boston, were closed Wednesday.

Hundreds of people gathered Wednesday night to mourn Ritzer at a candlelight vigil in the high school parking lot. Many wore pink,
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cheap womens ugg boots uk Guide to ‘the perfect poo’ and our gut health

In her new book, Be Good to Your Gut,Eve Kalinik outlines the four factors to consider when it comes to assessing your stools and ensuring you have ‘the perfect number 2’.

It comes after a survey last year revealed one third of British people have no idea what a normal bowel movement should look like.

And even more worrying is that a quarter of us have stools which are not deemed ‘medically healthy’, scientists have warned.

Abnormal number twos can be an early indicator of serious health issues such as bowel cancer or Crohns disease.

In a piece for Get The Gloss, Ms Kalinik says we should monitor how regular, consist, efficient and satisfactory our movements are..


Once to twice a day spent on the bathroom throne is ideal, according to the expert.

Any more or less than that means things are possibly not moving through the gut as they should be. of our stool is also a good indicator of gut health. Ideally, it should look like a long soft log that is like an ice cream in texture.

It should be fully formed, and should not have cracks or be too mushy. Hard little lumps and watery liquid would be the extremes of this. Taking a book into the bathroom should not be a prerequisite!When you have fully evacuated you should experience a sense of elimination ‘euphoria’ and finish with a smile on your face (not with the feeling that you’ll be back on the throne in 10 minutes).

The Bristol Stool Chart a diagnostic medical tool designed to classify faeces into seven categories. Type three and four are deemed healthy, while type one and two suggest constipation. A stool which looks like type five could be due to a lack of fibre while types six and seven are likely due to inflammation of the intestine

Why the colour is important

The book stresses that colour is also an important marker to consider.

Old blood cells are also transported out of the body via the stool, which accounts for its natural mid brown colour.

If a yellow hue or a clay colour is evident, it can be indicative of some dysbiosis in the gut or liver and gall bladder issues.

Bright red specks of colour can be caused by haemorrhoids while darker red or black stools are ‘red flag symptoms’ that should be checked out by your doctor.

‘I’m not suggesting you need to check your number twos obsessively, but noticing even subtle changes can give distinct clues to any unbalances in the gut and our overall health,’ writesMs Kalinik.

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF BOWEL CANCER? Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is. But if you have one or more of these, so see your GP.
black friday ugg boots Guide to 'the perfect poo' and our gut health