ugg black boots Trump deflects on whether Roy Moore should quit Senate race

ugg heel boots sale Trump deflects on whether Roy Moore should quit Senate race

HANOI, Vietnam President Donald Trump on Saturday deflected questions about whether Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore should drop out of the race because of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Trump, who has been travelling in Asia, said he’s been too busy reading documents and hasn’t had time to catch up on television news coverage about Moore. “So I have not seen very much about him, about it,” Trump told reporters travelling with him as Air Force One flew from Danang to Hanoi, in Vietnam.

Trump referred back to a written statement that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read to reporters after The Washington Post report that an Alabama woman said Moore had sexual contact with her when she was 14 and he was a 32 year old assistant district attorney.

The White House statement said Trump believes Moore will “do the right thing and step aside” if the decades old allegations are true.

Moore, an outspoken conservative Christian and former state Supreme Court judge, said Friday during an interview with conservative radio host Sean Hannity that the alleged encounter with the 14 year old “never happened.”

Three other women also told the Post that Moore had sexual contact with them when they were teenagers.

Asked when he would decide whether Moore did what he has been accused of, given that four women have come forward, Trump said: “Honestly, I’d have to look at it and I have to see.”

The allegations have sparked a wave of concern among GOP officials in Washington who are anxious about their slim majority in the Senate. But they have produced little more than a collective shrug from many Republicans in Alabama, which holds a special election on Dec. 12 to fill the seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore was not Trump’s preferred candidate. The Republican president had endorsed and campaigned for Sen. Luther Strange in the GOP primary. After Moore defeated Strange, Trump pledged to campaign for Moore.

Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R Ky., have said Moore should step aside if the reports are true.

Trump suggested he would have more to say on the matter after he returns to the White House next week.

“I’ll stick with my statement for now,” he said. “But I’ll have further comment as we go down the road. I have to get back into the country to see what’s happening.”
ugg black boots Trump deflects on whether Roy Moore should quit Senate race

ugg suppliers Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement

ugg pumps Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement

US President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris climate accord, after months of heated debate among members of his administration. More than 190 nations agreed to the pact in December 2015, pledging to hold average global temperatures to 1.5 2C above pre industrial levels.

“The United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord but begin negotiations to re enter either the Paris accord or an entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the United States and its businesses, workers and taxpayers,” Trump said during a press conference in the White House rose garden on 1 June. “This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.”

The president added that “as of today,” the United States would stop implementing its Paris pledges, including contributions to the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. But Trump also pledged to “ensure that the United States remains the world leader on environmental issues”.

The mechanics of the US exit are complicated. The terms of the Paris agreement prevent the United States from withdrawing from the pact for four years, which means that the final word on US participation would not come before November 2020 around the time of the next presidential election.

Meanwhile, the United States remains a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the foundational agreement under which the Paris accord was negotiated. This means that the country is likely to participate to some degree in international climate talks, just as it did when former President George W. Bush pulled out of another global climate pact the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

In a statement, the UNFCCC said that the Paris agreement “cannot be renegotiated based on the request of a single Party”.

Changing of the guardTrump’s announcement fulfils one of his campaign promises and plays well to his core Republican supporters. But it goes against the wishes of many US business leaders including some representing fossil fuel interests who had lobbied fiercely to remain in the agreement. Twenty five companies, including technology giants Apple, Facebook and Google, took out an advertisement in major newspapers on 1 June arguing that exiting the Paris accord would harm US economic competitiveness.

The White House has also faced fierce pressure to participate in the Paris agreement from the leaders of other nations, who have vowed to push forward with or without the United States. China, which has overtaken the United States to become the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, has said that it will continue to uphold its Paris pledge.

China is expected to announce a new climate partnership with the European Union on 2 June. But it is not clear whether China and the EU can fill the leadership void left by the United States, which under President Barack Obama played a major part in negotiating the Paris agreement.

“I think it’s very hard to fill the American shoes here,” says David Victor, a climate policy expert at the University of California, San Diego. “This is more about the diminishing of American leadership and credibility than about the rise of others yet.”

He notes that even before Trump intervened, the United States was probably not going to meet its Paris commitment, and many other industrialized countries are likely to come up short.

Climate impact of US exitTrump’s move could still give some countries the political cover to scale back their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says Niklas Hhne, a founding partner at the NewClimate Institute in Cologne, Germany. But the US decision does not yet spell doom for the climate itself. That’s because big companies and US states have said that they will go on with their own plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and energy markets continue to shift away from coal and toward renewable energies.

“Even with the Trump administration in place, the global trend toward renewable energies is continuing including in the United States,” Hhne says.

An analysis by the Climate Action Tracker, a consortium of researchers, suggests that climate change policies instituted by Obama would have cut US greenhouse gas emissions by 10% below 2005 levels in 2025. That is well short of the country’s Paris pledge to reduce emissions by 26% over the same period.

The consortium also estimates that US emissions would remain relatively flat if Trump succeeds at rolling back those Obama policies, increasing the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions by 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030, compared with previous projections. By contrast, the analysis finds, China and India’s efforts to shift from coal to renewable energy are gaining momentum, and could reduce projected emissions by 2 3 gigatonnes of CO2 by 2030.
ugg suppliers Trump pulls United States out of Paris climate agreement

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When the Review announced that its series about Queen most unforgettable characters would launch with a recollection of the late Ralfe Clench, readers responded with pleasure not surprising, since the man was so well and favourably known during his 39 years on campus. In all his Queen’s connections student, scholar, CFRC volunteer, evangelical streetcar buff, both faculty and staff he inarguably merited the label Johnson Clench, Jr., arrived in September 1954 from Hamilton, Ontario, as an Arts freshman, mathematics scholarship in hand, proceeded to grad school (MSc and enjoyed careers in two very different Queen Departments that exposed him to virtually every student on campus. One was Mathematics Statistics, where he lectured in Calculus (only to students with no prior experience) and drove some faculty colleagues scatty with his idiosyncrasies and lectures on idiot proof method and “your favourite cute cuddly little x’s.”

Ralfe Clench stoping to chat with students was a familiar campus sight.

His other appointment was in the Registrar’s Office, where the astute Jean Royce hired him in 1962 to serve variously as Chief Examination Proctor, Convocation Marshall, and timetabler for both exams and lectures. This complex scheduling he handled masterfully and manually, being something of a human computer. Even after hours he remained a campus fixture, living among the students.

When ill health forced his early retirement in 1980, a Kingston radio talk show saluted him by inviting listeners anecdotes. The stories from Ralfe students, neighbours, colleagues, and fellow grads were so many and so colourful that CKLC added a second show. It likely that he listened with some satisfaction, for he was well aware of the legend label he earned.

Ralfe died of his digestive illness at home on August 4, 1993. He had requested no funeral and no memorial service. His Whig Standard obituary, repeated for eternal Googling by The American Mathematical Monthly, was unusually brief, but eloquent: teacher, a kind and considerate man, it read. Will be fondly remembered by friends and colleagues both far and near. said nothing of his hometown, his accomplished Kingston ex wife, or his family. He was descended from many generations whose menfolk were named Ralfe Johnson Clench, the first of them a Loyalist Niagara settler, a hero with Butler Rangers. The perennial middle name Johnson celebrated his connection to New York great Loyalist general, Sir William Johnson, and his Mohawk wife Molly Brant (both with Kingston connections), and later his lawyer ancestors kinship with Chief Joseph Brant descendants. ancestry in the large, blond Queen whose chief battles involved tilting at the ivory tower.

If he could have planned his death for the campus most beautiful and busy season, he might have, because for Ralfe, timing was everything. Punctuality was a passion. Students who came late to class found the door locked, and the story of his class once locking the door on him has become part of Queen lore. He began lecturing on the dot of the hour while deftly disassembling the lock with the tool kit always on his belt. Along with tool pouches for screwdrivers, staplers and paper clips, that belt also carried flashlights and rings of keys that might have herniated a smaller man.

Other signs of his eccentricities and compulsions were many and easily visible. His overcoat was specially made like a shoplifter’s. He used its sturdy inside pockets as a backup filing system and library, adding such seasonal items as insecticides, lock de icer and slip proof crampons. Two radios hung around his neck on a rope, each tuned to a different local station, mostly to double check the weather. He carried several timepieces, preferred the military precision of the 24 hour clock, and stuck to Eastern Standard Time year round.

York University professor Paul Herzberg, one of his Arts classmates and, in Ralfe highly competitive view of things,
ugg boots button Truly one of a kind
his chief rival in mathematics, recalls in a letter to the Review that Ralfe way of taking lecture notes caught his attention early. always carried a very large black briefcase that contained several clip boards, on each of which he had clipped a stack of loose leaf paper with carbons between them. I don recall how many copies he made, Paul writes, every few minutes during the lecture, he would complete one sheet in his large handwriting, put the clip board in his briefcase and pull out the next, all ready for him to keep on writing. Neither of us can recall if we ever did know why our classmate thought every word was necessary and in multiple copies.

can only imagine the huge pile of notes amassed in even a single term, Paul concludes. By multiplying his note making and note taking habit by the years from to one can scarcely imagine the piles of notebooks behind his home boarded up windows and the daunting task of the executors charged with sorting papers after his death.

He was a tall man, even as an 18 year old student, rotund when healthy, and, if all his pockets, tool pouches and both hands were full, he was indeed a broad and striking campus figure.

He ordered his clothes in batches sometimes, as in the case of underwear and toe rubbers, by the gross. His pants were made to order, with reinforced canvas pockets and heavy duty belt loops. His shoes, too, were specially made for his narrow and unusually long feet. Because resoling such expensive footwear was costly, he wore toe rubbers in all seasons except deep winter, when he changed to old style, cleated rubber overshoes. His shirts were always white, as the pants were always gray and baggy, with each item identical to its predecessor. Except for his unbuttoned winter buffalo coat, the spring and fall coats were always beige. Every piece was assigned a schedule of wear, and despite oft turned collars and much mended cuffs, nothing was discarded before its due date.

In his passion for conserving heat, controlling light, maximizing storage space, and preventing burglary, Ralfe boarded up all his windows (except a small one on the third floor) and installed elaborate traps of rope

Ralfe’s sociable perambulations from home to his two offices and the College Variety store had another trademark: plastic shopping bags that had supplanted the huge and once ubiquitous black briefcase. Usually they were Dominion Store bags; invariably they were carried by admirers from his classes or co workers worried about his health. What was in those bags? Mostly duplicates of every document handled in his daily work. When his executors began the mammoth job of sorting his hoarded ‘treasures,’ some of these papers were offered back to Queen’s. The fact that some of them helped fill archival gaps would have pleased Ralfe greatly.

Both of his near campus homes first on University Ave., where he sometimes proctored special exams, and then his brick at the corner of Frontenac and Union Streets had complete office set ups. In his passion for conserving heat, controlling light, maximizing storage space, and preventing burglary, Ralfe boarded up all his windows (except a small one on the third floor) and installed elaborate traps of rope. Yet he was no hermit; he spent a lot of time leaning on his cane and visiting with passersby while outdoors checking his ‘perimeter.’

His calculus students held him in such high regard that he was among the first nominees when the Alumni Association instituted its $5,000 Award for Excellence in Teaching. Though his part time status made him ineligible, his enthusiastic students doggedly nominated him every year till he retired.

Ralfe was 58 when he died, but he seemed visually unchanged all those Queen years because of the same Oliver Hardy moustache, the hair clipped high above the ears, the hat for all seasons, and the identical wardrobe year in, year out. The one and only Ralfe Clench will live for many more years wherever tales of Queen’s characters are told, right up there with an earlier generation’s Dollar Bill, Alfie Pierce, and A, Margaret Austin.

Paul Herzberg,
ugg boots button Truly one of a kind
Arts calls attention to Jean Royce glowing tribute to Ralfe work for her in the Roberta Hamilton biography entitled Setting the Agenda: Jean Royce and the Shaping of Queen University (U of T Press 2002).

ugg slippers women Trump’s new coin remakes US in his own gaudy image

uggs sale Trump’s new coin remakes US in his own gaudy image

Since Bill Clinton, US presidents have handed out their own uniquely designed “challenge coins” as personal mementos to special guests, diplomats and military members.

But Trump, being Trump, has revamped the presidential coin to better reflect who he is. And he has succeeded. The new coin truly sums him up well: It’s all about Trump and very little about the United States.

In the past, these presidential coins were made in a subdued silver or copper and featured the Great Seal of the United States on one side, complete with 13 arrows representing the original states and the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum,” which means “Out of many, one.” The other side tastefully depicted the White House and the name of the president.

Yet the 45th President decided to dump the Great Seal of the United States. What did he replace it? With his own motto, of course: “Make America Great Again” which appears on both sides of the coin. Add to that, on this two sided coin Trump’s name appears three times! That doesn’t even include his signature featured right below the coin’s bald eagle which is no longer looking to its right, as it does on the US seal, but now to its left. All told, Trump’s name now appears twice on each side of the coin while “United States of America” appears only once.

And gone is the coin being made in a tasteful silver or copper. Instead, it’s gold or “very gold” as one Trump aide told The Washington Post. (On Friday, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee confirmed that the party would be paying for the coins.)

But wait, there’s more. The coin is bigger than former President Barack Obama’s challenge coin by a lot. Now in Trump’s defense the coin had to be larger to fit his name four times and his slogan twice. Overall, the coin looks like the type of flashy souvenir that Trump would’ve sold in his casinos’ gift shops assuming those casinos were still open.

Moammar Gadhafi may have had his gold gun and Saddam Hussein boasted a gold toilet paper dispenser, but Trump’s flashy gold coin would make them and other dictators green with envy. Apparently, MAGA stands for “Make America Gaudy Again.”

Of course, the coin could be worse. It could’ve featured an image of Trump on both sides or maybe Trump on one side and Vladimir Putin on the other. The coin could also have included Trump’s catchphrases such as “believe me,” “lock her up” or his most famous, “fake news.”

Perhaps Trump will unveil a whole set of these coins that will be sold in the gift shops at Trump’s hotels, so he can profit from them just as he will be personally enriched by the tax cuts he signed into law Friday. Maybe Trump will use this coin to reward administration officials who praise him best at the next Cabinet meeting although Mike Pence’s recent master class in sucking up will be tough to beat.

This coin is a lot of things, but surprising isn’t one of them. Trump is always about self promotion, so why should his challenge coin be any different? To him, his surname is a brand.

According to The Washington Post, Trump “was personally involved in redesigning the coin,” so dropping “E pluribus unum” from his coin was intentional.

“E pluribus unum” has been invoked by many, including Obama, as evidence that our Founding Fathers intended our nation to be welcoming to immigrants of all different backgrounds. That view, however, is clearly not supported by Trump, who wants to curtail legal immigration and ban people from various Muslim majority countries.

In fact, Obama calling “E pluribus unum” our national slogan had outraged some on the right in the past such as former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and others in the Congressional Prayer Caucus who demanded Obama acknowledge that our nation’s motto was actually, “In God We Trust.” (Curiously, Trump’s coin leaves out “In God We Trust.”)

No doubt Trump supporters will love this new Trumpian coin. But to me this coin is like Trump: a bad penny that’s an unwelcome, worthless knockoff of the original that we can’t seem to avoid.
ugg slippers women Trump's new coin remakes US in his own gaudy image

ugg slippers girls Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from private empire

mini leather ugg boots Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from private empire

WASHINGTON President elect Donald Trump pledged to step away from his family owned international real estate development, property management and licensing business before taking office Jan. 20. With less than two weeks until his inauguration, he hasn stepped very far.

Trump has cancelled a handful of international deals and dissolved a few shell companies created for prospective investments. history.

The president elect is expected to give an update on his effort to distance himself from his business at a Wednesday news conference. He told The Associated Press on Friday that he would be announcing a simple solution. experts have called for Trump to sell off his assets and place his investments in a blind trust, which means something his family would not control. That what previous presidents have done.

Trump has given no indication he will go that far. He has said he will not be involved in day to day company operations and will leave that duty to his adult sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. The president elect has not addressed the ethical minefield of whether he would retain a financial interest in his Trump Organization.

A look at what known about what Trump has and hasn tried to resolve his business entanglement before his swearing in:

Trump has abandoned planned business ventures in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Georgia, India and Argentina. The Associated Press found he has dissolved shell companies tied to a possible business venture in Saudi Arabia.

It unclear whether those moves are signs that Trump is dismantling the web of companies that make up his business. Trump Organization general counsel Alan Garten has insisted none of the closures is related to Trump election. He calls them housecleaning. Trump Organization still has an expanding reach across the globe: The Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is set to open next month.

Trump has said there will be new deals while he in office. But Eric Trump, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, told Argentinian newspapers last week that the company was open to another business venture in the country.

would like to find something, Eric Trump told Clarin, as he toured a Trump building construction site. find a project. younger Trump did rule out expansion in Russia, at least any time soon.

there a possibility sometime in the next 20, 30 years we end up in Russia? Absolutely. Is it right for us right now? Probably not, Eric Trump said, in a video interview with La Nacion posted on the newspaper website.

Asked about the potential for conflicts of interest if the business continues to operate, Eric Trump compared the separation between the Trump led government and Trump led company to the separation between church and state. two things will be unfailingly separate, he said, adding, will not share functions. portfolio, no venture has become more emblematic of the potential conflicts of interest facing Trump than his hotel at the Old Post Office in the nation capital. The federal government, which he soon will oversee, holds the lease on the building he turned into a sparkling luxury hotel that opened shortly before Election Day.

The terms of Trump contract with the government expressly prohibit elected officials from having a financial interest in the property. Democratic senators said the General Services Administration told them that the moment Trump takes office, he would violate the terms of his contract

Neither GSA nor Trump transition officials responded to inquiries about what steps, if any, Trump has taken with regard to that contract provision.

Trump is still listed as a producer for the reality TV show, Apprentice. He has said he will not spend time working on the show. Financial disclosures he filed during the campaign show his company,
ugg slippers girls Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from private empire
Trump Productions, earned about $5.9 million from Apprentice shows in 2015. president and his family. Last May, Trump reported on his financial disclosure that he had at least $315 million in debt related to his companies. The disclosed debt, mostly mortgages for his properties, is held by banks, including Deutsche Bank and investors who bought chunks of the debt from the original creditors.

Last month, Trump announced that he would shutter his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, to avoid conflicts of interest.

The decision came after the foundation admitted in a tax filing that in 2015 and an unspecified number of previous years it violated IRS prohibitions against self dealing, broadly defined as using charity money or assets to benefit Trump, his family, his companies or substantial contributors to the foundation.

The New York attorney general office has said the foundation cannot dissolve until it completes its investigation into whether Trump used the foundation for personal gain. The attorney general office has not said whether the investigation will be wrapped up by Trump inauguration.

Eric Trump has decided to shut down his charity, which primarily raised money for St. Jude children hospital, to pre empt conflicts of interest. That move came after the younger Trump was found to be offering in a charity auction a coffee date with his sister, Ivanka Trump, who is expected to take a position in the White House.

Questions remain about how Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, who is planning to advise the president, will separate from their own businesses.

On Saturday, representatives for Kushner told the AP that he has been talking with the Office of Government Ethics and is exploring taking steps to disentangle himself from his business, The Kushner Companies, in preparation for taking a White House role.

Under those plans, Kushner representatives say he would resign as CEO of the real estate development business, which has been involved in some $7 billion in acquisitions in the past 10 years.

Kushner would divest assets including his stake in a New York City skyscraper that has been the subject of months of negotiations between Kushner and Anbang Insurance Group, a real estate giant with close ties to the Chinese government. Kushner negotiations with the company were first reported by The New York Times.

Ivanka Trump, in addition to serving as an executive at her father company, has developed a lifestyle brand selling shoes, jewelry and other products. She caught heat after her fine jewelry company marketed the $10,800 bracelet she wore during a postelection Minutes interview with her father.

Representatives for Ivanka Trump brand declined comment.

In order to take posts in the administration, both Kushner and Ivanka Trump would need to argue that a federal anti nepotism law that bar officials from appointing relatives to government positions does not apply to them.

Trump also is set to take office while battling a number of lawsuits. The president elect sat for a videotaped deposition on Thursday involving a dispute with a celebrity chef who pulled out of a deal to open a restaurant at his new hotel in the Old Post Office building. When Jose Andres scuttled his plans for the restaurant citing Trump campaign comments about some Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals,
ugg slippers girls Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from private empire
The Trump Organization sued him for breach of contract.

classic tall ugg boots on sale Trump respects the US electorate

ugg clogs Trump respects the US electorate

Now that the government shutdown is over (for now when I was younger, we never had these things. But that was before Harry Reid was continually refusing to pass a budget), it is perhaps instructive to compare what got shut down now versus in the Obama administration.

One thing which stayed open to the extent possible was the national parks system as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had said they would. Compare that to Obama’s mean spirited actions in paying park police to chase people away from the national parks and to block off the World War II Memorial (if the government was shut down, where did he get the money to do all that?). Of course, Obama is and was just a low rent peasant so that was the sort of arrogant nastiness you’d expect from him.

Hahahaha! That’s hilarious. The racist neo Nazi sympathizer who cheated on his wife with a prn star and who ridicules handicapped people and Mexicans is respectful? What a sense of humor Hayes has!! Rump is corrupt and self centered. He’s a pathological liar. He must have had his mob buddies threaten Republicans if they don’t toe the line. Or else Republicans have lost their moral compass completely. Normalizing Rump is like normalizing any other fascist dictator like Putin or the killer in charge in the Philippines. I have no respect whatsoever for Rump because he deserves none.

Rump has no respect for the law or for the separation of powers. He wants obsequious stooges in the DOJ who won’t look too closely at his obvious obstruction of justice and collusion with Russians. The Rumpicans are complicit and maybe accessories to his treasonous acts. Wait until Mueller releases his report. I didn’t like Hillary, but she was right: Rump supporters are deplorables without integrity and supportive of alarming and constant mendacity from the WH. If you support an obviously racist neo Nazi sympathizer, you are also a racist. Get used to accepting your identity and quit making lame excuses for Rump and yourself!

Once again Bella, you present neither evidence nor logical argument as to why Trump or his supporters are racist. Only emotions, hyperbole, and biased MSM soundbites. I’m not going to engage you in a flame war, but I will call you out for alleging racism where none exists. If Trump is a racist, why would he appoint Ben Carson, a black man, to his cabinet? Why would he appoint Nikki Haley, a woman of Indian descent,
classic tall ugg boots on sale Trump respects the US electorate
as Ambassador to the UN? Why would he spend political capital to get three black collegiate basketball players released from Chinese custody after committing theft? Why would he work as hard as he does to lift people of color out of multi generational poverty and welfare dependence? Why would he be working to end illegal immigration and reform legal immigration for the benefit of American workers, in particular African American workers who are harmed the most by mass low skill immigration? Those are rather odd behaviors for a racist neo nazi, wouldn’t you say?

Trump is very obviously not a racist neo nazi sympathizer, and his supporters (myself included) are very obviously not racists for supporting his agenda. You only throw the race card around because you have no valid arguments or facts to support them. Again, nothing but emotions and hyperbole.

As far as your completely unsubstantiated claims of “obstruction of justice,” we’ll find out in a matter of days who the real criminals are when we get to see the FISA memo. I strongly suspect the majority of them have a (D) at the end of their names.

Why does the Gazette Times see fit to repeatedly publish blatant mistruths? This really is morally reprehensible editorship. Mike, you should be ashamed. You are promoting fake news. Lack of resources is no excuse, and just reminds us that Lee Enterprises doesn’t reflect Corvallis’ values. If you can’t do a basic 20 second fact check, then have the dignity not to publish something.

For the record, there were multiple govt shutdowns in the 1980s and 1990s. The most notable during that time were the 1995 and 1996 shutdowns instigated by a Republican congress.

Glenn: You are wrong, as usual. The memo you refer to was written by Nunes’s staff. Nunes assisted in Rump’s transition and is biased beyond belief. These people are complicit in Russian collusion and the obstruction of justice. You avoid the obvious question: If Rump has nothing to hide, why does he risk everything by trying relentlessly to quash the investigation? My guess is money laundering and ties to the Russian mob. He thinks the DOJ exists to protect him. He has violated his oath of office by self dealing and deference to the Russians. I’d like to know what the Russians have on Rump that he is desperately trying to hide. You can make all the stupid excuses you want, but they don’t change Rump’s thuggish character and lack of ethics and integrity. But maybe you care only about the stock market. Anyway, I’m done arguing with you. There is nothing to learn from you about anything important.

So if bias is to be the sole standard by which we judge the veracity of a given claim and Nunes is biased in favor of Trump and we should not believe the memo as you say, then how about the mainstream media? The MSM is extremely biased against Trump and spews nonstop conspiracy theories that are at best unfounded and in many cases demonstrably false. So you would also agree that we should not believe anything the MSM says about Trump, correct?

The only logical reason you think I have nothing important to offer is that I rely on facts, logic, and critical thought. All you have offered so far is emotional outbursts, hyperbole,
classic tall ugg boots on sale Trump respects the US electorate
and trash talk that anybody can see and hear on CNN any hour of any day of any week.

cheap uggs online outlet Trump agrees to anti protectionist measures

ugg boots cardy Trump agrees to anti protectionist measures

President Donald Trump.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered a brief update on negotiations Saturday, telling Canadian media all G20 countries including the United States united in opposition to protectionism. will be a positive outcome for this meeting, said Morneau.

all recognize the importance of trade to our economies, the importance of trade to growth and, you know, the difficulties protectionism presents. That a subject that has reached consensus. leaked copy of the trade section reads: will keep markets open, noting the importance of reciprocal and mutually advantageous trade and investment frameworks. also says the G20 will protectionism including all unfair trade practices and recognize the rule of legitimate trade defence instruments in this regard. latter line gives countries a way to skirt their commitments against protectionism, including through such actions as Trump softwood lumber tariffs currently affecting the Canadian lumber industry.

Trump signature on the trade section was not easy to achieve as he clung to his America First policies. has with individual countries doesn make sense in a world where trade is global.

One of the sticking points has been over steel. Trump has threatened a 20 per cent import tax on foreign steel that could have a significant economic impact on a number of G20 countries, including China, Germany and Canada.

Merkel pushed Friday for a global agreement on steel production and the G20 communique includes a pledge to combat excess steel supplies. Commerce Department was initially supposed to announce in June whether it would introduce tariffs or quotas or both on steel imports citing national security, however it is still considering its decision. and any import tariffs would hurt.

Morneau said the steel talks have an important backdrop to this G20. my estimation those have been productive discussions where we have talked about the importance of having a trading environment that works for all economies,
cheap uggs online outlet Trump agrees to anti protectionist measures
said Morneau.

had very productive discussions with the Americans on the subject of steel and those discussions continue, he said.

Trump was also offside on climate change language, which was no surprise to anyone.

Much as he was isolated on climate change at the G7 leaders meeting in Italy in May, he appears to be a 19 against one figure on the three paragraphs about climate change in the communique.

The focus of the communique is to continue to implement the Paris agreement on climate change, which commits the world to trying to keep the globe from warming more than two degrees compared to pre industrial levels. in her corner appears to have paid off.

Tom Burke, chairman of the British environmental think tank E3G called out Trump for standing alone on the issue once again.

has lost another collision between fantasy and reality, Burke said in a statement. other global leader shares his fantasy that climate change is a hoax. leader to be more agreeable to G20 initiatives.

The two did not have a bilateral meeting here, but did speak privately several times throughout the various sessions and events.

Trudeau doesn share much in common philosophically with Trump but has said he understands the anger and the disappointment of disaffected people that helped get Trump elected.

The relationship developing between Trump and Trudeau was on full display at the G20 including at a World Bank event to finance women entrepreneurs in developing nations.

have a great neighbour in Canada and Justin is doing a spectacular job in Canada, Trump gushed at the beginning of his speech. loves him and they love him for a reason so congratulations on the job you doing. committed $20 million and the United States $50 million to the World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative.

All of this takes place against a backdrop of violent protest in Hamburg. More than 100,000 protesters took to the streets to criticize the G20, many arguing it is arrogant for 20 nations to make decisions for the rest of the world and that globalization hurts the poorest people in the world the most.

Most of them demonstrated peacefully but those who did not wreaked havoc. Fires burned in a number of locations in the city overnight Friday,
cheap uggs online outlet Trump agrees to anti protectionist measures
stores were looted and cars torched.

short ugg Trunner Jordan Shoes For Basketball

ugg for sale Trunner Jordan Shoes For Basketball

So you want versatiliy in a Jordan shoe? A shoe you can train in. A shoe you can ball in. A shoe you can run in. And even a shoe you can wear as a casual shoe with shorts or a pair of jeans. Then what you are saying is you want the new Jordan Trunner Max. This new shoe is as versatile as a shoe can get. Basketball, running, and training can all be done, and done at the highest performance level possible.

The Jordan Trunner Max is the shoe that will allow you to dominate the competition on the basketball court. That is because while all your rivals are kickin’ it on the couch, you will be out running and lifting in the newest, high performance pair of Jordan’s available. That is just what the offseason is for. This shoe will take your game to another level. Sure, running and lifting requires hard work and pain. This Jordan shoe will make it a lot easier to put in the work that it takes to leave your competition in the rear view mirror.

Dropped in August, this new version of the battle tested Trunner,
short ugg Trunner Jordan Shoes For Basketball
the JordanTrunner Max is the shoe to wear during your offseasnon workoutswhen nobody is watching. The newTrunner still uses the supportive lacing straps that lock down the shoe to the midfoot creating a very supportive, stable ride. This shoe is not going to pop off on you whenyou aredoing your thing in the weight room.

This new shoe continues the legacy of the Trunner by using it’s famous breathable upper. In addition, because of the low cut silhouette and V cut at the ankle, the flexibility that the Trunner has had in the past is still present on this new shoe. A durable rubber outsole has an enhancedtraction pattern that provide the ultimate in stability. Yes, this shoe is durable and stable enough to even hoop in.

This new, versatile Jordan Trunner Max is available now in several colorways that include an all Black/Green and all Black/Gold editions. Versatility is what this shoe excels at. Regardless of whether you are running, training,or playing basketball in this shoe,
short ugg Trunner Jordan Shoes For Basketball
you are going to look good. And you are going to look good while you are doing work. Workthat will allow you to surpass the competition.

ugg slippers kids Trump immigration proposal draws ire on both left

ugg pink slippers Trump immigration proposal draws ire on both left

WASHINGTON The Senate top Democrat dismissed President Donald Trump immigration proposal as a list for hard liners on Friday as the plan drew harsh reviews from Democrats, immigration activists and some conservatives. illegally in exchange for major restrictions on legal immigration and $25 billion in border security. as children with their families. But he said Trump plan them as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that anti immigration hardliners have advocated for for years. shot back with his own tweet, accusing Schumer of complicating the process: has been made increasingly difficult by the fact that Cryin Chuck Schumer took such a beating over the shutdown that he is unable to act on immigration! opposition was shared by some on the right, including conservative figure Richard Viguerie, who labeled the White House proposal the Amnesty Disaster in an email. Roy Beck, the president of NumbersUSA, which seeks to limit legal immigration, called it a framework for mass amnesty. White House officials cast the plan as a centrist compromise that could win support from both parties and enough votes to pass the Senate.

The plan would provide a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 690,000 younger immigrants protected from deportation by the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program as well as hundreds of thousands of others who qualify for the program but never applied.

Trump announced last year that he was doing away with the program, but he gave Congress until March to come up with a legislative fix.

The plan would not allow parents of those immigrants to seek lawful status, the officials said.

In exchange, Trump plan would dramatically overhaul the legal immigration system. The officials said it would only end new applications for visas, allowing those already in the pipeline to be processed. Still, immigration activists said the move could cut legal immigration in half.

It would end a visa lottery aimed at diversity, which drew Trump attention after the New York City truck attack last year, redirecting the allotment to bringing down the existing backlog in visa applications.

It also includes other measures, such as more money for enforcement and proposed rule changes that would make it easier for the government to deport other groups measures that advocates argue trade the fate of some immigrants for others.

Under the plan, recipients could have their legal status revoked due to criminal behavior or national security threats, the officials said, and eventual citizenship would require still unspecified work and education requirements and a finding that the immigrants are of moral character. ended the DACA program in September, setting a March 5 deadline for Congress to provide new legal protections. The officials said their plan is the only one Trump will sign and that, if a solution is not found, former DACA recipients who come into contact with law enforcement will be subject to deportation.

Trump earlier this month had deferred to a bipartisan group in the House and Senate to craft an immigration proposal, saying he would sign whatever they passed. But as talks on Capitol Hill broke down in part because of controversy Trump ginned up using vulgar language to describe African countries the White House decided to offer its own framework.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others had also complained the president had failed to sufficiently lay out his priorities, leaving them guessing about what he might be willing to sign. One official said the Thursday release represents a plan for the Senate, with the administration expecting a different bill to pass the House.

McConnell in a statement thanked the president for providing the outline and said he hoped members from both parties would look to it guidance as they work towards an agreement. Andres, a spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, echoed the sentiment saying: grateful for the president showing leadership on this issue and believe his ideas will help us ultimately reach a balanced solution. Tom Cotton, R Ark., an immigration hard liner, called Trump plan and humane, while also being responsible and said he work toward its passage. He said that besides protecting DACA recipients, also will prevent us from ending up back here in five years by securing the border and putting an end to extended family chain migration. some of Congress more conservative members seemed unwilling to open the citizenship door for the Dreamers.

itself didn have a pathway to citizenship, said Sen. Ted Cruz, R Texas, who battled Trump in 2016 for the GOP presidential nomination. I think it would be a profound mistake and not consistent with the promises we made to the voters to enact a pathway to citizenship to DACA recipients or to others who are here illegally. were also raging. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D Calif., blasted the plan as of the Trump administration unmistakable campaign to make America white again. Whip Dick Durbin, D Ill., urged Republicans to join together with Democrats to reach a bipartisan alternative.

should not be held hostage to President Trump crusade to tear families apart and waste billions of American tax dollars on an ineffective wall, he said in a statement.
ugg slippers kids Trump immigration proposal draws ire on both left

ugg heels Trump returns to NJ this weekend

ugg boot protector Trump returns to NJ this weekend

President Donald Trump will return to New Jersey this weekend and is expected to make an appearance at the Presidents Cup taking place in Jersey City. Friday. He will spend the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster. Temporary flight restrictions have been issued for Morristown, Bedminster and Jersey City.

The Golf Channel reported that the president is expected to be in Jersey City Sunday for the final day of the Presidents Cup at the Liberty National Golf Club.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan told the Associated Press that Trump people have been out to the course to take a hard look at the property and are working closely with the tournament security side.

It would be the first time a sitting president has attended the event since Bill Clinton was at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Virginia in 2000.

hope he comes and he be welcomed by us and by our players, Monahan told the AP.

The Presidents Cup, matches between Americans and players from every other continent except Europe, began in 1994 and since 1998 has invited sitting heads of state from the host country as honorary chairman. Trump accepted his invitation, his first active role with the PGA Tour since a World Golf Championship moved away from Trump National Doral in Florida during the presidential campaign.

Three former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton attended the Presidents Cup on Thursday. It was the first time ever that three former presidents were at the event together. Obama, Bush and Clinton all served as honorary chairman of the Presidents Cup while in office.

The Associated Press news wire service contributed to this report.

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Thousands of NJ students to stage walkout to remember Parkland victims

Thousands of NJ students to stage walkout to remember Parkland victims

Thousands of students at schools across New Jersey will be taking part in a nationwide school walkout as a part of the NeverAgain movement.

Thousands of students at schools across New Jersey will be taking part in a nationwide school walkout as a part of the NeverAgain movement.

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A third nor in the span of slightly more than a week brought several inches of snow to parts of New Jersey Tuesday.

A third nor in the span of slightly more than a week brought several inches of snow to parts of New Jersey Tuesday.

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Gov. Phil Murphy will deliver his first budget address Tuesday afternoon at the State House.

Gov. Phil Murphy will deliver his first budget address Tuesday afternoon at the State House.

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3rd nor’easter brings several inches of snow to New Jersey

New Jersey residents woke up to several inches of snow Tuesday as a third nor in the span of a little more than a week came through New Jersey.

New Jersey residents woke up to several inches of snow Tuesday as a third nor in the span of a little more than a week came through New Jersey.

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ugg heels Trump returns to NJ this weekend