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I’m having a hell of a time printing a certain object, its a little figuring with a detailed ish surface. Most of my prints get knocked off the platform by the nozzle after 50 80% completion. I can coax a finished print out by babying it and tugging on the belt for extra z axis travel. Is there any way to do that automatically?

I tried increasing the feedrate to reduce the amount of plastic being laid down, as mentioned in most of what I’ve read, it’s all the way at 60. It’s making my prints worse and not helping much.

Are you using PLA or ABS plastic? Are you getting warping of the part? This can cause the corners to warp upwards and catch the nozzle on the next path around.

To get down to 0.2 you have to reduce your flowrate PWM. I reduced mine to about 210. This doesn’t work for everyone because it reduces torque from the motor and can cause slipping. You could also speed up the feed rate like you mentioned, but this can reduce the quality of your corners and circles.

Does the part get knocked off when it’s printing the infill or a surface? If it is printing a surface, you will sometimes get like a ridge forming between each line. This is caused by having your extrude width over thickness ratio to low. I think that’s in the “inset” settings. I’m at work at the mo and can’t check.

For ABS, mine was around 1.62 and for PLA around 1.72. But it really depends on your machine.

If you’ve got a 0.4mm layer thickness and are still blobbing at 60mm/s, something else is going on.

Which version of skeinforge are you using? Is it one that’s integrated with repg or a standalone version?

Are you SURE you’re changing Feed Rate instead of Travel Feed Rate? Travel Feed Rate is a different thing it’s just used when the extruder is off.

What values do you have for CarvePerimeter Width Over Thickness and FillInfill Width Over Thickness? If you can’t find those values (ugg. old skeinforge) how about CarveExtrusion Width Over Thickness, InsetExtrusion Perimeter Width Over Thickness and SpeedExtrusion Diameter Over Thickness?
ugg boots house of fraser Any way to get extra travel per layer on Z