tall black ugg boots An anthropological view of our region

ugg australia sheepskin care kit An anthropological view of our region

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Hotdish,Norwegian dishesDoug Munski, a geography professor at the University of North Dakota, said, “One of the things that gives distinctiveness to a cultural landscape is the food choices and food ways.

“In geography, we have studies of food ways, and you can regionalize the United States according to cuisine very readily,” he said. “We are more meat and potatoes. She said, “Comfort food is a big one. Family oriented dishes and pheasant.”

One of those popular family oriented meals is hotdish.

“We didn’t know what a hotdish was until we got here,” said Joey Castiglione of Denver. “It was always green bean casserole.”

The sophomore aviation student at UND added that as far as he’s concerned, Midwesterners made it up. And it’s true. According to the documentary “Minnesota Hotdish: A Love Story,” the term was first written down in the 1930s in a Mankato, Minn., church cookbook. And according to the Dictionary of American Regional English, the term is still only regularly used in the Upper Midwestern states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Castiglione and his girlfriend, Courtney Davidson, also from Denver, made note of all the traditional foods they noticed in the area such as lefse, lutefisk and krumkake, which Munski said can be traced back to the Norwegians who settled in the area many years ago. 1 on a lot of Upper Midwesterners’ minds. Old hockey jerseys can be seen nearly everywhere one goes, but it isn’t just the game that people associate with the area. Castiglione said everyone seems to know how to ice skate.

He said he bought his first pair of ice skates when he moved here from Denver.

“I figured if I’m going to live up here, might as well fit in,” he said.

“We were barely able to make a circle,” Castiglione said. “Then, a bunch of guys came from UND, and they were playing hockey and hitting each other and doing spins.”

“We were watching our feet, and they were like flawlessly going backward, forward, spinning,” Davidson added.
tall black ugg boots An anthropological view of our region