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WORDS FROM THE WISE: am writing a speech that appeals to everyone, that really tries to reflect on everyone five years at the school, and I know the day I deliver it I am going to be shaking a bit. But right after that last sentence, I know there will be excitement, and it will be a great, lasting memory. I am going to study commerce, and potentially going to law school. I just know that Queen is going to be a good place for me to start, to see where it all takes me. Anika’s speech!:

Thank you, Mr. Johnstone, for that very kind introduction. Good evening esteemed guests, administration, families and fellow graduates. Let take a moment to recognize our faculty members that could not be with us tonight. I know we all really wish they could have been here to celebrate with us and they are greatly missed.

It is truly an honour to speak to you all on behalf of my wonderful classmates.

In life, we have all had times when we have fallen flat on our faces, and times where we have made it all the way to the other side completely unscathed. Often times, we must take risks to get our desired outcomes. We take these risks every day whether it something as seemingly small as getting out of bed in the morning or talking to a stranger for the first time, or something as frighteningly big as strapping on these 6 inch heels to walk in front of 1500+ people, or bigger yet, in a few short months from now, leaving all of your familiarities of home to move across the country for University.

Regardless of the type of the risks you take, tonight is the night to reflect back on those that you taken and what you learned from them while knowing that there are many more in store for you in the future.

Well, class of 2014 we are. Look around; take it all in. Let take stock in our accomplishment and take pride in what we become. Together, we have formed a bond that leaves each and every one of us eternally connected.

Class of 2014. We 256 students make up the 40th graduating class of South Delta Secondary. I think it fair to say that we earned ourselves a round of applause!!

Take a moment now to remember a time, a time where words such as and hadn yet come to be, a time before had been created It was only five short years ago, when most of us walked through the doors and halls of SDSS as nervous and shy, lowly eighth graders. We had our UGG boots, our lululemon headbands, our Justin Bieber haircuts and our blackberry phones. We were ready to take on the world! Or so we thought

Over the years, we fought for approval and acceptance with our peers, we struggled with our parents for freedom, with our teachers for recognition, with ourselves for identity and somewhere along the way grew up.

We grew up, developing and nurturing our talents and skills. Because of these talents, we have had an enormously successful run over these 5 years as Sun Devils.

In sports, we have captured 25 Fraser Valley Championships, and a whopping 8 Provincial Championships including: one for Senior Girls Curling, one for Boys AA Football, 3 provincial titles for gymnastics, one for Junior Girls Volleyball and back to back Provincial Championships in Senior Girls AAAA Volleyball.

We also have a very impressive Art program that has put on some unbelievable shows including Accapella, an art and writing show that took place this year.

The South Delta Sounds have won accolades and awards. Last year, our Concert Choir, Jazz choir and Jazz band ventured out to New York for the Heritage music Festival, where they brought home a first place gold medal, a second place gold medal, and a silver medal. They also earned an invitation to Hollywood for a competition this year that resulted in another gold for our Concert Choir and a silver medal for our Jazz Choir!

Our Equinox theatre drama students have produced many exceptional musicals and plays over the years including: Annie, Our Town, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, and this year Alice in Wonderland.

Our culinary program never ceases to impress and our drafting, textiles, mechanics and woodworking students continue to create masterpieces!

On a whole, our school is very multi faceted and has talents all across the board: making our graduating class very well rounded and unique with an overflowing potential for success in all fields.

Our wide spread interests and skills are what bring us together and what has allowed us to flourish as a group. Over the years, we laughed, we cried, we won, we lost, we fallen in love, had our hearts broken, been knocked down and gotten right back up again. We have come full circle and here we are today.

I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the memories that I will treasure for my entire life. For each of us, neither the pleasant nor the unpleasant memories will easily be forgotten.

Although we may not make any more memories together, we will cherish those that we have made and they will resonate with us throughout all our future endeavors.

But as one door closes opens; ultimately, what we do with ourselves is up to us. Whatever may happen in the years ahead, just know that we can go as far as our imagination allows us. Think big. Remember the words of Les Brown for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars

Graduation is a new beginning; it will be what you make of it. So go out there and make the best of it! Breathe deeply, forge ahead, and shoot for that moon.

As proud, successful and ambitious students, we never would have accomplished so much without the help of those who have dedicated themselves to fostering our potential. Teachers who have encouraged us, school administrators who have scared us (no offence), counselors, librarians and tutors who have guided us and coaches who have inspired us. To our wonderful administration, teachers, coaches and mentors, we say: Our success is your success, for you have given us the courage to dare, the knowledge to excel, and the belief that we can achieve. Thank you all!

And of course, how could we ever forget OUR PARENTS.

To our parents, we thank you for always being there to guide and nurture us. Thank you for never letting our wallets run empty, not to mention being our chauffeurs. You drove us to early morning band rehearsals, late night movies, to all our sporting events, and everything in between. You did all these things with a smile most of the time! That is the most amazing part; you bestowed upon us your undying support and unconditional love. Ultimately, thank you for never giving up on us even when we drove you crazy we know we did lots of that!

In 20 years, perhaps we will be back here in Tsawwassen for our reunion. Perhaps we will all still have the same craving for the cafeteria wraps and cinnamon buns. But despite having many of the same cravings, our priorities will be very different. Some of us will be married, with children and a white picket fence, while others will have travelled the world or some of us may (but hopefully won be still living in our parents basements Our lives will have taken us into a myriad of directions,
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