amazon ugg slippers Amazon Faces Serious Backlash Over Failed ‘Prime Day’ Video

ugg baby slippers Amazon Faces Serious Backlash Over Failed ‘Prime Day’ Video

Now to Amazon’s sale fail. The company facing fierce backlash over its prime day. So many customers disappointed by the discounts and what was being offered during the event hyped as black Friday in July. Holmes is here with more on the outrage. Hey there, come on now, 60%. That is a good deal but I’m not really in the market for a banjo. 55% off antarctic cri. Crill oil. One day only. Reporter: For some Amazon prime day touted as Christmas in July with more deals than black Friday ended up feeling more like April fools’. The much hyped sale for prime members paying a $99 a year subscription fee so disappointing to some shoppers they took to Twitter calling it unhappy prime day. Amazon fail and prime day fail. The deals came and went so it was really hard to know exactly what was available. Hotly promoted deals like a $115, 40 inch TV and half off digital cameras selling out fast after the sale went live at midnight pacific time Wednesday morning. One tweet calling it a misleading promotion and asking where’s the stuff we want? Even prompting some to hit youtube with videos like this. ? $150 TV ? Reporter: Others complaining some deals weren’t deeply discounted enough and that what was on sale was outdated or downright weird. Like 47% off nail clippers for an oversized dog or 42% off an oil to promote beard growth. Like red hots, Amazon was banking on selling this five pound bag for 13 bucks. One person eloquently summing up the experience. Amazon prime day is like shopping a garage sale. You go in with high expectations and walk away with more junk. So despite all the criticism, George, would you believe Amazon said it was a success by some measures they beat black Friday in sales. Oh, wow. You know, I would believe it.

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amazon ugg slippers Amazon Faces Serious Backlash Over Failed 'Prime Day' Video