mini uggs chestnut Trump says Democrats are ‘AWOL’ on immigration

ugg shoe boots Trump says Democrats are ‘AWOL’ on immigration

Trump is telling Republican party leaders and donors: “The Democrats are AWOL. . They’re missing in action. We have a proposal. We never hear from them.”

The White House has proposed creating a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million young people living in the county illegally in exchange for billions for a border wall and dramatic cuts to legal immigration.

Democrats have blasted the plan and called it dead on arrival.

Congressional Republicans have gathered at a West Virginia resort in search of a winning election year agenda, facing the notion that the best they have to offer in 2018 may be a recitation of the tax cuts approved in 2017.

The legislators got a pep talk from President Donald Trump reliving passage of the tax bill and highlighting other GOP victories from his first year in office.

But the president offered no clear strategy for resolving the immigration and spending standoff that produced a three day government shutdown in January and threatens a second shutdown next week. And he offered no new policy details on infrastructure, prescription drug prices or other items he’s mentioned as ripe for attention in 2018.
mini uggs chestnut Trump says Democrats are 'AWOL' on immigration