ladies uggs sale True Horrors Of High Heels

ugg mini boots True Horrors Of High Heels

Why do high heels hurt so bad? Like seriously? High heels can be hell.

‘Killer Heels’ is the term used in describing the most stylish of ladies’ shoes with incredibly towering heels, but beware, your killer heels are killing much more than you think. Any time you wear shoes that hamper the natural frame of your foot, you’re in danger of suffering pain in different angles.

High heeled shoes have the stigma of putting health and comfort in jeopardy, but this hardly stops ladies, young and old, from wearing them either periodically or frequently. Women often make sacrifices to look good and feel good, and that includes foot fashion, but at what cost? Those perfect pumps can create the perfect storm for permanent health complications. If you wear stilettos regularly, you are setting yourself up for long term issues.

Fashion enthusiasts especially those with a manic fondness for shoes think that the higher the heels, the better they are. Well, that might be quite right for the ‘look’ department since contemporary stilettos are designed to fit individual styles that look fascinating with heels in ultra high levels. On the other hand, this screams ‘not so true’ in the health department if you are looking to take care of yourself on a prolonged basis. .

Even without prior knowledge, adverse effects are manifested in the scale of comfort ladies feel while wearing these super high heels. Most honest women would say that the support scale from wearing stilettos ranges from zero to nothing. That’s saying a lot.

Women at all walks of life, yeah, even young girls still prefer these towering shoes though. Experts sardonically term this as, ‘shoe cide’. In the light of which the worship of style over substance seemed the tiniest of faults. Some women are paying an invaluable price of jeopardizing their health by choosing to ignore the signs pointing towards better shoe selection.

Sky High stilettos make for sky high dangers in your body’s well being.

To conform with the shape of the shoes, your body will attempt to compensate for the uneven distribution of weight from the unnatural position your feet are in. This results to a broad range of body complications that directly affect your health.

Staggering on stilettos places undue stress on the back and knees as the weight of the body shifts forward. The alteration in the position of your spine strains the nerves in the back and can lead to sciatica. A condition where nerves receives too much tension, resulting in pain, numbness, and weakness in the lower part of your body.

Poor alignment and poor body posture are the major effects of sporting high heels and may result to different forms of back pain and muscle overuse.

Furthermore, long term use of high heeled shoes alters the dynamics of human walking. Women who wear high heels often are at risk of permanent physiological damage. Human movement requires an ongoing, finely tuned interaction between the muscles and the tendons, so modifications in the properties of either tissue could have significant functional consequences.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Most long term health damages high heels cause will put a hole in your pockets since you have to take supplementary medications to treat them. If you don’t have health insurance to cover these, it will not bode well with your finances. Designer stilettos are all the rage right now; that’s why prices are skyrocketing to extreme levels. If you add the expenses you spent on those shoes plus the expenses you might have to spend in the future for treatment purposes, would you say that your fashion statement was worth it?

They say prevention is better than cure, this is true for most people who value their health more than anything but this should not make you less prepared. Taking care of your feet is one major element in taking care of your body because your feet is your body’s foundation. Getting a health insurance plan to cover imminent complications from donning stilettos may seem shallow and weird but it is a practical move. Even if you diminish the time you spend wearing high heels, the risks are still there.

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ladies uggs sale True Horrors Of High Heels