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The TrustLaw Awards is an annual ceremony hosted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to celebrate the groundbreaking pro bono projects undertaken by legal teams with NGOs and social enterprises around the world.

The event is attended by our growing network of TrustLaw members from over 170 countries to celebrate the impact made by pro bono on a global scale.

Impact Award The Impact Award recognises projects that demonstrate significant, wide ranging impact for an NGO or social enterprise, their community, and beyond.

Innovation Award The Innovation Award recognises projects that feature not only a new and exciting idea or enterprise, but a legal team that used creativity in addressing the issues faced.

Collaboration Award The Collaboration Award recognises projects that showcase highly effective working relationships between legal teams, NGOs and social enterprises that have dramatically increased the potential impact of projects as a result.

Lawyer of the Year Award The Lawyer of the Year Award awards the individual lawyers who have gone above and beyond in giving exceptional pro bono support

Legal Team of the Year Award Legal Team of the Year Award recognises hard work and enthusiasm in supporting pro bono clients over the previous year’s TrustLaw projects in 3 different categories: domestic law firm, international law firm, and in house legal team.
discount uggs TrustLaw Awards