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Now that the government shutdown is over (for now when I was younger, we never had these things. But that was before Harry Reid was continually refusing to pass a budget), it is perhaps instructive to compare what got shut down now versus in the Obama administration.

One thing which stayed open to the extent possible was the national parks system as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had said they would. Compare that to Obama’s mean spirited actions in paying park police to chase people away from the national parks and to block off the World War II Memorial (if the government was shut down, where did he get the money to do all that?). Of course, Obama is and was just a low rent peasant so that was the sort of arrogant nastiness you’d expect from him.

Hahahaha! That’s hilarious. The racist neo Nazi sympathizer who cheated on his wife with a prn star and who ridicules handicapped people and Mexicans is respectful? What a sense of humor Hayes has!! Rump is corrupt and self centered. He’s a pathological liar. He must have had his mob buddies threaten Republicans if they don’t toe the line. Or else Republicans have lost their moral compass completely. Normalizing Rump is like normalizing any other fascist dictator like Putin or the killer in charge in the Philippines. I have no respect whatsoever for Rump because he deserves none.

Rump has no respect for the law or for the separation of powers. He wants obsequious stooges in the DOJ who won’t look too closely at his obvious obstruction of justice and collusion with Russians. The Rumpicans are complicit and maybe accessories to his treasonous acts. Wait until Mueller releases his report. I didn’t like Hillary, but she was right: Rump supporters are deplorables without integrity and supportive of alarming and constant mendacity from the WH. If you support an obviously racist neo Nazi sympathizer, you are also a racist. Get used to accepting your identity and quit making lame excuses for Rump and yourself!

Once again Bella, you present neither evidence nor logical argument as to why Trump or his supporters are racist. Only emotions, hyperbole, and biased MSM soundbites. I’m not going to engage you in a flame war, but I will call you out for alleging racism where none exists. If Trump is a racist, why would he appoint Ben Carson, a black man, to his cabinet? Why would he appoint Nikki Haley, a woman of Indian descent,
classic tall ugg boots on sale Trump respects the US electorate
as Ambassador to the UN? Why would he spend political capital to get three black collegiate basketball players released from Chinese custody after committing theft? Why would he work as hard as he does to lift people of color out of multi generational poverty and welfare dependence? Why would he be working to end illegal immigration and reform legal immigration for the benefit of American workers, in particular African American workers who are harmed the most by mass low skill immigration? Those are rather odd behaviors for a racist neo nazi, wouldn’t you say?

Trump is very obviously not a racist neo nazi sympathizer, and his supporters (myself included) are very obviously not racists for supporting his agenda. You only throw the race card around because you have no valid arguments or facts to support them. Again, nothing but emotions and hyperbole.

As far as your completely unsubstantiated claims of “obstruction of justice,” we’ll find out in a matter of days who the real criminals are when we get to see the FISA memo. I strongly suspect the majority of them have a (D) at the end of their names.

Why does the Gazette Times see fit to repeatedly publish blatant mistruths? This really is morally reprehensible editorship. Mike, you should be ashamed. You are promoting fake news. Lack of resources is no excuse, and just reminds us that Lee Enterprises doesn’t reflect Corvallis’ values. If you can’t do a basic 20 second fact check, then have the dignity not to publish something.

For the record, there were multiple govt shutdowns in the 1980s and 1990s. The most notable during that time were the 1995 and 1996 shutdowns instigated by a Republican congress.

Glenn: You are wrong, as usual. The memo you refer to was written by Nunes’s staff. Nunes assisted in Rump’s transition and is biased beyond belief. These people are complicit in Russian collusion and the obstruction of justice. You avoid the obvious question: If Rump has nothing to hide, why does he risk everything by trying relentlessly to quash the investigation? My guess is money laundering and ties to the Russian mob. He thinks the DOJ exists to protect him. He has violated his oath of office by self dealing and deference to the Russians. I’d like to know what the Russians have on Rump that he is desperately trying to hide. You can make all the stupid excuses you want, but they don’t change Rump’s thuggish character and lack of ethics and integrity. But maybe you care only about the stock market. Anyway, I’m done arguing with you. There is nothing to learn from you about anything important.

So if bias is to be the sole standard by which we judge the veracity of a given claim and Nunes is biased in favor of Trump and we should not believe the memo as you say, then how about the mainstream media? The MSM is extremely biased against Trump and spews nonstop conspiracy theories that are at best unfounded and in many cases demonstrably false. So you would also agree that we should not believe anything the MSM says about Trump, correct?

The only logical reason you think I have nothing important to offer is that I rely on facts, logic, and critical thought. All you have offered so far is emotional outbursts, hyperbole,
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and trash talk that anybody can see and hear on CNN any hour of any day of any week.