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My husband and I are (almost) brand new full time RVers. We began our adventure on August 18, 2014, and settled in San Antonio for a few months. We’d like to start traveling shortly after the first of the year, but can’t decide if we should go further south in Texas (along the east coast) or head west to Arizona or New Mexico. We have to be in Colorado by July, so going further east is really not an attractive option.

We have a large fifth wheel and are both self employed, simply relying upon phone/Internet. We’re not interested in going anyplace really cold, where we have to worry about pipes freezing, etc. Spend some time in Las Cruces / Old Mesilla (great retirement community and good food), Get into some retirement activities (like their excellent travel club meeting / potluck) then work your way to Silver City, NM, Tombstone, AZ. Spend extended time in Tuscon. (parks and winter training Baseball camps). Good place to fly home (3/ day covered parking near airport. Go up through Prescott valley and Sedona, and eventually to see Desert Flowers in Death Valley / Joshua Tree (follow the on line desert flower reports). Head back towards LV and be sure to camp at Valley of Fire (50 miles north east of LV). Then do the Utah National Parks on your way to Colorado. (Bryce and Arches are not to be missed)I don’t go South for the Winter, but if I did it would be somewhere in Arizona. If you have to be in Colorado by July, it wouldn’t make any sense to me to go in the opposite direction. Time has a way of sneaking up on you, and July will be here before you know it. Florida would be my absolutely last choice, and South Texas wouldn’t suit me any better. I just checked the temp at Corpus Christi and it is 46 degrees, almost the same temp as where I live. It might not get really cold in the Winter, but I would think Arizona is a better choice and on your way to Colorado. There are some forums on RVing that may be of interest to you, and would probably be a big help. Good luck.
ugg coupon Help with top 'snowbird' destinations trailer