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My name Chuck Davis. I own a bright blue truck. One day, I had a thought occur to me. Little did I know, it was a bad one. I was thinking about a movie I saw. They made a car fly in this movie.

I called my best buds over to help me out with my idea. I told them how I was thinking about making my truck fly.

“Easy,” I say. “All we need is a trampoline, stretchy fitness bands, and a claw like from these arcade games but bigger. We will make a giant sling shot in between those two trees.”

“How will we get it up that high?” asked Bob.

“We will lift the truck with the claw and bounce it on the trampoline. Before that, someone would have to place the fitness bands with the claw and let it go to make it fly.”

The next day, we tried it out. It all went well until the truck got stuck in the trees. The truck wouldn’t fly.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Billy Joe.

“We need a tall pole, marshmallows, and heavy duty glue,” I say. “We are going to glue the marshmallows onto the pole and use the pole to push out the car. The marshmallows will act as a cushion.

The next day we have all the supplies. We cushion the pole and try to push the truck out. We all see the truck fly, but it only flies for one second before it lands on my house.

The Boy who Never Came Back!

By Jillian Smith

Sixth grade

One day there was this boy names Tom. He lived on this pretty lake and had a really nice house. In the lake there was a trampoline, a dock in the middle and on the edge of the lake. Tom also had some fun toys. Tom loved to play on the trampoline and do some really cool tricks.

One day he decided that since his parents were home that he wold go play in the lake. In the lake, all there was is fish. The lake house is in Florida, so sometimes there are alligators in there. Tome goes to the middle dock and does dives and jumps off the dock. Then he remembers how when he was a little boy, he would always swim out here with his dad and they would play together. His dad and him were about to do a jump together, but then they saw an alligator.

After he remembered all of the good and bad memories, he gets out of the water and goes and gets something to drink. When he gets his drink, he asks his dad, “Do you want to come swimming with me?” His dad says, “Yes, I would love to son.”

Now Tome and his dad, Mike,a re out on the dock playing together. Mike says, “I will do a few more jumps with you, then I have to go inside.” Tom gets sad but makes the most of it.

Mike is now inside and Tom is all alone again. He quickly gets bored so he just sits there. All of the sudden an alligator grabs his legs and pulls him in.

His parents start to get worried about why he hasn’t come in yet, so they go outside. They know that Tom is a good swimmer so he may not have drown. When they are outside they find out that he is missing. They call 911 fast.

The Mysterious Man

By Lily Tackett

Sixth grade

One day, a detective was working on a report at his house. The particular report was on a mysterious man. He had been seen doing strange things in strange places. Many people had reported about him but no one had seen his face. It was Detective Bob Marshall’s job to figure out what he was up to.

Bob decided to go out and see what the man was doing. The mysterious man was always on 7th Street. Seventh Street was only a few blocks away. Bob went there. When he stepped outside, something had changed.

There was a dead body on his doorstep! Bob put some gloves on and examined it. This was not normal. The body looked exactly like Bob.

The detectives only found Bob’s fingerprints on the body. Bob was wearing gloves, so that was impossible. Just then, Bob looked on the street and saw the mysterious man. Bob just solved two cases.

When he saw the mysterious man’s face, it looked just like Bob too. The mysterious man was a clone of Bob. Whoever was cloning Bob put the body on his doorstep. The body was a clue to who was cloning him.

It made perfect sense to Bob and the other detectives. When they looked outside again, someone was talking to the mysterious man and they all know who it was.

It was Bob’s boss, Annie Freeman. She had been working on how to clone people for scientific studies. She had figured out how because she cloned Bob. It took many months, but they found all the clones!
office ugg Hampton Elementary School Student Writers