black friday ugg boots Guide to ‘the perfect poo’ and our gut health

cheap womens ugg boots uk Guide to ‘the perfect poo’ and our gut health

In her new book, Be Good to Your Gut,Eve Kalinik outlines the four factors to consider when it comes to assessing your stools and ensuring you have ‘the perfect number 2’.

It comes after a survey last year revealed one third of British people have no idea what a normal bowel movement should look like.

And even more worrying is that a quarter of us have stools which are not deemed ‘medically healthy’, scientists have warned.

Abnormal number twos can be an early indicator of serious health issues such as bowel cancer or Crohns disease.

In a piece for Get The Gloss, Ms Kalinik says we should monitor how regular, consist, efficient and satisfactory our movements are..


Once to twice a day spent on the bathroom throne is ideal, according to the expert.

Any more or less than that means things are possibly not moving through the gut as they should be. of our stool is also a good indicator of gut health. Ideally, it should look like a long soft log that is like an ice cream in texture.

It should be fully formed, and should not have cracks or be too mushy. Hard little lumps and watery liquid would be the extremes of this. Taking a book into the bathroom should not be a prerequisite!When you have fully evacuated you should experience a sense of elimination ‘euphoria’ and finish with a smile on your face (not with the feeling that you’ll be back on the throne in 10 minutes).

The Bristol Stool Chart a diagnostic medical tool designed to classify faeces into seven categories. Type three and four are deemed healthy, while type one and two suggest constipation. A stool which looks like type five could be due to a lack of fibre while types six and seven are likely due to inflammation of the intestine

Why the colour is important

The book stresses that colour is also an important marker to consider.

Old blood cells are also transported out of the body via the stool, which accounts for its natural mid brown colour.

If a yellow hue or a clay colour is evident, it can be indicative of some dysbiosis in the gut or liver and gall bladder issues.

Bright red specks of colour can be caused by haemorrhoids while darker red or black stools are ‘red flag symptoms’ that should be checked out by your doctor.

‘I’m not suggesting you need to check your number twos obsessively, but noticing even subtle changes can give distinct clues to any unbalances in the gut and our overall health,’ writesMs Kalinik.

WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF BOWEL CANCER? Bowel cancer is very treatable but the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is. But if you have one or more of these, so see your GP.
black friday ugg boots Guide to 'the perfect poo' and our gut health