ugg shop in london 12 best snow boots

ugg trainers women 12 best snow boots

During freezing cold weather in a ski resort, or back home when the streets are covered in ice, you can’t just wear trainers or your usual shoes you’ll be slipping all over the place.

By far the most important thing you need in a snow boot is excellent grip, because althoughgoing splat on the ice might look funny in a slapstick sitcom, in real life it hurts a lot.

You also need your snow boots to be waterproof and well insulated to stop your feet from getting uncomfortably cold or in the worst case scenario, frostbitten.

When selecting a snow boot, you should think about what you’ll be using it for. Do you just want a comfy boot that’s easy to take on and off to wear in a ski resort, or do you want a snow boot you could also hike long distances,or even climb mountains in?

We’ve included a mix of different boots in our selection below. Some of the boots are unisex, some have both men and women’s lines of the same boot, while others produce a close equivalent men’s or women’s product with a different name.

Danner Women’s Explorer 650 Boot: 136.63,Danner

Danner is a boot brand from Portland, Oregon. If you want snow boots that work well for aprs ski, but are also well suited to longer winter walks, the Explorer 650s are a great option at a really good price.

They’re comfy from the start, requiring no breaking in, with a well cushioned sole. Plus they’re lightweight, and super grippy on ice, snow or melted slush. Sold in UK sizes 5 11, also in khaki, and there is an Explorer 650 men’s line too.

Outdoor footwear brand Hanwag has a great reputation in its home nation Germany, but it’s increasingly finding fans over here thanks to the seriously reliable and technical boots. The Anvik is one such example, featuring a sole made in conjunction with the tyre brand Michelin to ensure amazing grip and stability in the worst conditions winter can throw at your feet, and the lowest temperatures.

The boots themselves are comfy, warm, waterproof and they feel hardwearing. You could wear them in a ski resort or on a long snowy hike, but they’re also nice looking enough to be your winter boot of choice back home, which may help if you’re trying to justify the slightly higher price. Sold in sizes UK 8 12, with a women’s equivalent boot called the Aotea GTX.

These have a vulcanised toe and base for top waterproofing and durability, while the felt fabric upper and sheepskin style inner makes them very comfortable and flexible these are really easy boots to take on and off. They have great grip and are a good choice for aprs ski and resort wear, though they are slightly heavier than some of the others in our selection and not really a boot you’d want to hike long distances in.

Sold in sizes UK 3.5 8.5, and also available in black/brown and red/brown. Keen doesn’t produce an exact equivalent boot, but the Winterport II shares many of the Elsa’s traits.

With their distinctive black rubber boot base and street style upper, Sorel makes the world’s most iconic snow boots. Looks aside, they also do an excellent job of keeping your feet dry and warm in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. The sole has great grip, and they’re robust enough to keep your toes protected should anything hard like ice fall on them.

Our only complaint is they can be a bit of a faff to get on and off quickly,
ugg shop in london 12 best snow boots
but their pros more than outweigh that minor con. Sold in sizes UK 7 12. Sorel doesn’t produce an exact equivalent boot, but the Women’s 1964 Premium LTR Boot shares many of the Cheyanne’s strengths.

Vans knows how to make comfy shoes that’ll give you a bounce in your step, and these unisex boots are no exception. Evidently more lightweight and trainer like in feel than many of the others in our selection, this version of the Sk8 Hi have had a classy winter makeover to include a warm lining, weatherproof canvas and suede upper, while the hexagonal/diamond grip combo on the outsole was impressively effective.

It’s inspired by the tech used in Vans’ snowboard boots. We love the off white colour, though would hate to see how it would fare after walking in the mucky slush melt you sometimes get by the sides of roads in ski resorts. Sold in sizes UK 2.5 12 and also available in black.

These are serious snow boots for a serious winter hiker, but then Canadian outdoor experts Arc’teryx isn’t the kind of brand to work in half measures. Whether you’re walking on snow or ice or scrambling up rock, these boots are so light you’ll barely notice they’re there, until you need its mega gripping traction powers that is. Yet in spite of their slight weight, they feel robust too.

The inner liner adapts well to your foot shape, and is waterproof yet breathable enough that your feet won’t feel sticky when you’re working hard. Sold in sizes UK 4 8, including half sizes, and also available in grey/light blue. There is also a Bora 2 Mid GTX men’s line.

The Merrell Capras boast one of the best grips from our selection, and we’re not just talking about them being good on slightly snowy pavements;this is walking on an ice rink without slipping control. They also have air cushioning in the sole to help with stability and absorb shock if you’re walking on churned up ice or snow. They are also an extremely waterproof and warm option. A solid winter boot choice. Sold in sizes UK 6.5 14, and also available in dark brown/yellow. There is also a Capra Glacial Ice women’s line.

The Columbia Bangors are a good all round option for winter boots. They are fashionable enough to not look out of place in the city when the temperature plummets, but technical enough to perform well in a snowy ski resort.

The sole features Michelin tyre technology for strong grip and control on slippery snow or ice, while the leather upper has Columbia’s patented “Omni tech” which keeps your body’s or in this case foot’s heat in by reflecting it back to you. Sold in sizes UK 6 13, and also available in tan. There is also a Bangor Michelin women’s line.

This sheepskin style lined boots from California boardsports brand DC are so snug, it’s like wandering around in the snow in your slippers, albeit without getting your feet cold or wet. The style is more street than some of the others in our selection but the technical quality is good.

These unisex boots are sturdy, and the outsole is one of the most grippy we tested. The Woodland boots are quite narrow around the toe though, which could be a problem for those with wider feet. Sold in sizes UK 5 13, and also available in light and dark tan, black and a dark russet red.

These relaxed looking, wellington style mountain boots offers top levels of waterproofing so they are a good choice for snowy or slushy ski resorts. The fleece lining is snug and comfy, and the lack of laces and short height means they are super easy to get on and off, which is very handy for visits to the ski hire shop and coming to and from the chalet. Plus the grip is good too.

Sold in sizes UK 3 8, and also available in claret/dark red. There is no exact men’s equivalent, but the Arctic Sport Short Boots share many of the Arctic Apres Short’s attributes.

The Danner Explorer 650s are the best value high functioning snow boot in our selection, especially if you want boots for walking longer distances. The Hanwag Anvik Salomon Quest and Merrell Capra are also a greatall round winter boot options, while the Arc’teryx Bora 2 should be the boots of choice for more serious winter hikers and mountaineers. The Keen Elsa and DC Woodland are good options at the more casual, aprs ski end of the market.

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ugg shop in london 12 best snow boots
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