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The Wild winger says booing by fans increases the players level of frustration.

The Wild knows its power play stinks like rotten fish in an unmonitored landfill. And it doesnt deny that its paying customers have every right to boo lustily when players put forth a convoluted display like they did during a five minute major Wednesday against Montreal.

But with players already confused, flustered and lacking confidence on the power play, trying to make a play with 18,000 fans booing in a game the Wild led 2 0 wasnt easy.

Players seemed paralyzed, quickly tossing the puck to teammates as if to say, Here, its your problem.

So Parise and the rest of the Wild are just asking for a little latitude.

Theyre frustrated, and I understand that, Parise said of the fans. And they have a right to be frustrated. Were frustrated, and then when we get booed, we get more frustrated, and then it snowballs.

All teams go through tough power play stretches. Fridays opponent, the Western Conference leading Anaheim Ducks, stopped an 0 for 19 drought Wednesday. Central Division leading Nashville is 1 for 41 at home; at least the Wilds clicking at 16.7 percent at home and saves its really, really lousy power plays for the road.

The Wild is 7 2 1 in its past 10 games and has actually outscored teams on power plays 5 2 in that stretch, but power play problems have been a season long issue. The focus during a long session in Tuesdays practice was more movement, more shots on net and one minor personnel tweak with Mikael Granlund moving to the first unit and Thomas Vanek to the second.

The laundry list of things to remedy though seems overwhelming.

We dont shoot, said Parise, who had 14 power play goals last season and has just one this season. Weve got to take some shots, and we need a guy in front of the net. It feels like when we do finally get a shot, theres no one in front of the net. Its an easy save. Its not just one thing. Its a lot of things that are happening. Its hard to just pinpoint, This is what were doing wrong, because theres a lot of things that we do wrong that just accumulate and doesnt work.

Were not moving it around crisp, were not setting each other up, s Bad Power Play Doesn
so a lot of times when we do have an opening, we dont put it in a guys wheelhouse. We throw it in the skates, we throw it behind them. Its a lot of things. And then the frustration creeps in and then you end up where you are right now.

And that frustration has led to a lack of confidence that doesnt improve with jeers.

Theres a lot of things you have to overcome, theres a lot of difficulties that are faced that dont involve Xs and Os, that dont involve things that you can just draw up on a board, Yeo said. Youre talking about confidence, youre talking about even anxiety, things that can get in your way and inhibit the things that make you successful.

The good news is the Wild, thanks to quality 5 on 5 play and the leagues second best penalty kill, has so far survived the crummy power play.

If we were playing terrible hockey and losing games, but we had a good power play, whats the good in that? Parise said. Once we get the power play going, which we will, then were going to be really dangerous. But right now its not working. It hasnt worked. But its fixable. Thats the good thing. Its very fixable.

I hope Yeo drops all predefined PP roles and just puts people in there that have been sinking the puck.

People weren’t booing a regular 2 minute PP. While they did choke 4 times earlier in the game it wasn’t until 2 minutes into the 5 minute PP that people were tired of the stark realization that they didn’t even have one shot off at that point and couldn’t even hold the zone.

FOUR times in and out of the zone in 2 short minutes of the 5.. And simple clears off foolish mishandlings of the puck (combined with other wasted 5 minute PP’s not too long ago) was the fans final breaking point that pushed them over the edge with disgust. The booing was warranted.

The Wild had nearly 80 Power Play opportunities this year, they get boo’ed last game. Fans (and Zach Parise) complain, saying it doesn’t help the team at all.

But they come out the very next game and ring off 2 PP goals.

It seems like the booing helped. Maybe they got mad, wanted to show that the fans were wrong to boo, and while on ice the only way to vent that anger was scoring. We’ll see in the next few games, if the monkey is off the back and they start producing.

I was going to say that I didn’t like the goals, but on counterthought they actually were just perfect. One just a simple shot, BUT with a SCREEN, and the other just delivering the puck just in front of the net. It does not have to be pretty.

It seems like the booing helped. Maybe they got mad, wanted to show that the fans were wrong to boo, and while on ice the only way to vent that anger was scoring. We’ll see in the next few games, if the monkey is off the back and they start producing. s Bad Power Play Doesn