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“I thought my hands were bigger,” Hayek told me while promoting her new animated movie Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. “They’re big, but not big enough to cover my breasts. They did cover enough but in my head they were covering more.’

Hayek says there’s a freedom that goes along with stripping down for the cameras.

“It’s important to be free at my age it’s exciting to still be able to take a photograph like that,” she said.

In the magazine, the Mexican beauty revealed the worst beauty advice she’s ever received.

“‘You should start Botox.’ When I was young, they tried to sell me on the idea: ‘If you do it now, then you won’t get the wrinkles,'” Hayek,
ugg classic mini navy Salma Hayek Goes Topless
who says she’s never undergone any anti aging surgery, said. “And thank God I didn’t do that.”

She also said that a lot of her confidence comes from her French billionaire husband Francois Henri Pinault.

“I wish I knew [when I was younger] that I was going to fall crazy in love with the perfect man,” she said. “I was so worried, and I dated some people I shouldn’t have dated. You get desperate, and you start seeing wonderful things in, like, the wrong guys.”

Hayek added: “I also found some pretty good guys. But I wish I could say to myself, ‘Hey,
ugg classic mini navy Salma Hayek Goes Topless
chill out. You’re going to get a great husband that’s going to adore you.’ I would have saved myself a lot of personal drama.”