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I hated them also and wanted nothing to do with them when it came time to purchase my children’s Christmas gift’s. We traveled to several local mall’s and had no luck and were put on a list for a few pairs that had been returned due to the wrong color or size but nothing panned out. Nordstrom had originaly been the first major dept. The Price dosen’t change no matter where you purchace them and was told they don’t go on sale! I am not upset at my girl’s any more for wanting these rediculous looking boot’s! Yes they are pricy but our feet are not growing anymore so I feel our investment’s are practical. My youngest who’s 11 want’s them in the worst way will have to settle for a look alike pair from Penny’s or Payless as I can’t justify spending so much on still growing feet! I guess the saying DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT IS TRUE!

Marie wrote:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. LOL I think you’re right. For some reason I thought the ones with the holes were UGGS but there called Crocs. Gosh I’m so confused!!!! So the crocs are comfy also? I don’t think I’ve ever seen UGGS then. They sound like they would be squishy and soft and warm though!!!!
ugg australia au Sentinel Enterprise
! Thanks for the correction!!

I made fun of my mother for buying those crocs ! They are UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! But I tried them on and they are sooooooo comfortable ! My 6 year old daughter has 3 pairs they are great to go to the beach in !!! Ugly yes but very comfortable