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Since the building of Shoal Lake 40 Freedom Road officially started last June, the first major part of it is already complete.

Speaking to the Miner and News on Wednesday, Jan. 31, Chief Erwin Redsky said 2017 had been an year in terms of getting the project first phase under way, the construction of the on reserve portion of the all weather road.

Redsky said the first phase, which makes up one third of the road, was completed six weeks ahead of schedule and under budget. was very successful and we were very pleased with the community involvement with the heavy equipment [operation] and different services, he said.

Once that section was completed, Redsky added the community was anxious to keep going with the project, but once the road hit Crown land it was out of their jurisdiction and in Manitoba control.

On Jan. 30, Redsky joined federal Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott, Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler and Mayor of Winnipeg Brian Bowman to announce that the road construction contract for the off reserve portion,
short uggs Second phase of Freedom Road project to begin
valued at approximately $12 million, was awarded on Jan. 23 to Sigfusson Northern, the same company that completed the first phase. According to a Manitoba press release, the contract includes construction of 15 kilometres of new road embankment, and the costs are shared between the Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada governments in a joint agreement with Shoal Lake 40.

the people of Shoal Lake 40, building Freedom Road has been a declaration of our right to exist a right to be included in Canada that we began asserting in 2003. Without safe access, our community could not survive physically nor economically, Redsky said during the announcement. water diversion took away our access, so it fitting that Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada are part of our shared solution. construction of the Winnipeg aqueduct in 1915 redirected drinking water from Shoal Lake and isolated the First Nation community.

Schuler said Manitoba will fund the second phase of the project with $30 million, much lower than initial estimates of $54 million. He added that there will again be significant involvement from Shoal Lake 40 workers and companies.

Redsky said he hadn met with Sigfusson Northern as of Thursday,
short uggs Second phase of Freedom Road project to begin
but it looked like the preliminary work would be done soon and mobilization would start once the winter road is complete.