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But, I’m proud of it. I have no regrets whatsoever.

It’s strange how we “deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton called us, have to keep our enthusiasm for our president restrained or face the consequences from still angry progressives who relentlessly look for someone to blame or hate.

Look in the mirror. presidents since Richard Nixon. There has never been anyone like Trump in the White House. Oh, I watch and listen as people at work rip him a new one every single day.

I stay silent. Not because I don’t have an opinion. But their opinion is nothing new to me. Many of them are far left progressives and I know where they stand, because I used to be one of them.

The party has changed and the people have become like rabid dogs, only looking to destroy. Where are the real ideas? You had eight years. And why can you not get past the fact that Hillary Clinton lost? Bernie Sanders had a chance. Why didn’t you go with the better candidate? But, again, why are we still talking about this?

When does the smooth transition start? You’ve had a year to mourn. Where did Obama get us? Absolutely no place. He remains in my mind,
black bailey button uggs 'This is why Trump is my president'
as one of the finest speakers in the world. My gosh, when he started talking I listened. His oratory skills remain unmatched. But after eight years our country was not better off. Too much talky talky, and the red line in the sand was crossed. So what changed for me?

How does someone who spent decades leaning left suddenly turn right? The moment I saw Donald Trump coming down the escalator back in 2015 I was ready to listen to someone different.

He gave a speech and some things stood out. He said he was going to build a wall. That stuck in my mind. After all, I believe in border security.

Then, he spoke of putting America first. That stuck as well. My head was nodding yes up and down like a bobblehead, and I knew he had me. We have to watch as the United States pays countries around the world to not fight each other.

We give Pakistan billions of dollars we don’t have, and they were ones harboring Osama Bin laden. Why should we continue to borrow money from China to just give it away?

Donald Trump came along and says he wants to make America great again. He says he is tired of China manipulating their currency and us. He is sick of our policies on trade and the fact that we have such terrible one sided trading with other countries. We let in millions of dollars of their goods into our country, but their countries are shuttered to us.

People really wonder why Donald Trump won the presidency? I think it is obvious. People are sick of our country operating the way it does. We had no one fighting for us that produced results.

“Donald Trump is a racist,” they say. They liken him to Hitler for dramatic effect. But his daughter and son in law are both Jewish. Wanna try a different game?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew was on TV the other night and said after he met our president he can say Donald Trump is not a racist. That’s good enough for me.
black bailey button uggs 'This is why Trump is my president'