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A product of the 96 year old Star Tribune sports columnist being in the media landscape for seven decades, sure. But it’s also a testament to Sid’s unrelentingly Sid like personality, which received some national shine Sunday during a Today Show profile spotlighting the local sports legend.

“I don’t know if I’m a big deal .” Hartman told NBC’s Harry Smith, pausing ever so briefly. “I’ll be honest, I can’t walk down the street without someone identifying me, they either hear me on the radio or read my column. This isn’t a job it’s fun for me.”

The three minute segment, posted below, hits heavily on the fact Hartman is almost at the century mark, because . damn, shit’s crazy; he wrote his first column in 1945. NBC’s Harry Smith spent the bulk of the story focusing on Sid’s continued doggedness and prolificness the guy still pumps out three columns per week.

Viewers get a glimpse inside Hartman’s office at Strib HQ,
ugg style ankle boots 'Today Show' profiled Sid Hartman
where the walls are crammed with photos of Sid posing with his close personal friends Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, etc. Sid’s boss, Strib/Timberwolves/City Pages owner Glen Taylor, makes an appearance, though he laughs at the notion of being Sid’s boss.

“I own the paper that he works for, but I tell everybody he’s my boss,” Taylor points out. “He has no problem calling me four times in the evening, if he says, ‘I have a deadline, I need the story.’ And he repeats that over,
ugg style ankle boots 'Today Show' profiled Sid Hartman
and he expects you to call him back. And I usually do.”