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President Barack Obama, will be here for the summit to consider their children and generations that will inherit this planet from us. A troupe of Australian women dressed as “climate angels” walked speechlessly through the rows of shoes, underscoring the gravity of both the recent terror attacks here and the persistent threat of climate change.

“It’s important not to stay too sad,” said Murielle Ellert, a 38 year old accountant whose shoes were among those on display. “We have to continue to live exactly like we did” before the attacks. climate meetings, mass protests demanding climate action did continue around the world. They had been planned in locations as diverse as the United Kingdom, Senegal, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, China,
ugg heeled boots 'The shoes are marching for us'
South Africa and Ukraine.

As I’ve argued before, climate change is a form of terror, only one that’s playing out over the long term, and one we’re perpetrating on ourselves.

We shouldn’t ignore threats from ISIS and other extremists, and we must take time to honor the victims of the terror attacks in Paris and Lebanon, and to respect the lives that will be forever changed by their absence. But climate change is deserving of our attention as well.

Left unchecked, it promises to drown low lying countries such as the Marshall Islands; melt communities such as Shishmaref, Alaska, out of existence; push countless species toward extinction and millions of people into poverty;
ugg heeled boots 'The shoes are marching for us'
and intensify droughts such as the one researchers say helped destabilize Syria pre ISIS.