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Edmond North High School’s spring musical production is the family classic “Peter Pan” by James M. Barrie with music by Mark Charlapand and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh.

Thanks to the support of the Edmond community as well as numerous volunteers, this production is receiving treatment that would rival any national tour. The sets and costumes are from the last national tour of the show that starred Cathy Rigby.

This fun filled story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up won the audience from the opening notes of the Overture and never let go, reminding even older audience members of their youth and dreams.

Lovely and multi talented Kia Nelson, who can sing, dance and act up a storm is captivating in the title role. From her entrance as she soars into the Darling household, Nelson has the audience eating out of her hand. In perfect vocal form, Nelson does great work with her vocal numbers including the humorous “I’ve Gotta Crow” as well as her description of Peter’s home in “Neverland.”

Nelson and the group of Lost Boys shine splendidly as Peter gives the boys their daily lessons in “I Won’t Grow Up.” It would be hard to imagine a finer group of Lost Boys as these talented young men develop distinct characters and cavort through Neverland.

Maggie Cannon as Wendy, Jack Malone as John and Cade Nelson as Michael all do tremendous work as the Darling children who fly off with Peter. Cannon does a wonderful job performing her duel with Nelson as they sing the poignant “Distant Melody” while Wendy and her brothers realize it is time to go home.

Michael has an especially touching moment when the group prepares to leave, he gives Peter his Teddy Bear. Caitlen Cotton is a fine Mrs. Darling and Christopher Fritz does well as the rather pompous Mr. Darling.

Joshua McGowen offers some excellent work as the dastardly Captain Hook leading a strong band of pirates in their nefarious schemes. Always outwitted by Peter, McGowen captures Hook’s frustrations nicely while he and his merry band win strong applause for “A Princely Scheme,” “Another Princely Scheme” and especially the hilarious “Hook’s Waltz.”

Chenoa Baker proves to be a superb Tiger Lily leading her group of Indians in the outstanding number “Indians!” Baker and Madelyn Russell do fabulous work dancing the “Tiger Lily Ballet.” However, the real treat comes as Baker is joined by Peter, the Lost Boys and the Indians with the rousing “Ugg A Wugg.”

Adding to the merriment of the evening are Bobby Maidt as Nana, nursemaid to the Darling children, and Laurence Greene as the Crocodile.

Vicki Webb Thomas has directed this production with the skill of a seasoned pro, capturing every nuance and mood perfectly while maintaining a nice pace. Sara Phoenix, known for choreography in numerous area theaters, has once more done an exceptional job and the cast never lets her down, rising perfectly in each demand.

Peter Markes and his orchestra could not sound better and as a result, the audience is left with a show that would rival many touring productions. Nelson will be leaving for New York at the end of the summer to pursue her dream and one only can imagine the great future in store for her. With no trouble whatsoever, “Peter Pan” becomes a show that will leave the entire family cheering.
size 5 uggs 'Peter Pan' rivals any tour