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ugg wedge boots ‘The Five’ break down the shutdown blame game

DANA PERINO, “THE FIVE” CO HOST: Hello, everyone. I’m Dana Perino along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5:00 in New York City, and this is “The Five.” All right. See the clock on the bottom right of your screen? That’s how much time is left for the senate to strike a deal to avert a government shutdown, down to the wire in less than seven hours. The house passed a short term extension yesterday, but senate Democrats are insisting the legislation includes protection for young, undocumented immigrants. This afternoon, President Trump invited minority leader, Schumer, to the White House to negotiate an agreement, no deal but a little progress.

WATTERS: And the military. I know. Sometimes you shut it down and then nothing happens. And you think, ah, do we really need it? But the Democrats think they have leverage here because the polls are obviously going to turn against the Republicans. But, it looks like to me they’re putting dreamers over the military. The military is not going to get paid, firefighters are not going to get paid, postmen aren’t going to get paid, but I don’t think congress should be paid because this is ridiculous. The American people are going to wake up on Saturday if they shut this down and say, OK, so how does this affect me? Every year we get involved with this silly drama. These politicians pull us into their silly drama and everybody with the countdown clock, it’s ridiculous. I’m sick of it.

JUAN WILLIAMS, “THE FIVE” CO HOST: No, there’s just so much so easy to counter attack because, obviously, he could have passed the chip program, the children’s health insurance plan, at any point and the Republicans didn’t do it. And so, now you have a situation where you have Republican in the White House, Republican house, Republican senate, they have not been able to reach a deal. They can’t pass a budget. So, we come back to then the argument about the dreamers. And you hear and Jesse just reacted to this. He says, oh, it’s about the military or it’s about something else. Guess what? It’s all about President Trump causing chaos and people don’t know how to deal with it. People don’t know exactly what even Republican don’t know exactly what it is that Donald Trump is willing to sign here. They thought they had a deal

GUTFELD: I will say this, if you want to know who to blame. When the Democrats are in power when this happens, it’s the Republicans. And when the Republicans are in power, it’s the Republicans. So, if you noticed a trend here it’s the Republicans’ fault. But I will say this about the Republicans, the interior department, at least said you don’t need staffing if there’s going to be a shutdown. You can still have the open air memorials and you can have national parks open in case of a shutdown, you don’t need staffing. So, unlike Obama, they didn’t, like, use barricades to score emotional political points which makes me thinks maybe Republicans are better people.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. The last thing you want to do I mean, honestly, as Jesse mention, a couple of things. However, the military I cheer for. And when you see a situation like this and you hear someone speak about it like General Mattis, the last thing you want to do is jeopardize our national security and affect the moral there. And it just seems like it’s just such political gamesmanship. And you know what? The American people can see through it. It’s frustrating because they should put through this spending. There’s no need to go through these kinds of machinations, whatsoever. But nevertheless, they persist.

GUTFELD: Yeah. I mean, it goes back to the initial point. The Democrats are willing to shut down the government over a political cause. They will stop funding, things that are important to citizens of the United States over a political cause. They’re willing, actually, to throw over one group of minorities for another group of minorities if it serves them politically. I have to say there’s a little bit of progress here, and that is calling it the Schumer shutdown. It’s a smart move because alliteration trumps everything. If you remember, the left tried to what they were calling Donald Trump? Donald Drump, it didn’t work.

PERINO: Well, it’s an amazing march. And I think was that you, Juan, that was at a hotel last year or the year before, and all the young people there that were for the march. It’s a real moment for these young people who are pro life supporters. They always get there. Thankfully the weather wasn’t as bad as it usually is for them. But this corresponds with a time when you see that attitudes towards life are changing, and partly I think that is because of science. The science is starting to show that earlier and earlier, babies can be born and survive if they are born prematurely. And also, I think, that there’s something to be said about all the benefits that we have from technology that are showing us what we might believe in our hearts is that life begins at conception. But now, you can actually see it more, and that’s made a big difference.

PERINO: The science one. I mean, the other thing is that the president is delivering on other things. For example, they just created this new office at the health and human services department that will deal with people who are working for the government and being able to respect their religious conscious on issues. In addition to that, the house today passed a bill called the born alive act, which would make that illegal. Kimberly, you know a little bit of that from the Gosnell trial. And I asked them today, do you have a plan to try to get it through the senate so the president can sign it, and they’re hopeful.

UNINDENTIFIED MALE: I’m reading it and it’s a very succinct, straightforward memo. And there were a couple of times as I’m reading this thing where I’m just like shaking my head. You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t believe they did that. So, I think it’s something that is really significant. I think that the American people need to see it. There’s growing support in the house to make this public so that the American people can see it. And here’s the thing, the memo is done in such a way where you can easily make it public. It’s classified top secret, but there are sources and methods here.

WATTERS: But by the sight of these congress been coming in, it better be good. The way they’re acting like this thing is like Watergate, it better be good because I’m sick of all of these, you know, Benghazi, you know, exclusives, and it’s like, really, that’s it? This better be good. Let’s assume it is what we think it is. And what we think it is is the Obama administration, the department of justice, and the FBI, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign, abused the power of the surveillance program and spied on the Trump campaign before and after the election ended some serious unmasking. Now, if that’s true, some of these congressmen say that people are going to be fired and people are going to go to jail. Not only that, Comey knew, allegedly. That’s what another congressman said. And this has the potential to stop the Mueller investigation in its tracks. You know, it could be all sizzle, no steak, but I’ve never seen congressmen act as apoplectic before.

PERINO: A few things. If it is what it is, then I think that they should ask the president to help them and declassify it. Also, I don’t think that’s enough. I think that they should ask the president and the president should maybe want to declassify the FISA application that led to this surveillance. And I think there’s a reason that they haven’t. And I think it’s because, one, that’s not a good practice necessarily because we have FISA warrants for a reason and to keep them secret because you’re trying to catch bad guys. I don’t know how all of this got caught up in it, but I would imagine that if the president wanted to declassify the FISA application and not just have it as an issue to bludgeon the Democrats with and the previous administration with and to try to muddy the waters of the Mueller investigation, he would release it. He has the power.
mens ugg ascot slippers 'The Five' break down the shutdown blame game