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So, it’s officially begun. The bad song selections, the bright lights, the cheers and jeers of the audience, the poor vocals and, my favorite, the bickering over Simon’s down right accurate remarks.

While last night didn’t thrill me overall, it did pave the way for some definites in the competition.

I found myself critiquing the contestants as they went along, and having Simon concur each time. Not to sound like a bragger, or anything, but with music in my family and after having watched this for four years now, it gets easier to weed out the weeds and pinpoint the budding flowers.

My top 3? Michael, David A. (the young one) and Jason C. If I could include a fourth in the ranking, I’d have to go with Robbie. The aforementioned will make it into the Final 12, that is if America votes the way it should. As for the other two spots? That’s a tough one.

The night started out on a boring note with David H. and continued downward with Chikezie. I mean, come on?! You take a great song, “More Today than Yesterday,” and you slow it down so much that it can put you to sleep?! What was Chikezie thinking?

Next on the chopping block was David C. I disagreed a little with the judges on his rendition of “So Happy Together.” While he did put his own spin on it, it was more like a shouting match in my book. Not to mention his off notes at the very end. Another song I liked semi butchered. I really don’t like it when they scream and yell and act all rockish with classic songs. But that’s just my opinion.

One contestant who has to go but may make it into the Top 12 is Danny. I definitely did not like his Elvis imitation. First off, the kid has very strong vocals. I heard him during the auditions, so why would he pick a song, a song that represents your first official night as an Idol contender, that is so fast it’s hard to breathe it, let alone sing it. Was he just trying to show his “cool” side? Ugg. I don’t even know what that whole performance was all about. As Simon said, it was “grotesque.” He did get the judges attention and officially ignited the bickering between Simon and Paula. Let the games begin between those two!

Three other performers were left under the radar and will most likely stay there. I’d even venture a guess that two of these guys will be the first to go home. They are: Garrett, Luke and Jason Y. They were not featured one bit during Hollywood week and they did nothing last night to stand out or be remembered. They were all forgettable, as Simon likes to say. The two I think will go home: Garrett and Luke.

Garrett put me to sleep with “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” A fun filled Neil Sedaka hit that I never thought could ever sound so horrible. As for Luke, I don’t remember what he sang, I just remember it was bad. Neither is strong enough to survive this competition.

And while Jason Y. was not that much better with his “Moon River” performance, he was the strongest of those three vocally, so I’d say that should earn him another chance to prove himself.

Colton surprised me, and I must say I did enjoy his “Superstitious Minds.” The same with Robbie came out with some rocking vocals.

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as I mentioned above, the winners in my book were David A., Michael and Jason C. I loved David’s performance overall, very powerful and confident. “What a Day for a Daydream,” was the absolute perfect song for guitar playing Jason, and “Come on Baby Light My Fire,” couldn’t have gone any better for Michael.

They all exuded such confidence and performed as if they were already American Idols, Michael especially. I can see him making it all the way to number one!

Will the girls change my mind about that? We’ll find out tonight, same time, same place.

As for you, which was your favorite performance last night and why?

Photo courtesy of CBSStaten Islander Alex Coladonato needs to spend a little more time with his soulmate Amanda, and a little less time with his buddy Matt.

Alex and his partner, Amanda, may not be soulmates after all. Last night, Parker and Amanda started getting cozy, making Alex jealous.

When James suggested that their might be one more secret couple in the house, Alex automatically assumed it must be Parker and Amanda. That ignited a war of words and a flood of tears.

At the first Power of Veto competition, the two couples up for eviction (Jen and Parker and Ryan and Allison) had to battle against Alex and Amanda and another couple chosen at random Matt and Natalie.

Matt and Natalie won, and Parker who thought he was becoming friends with Matt assumed he would be saved from eviction.

At the Power of Veto meeting, the couples up for eviction pleaded their cases, but Matt and Natalie decided not to use the power to save anyone. Tonight, we find out who will be leaving.

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we offer our best bets in primetime tonight (all times are Eastern).