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04, 2013. could let a lesser known infection slip through the cracks. And even if more doctors checked for the flu like bug known as adenovirus, the vaccine to prevent it remains licensed for military use only.

That’s according to a new report published this week by the Centers for Disease Control in its journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, which suggests the military’s exclusive vaccine be considered for civilian use.

Adenovirus can feel like the flu: Symptoms include fever, sore throat and diarrhea, the CDC notes.

But the lack of effective surveillance to assess its prevalence makes determining the toll of adenovirus difficult,
ugg sequin boots but the vaccine is for military only
the report says, and the lack of a vaccine could leave civilians living in cramped quarters needlessly vulnerable.

The study concludes that adenovirus type 4, discovered amid military outbreaks in the 1950s, may act as an underestimated cause of acute respiratory disease among civilian adults.

And compared to the flu at least, adenovirus may not have that. The flu causes between 12,000 and 56,000 deaths each year. A particularly bad outbreak of adenovirus in 2007 left 10 dead.
ugg sequin boots but the vaccine is for military only

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What do scrapbooking, dice rolling bunco groups and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” have in common? They’re all hit cultural phenomena that started outside urban centers. Ten years ago, it’s likely these things would have remained confined to the regional areas where they began. Hot fads launched from urban areas like New York and Los Angeles where mainstream media were located. Not so today, and mostly thanks to technology. Today, a broadband connected urban New York teen can have more in common with a Boise farming tween or a Japanese intellectual adolescent than he does with his own techno shy parents. The Internet has opened communication not only across international borders, but also across ethnicities, religions,
how to tell if uggs are fake but that doesn't make them a trend
and socio economic classes.

“Technology has certainly flattened access to trends,” said Mary Meehan of Iconoculture. “But uncovering actionable insights is still a skill.”

What that means is: Don’t confuse real trends with what’s simply trendy. Trends are long term economic, sociological, anthropological changes in the way people behave or believe. For instance, the trend may be comfort; the fads that serve as clues to the trend are Ugg boots and 70s ponchos.

“The demand on trend forecasters is to prove what’s really going to work,” said Jane Buckingham of Intelligence Group. “So it’s equally important to talk to trendsetters and the mainstream.”
how to tell if uggs are fake but that doesn't make them a trend

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For over a century Americans have flocked to the circus to see the elephant show. Now comes the announcement that Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey, the “Greatest Show on Earth,” will be phasing out its elephant act by 2018 for humane reasons. Expect lions, tigers and bears to follow eventually as awareness of circus animal welfare develops. Circus without animals? What’s left? How about a circus more attuned to the traditional European model,
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with an emphasis on aerial skills, clowns and magic acts. Want to see animals? Go to the zoo.

The southern tier counties of New York state have always felt more comfortable with the northern tier of Pennsylvania than both regions are with their downstate metropolises. This is the snowshoe belt, not the I 95 corridor. Now comes an association of New York towns seeking to secede and regroup south of the border, all because of a disagreement over fracking. So far there is scant attention to the possibility of south central New York and north central Pennsylvania actually joining to form a the separate state of Newsylvania. State dog: coyote. State cat: porcupine. State bird: blackfly. State tree: cellular tower. State TV snack: elk jerky. State epic infrastructure fail: Austin dam ruin. State sport: 8 ball. State song: snowmobile. State dance: doorway stomp.
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(WPRI) A former neighbor of Dr. Clive Bridgham was horrified to learn of the former chiropractor murder, but said he also feels bad for the man charged with killing him.

Investigators have yet to comment on a possible motive for Bridgham murder but did confirm the suspect, Owen Morris, was a former patient of Bridgham and made a complaint against him based on an incident from 2016.

Morris, who was 19 at the time, accused Bridgham of “violating the professional boundaries of the chiropractic physician patient relationship.” Bridgham surrendered his chiropractic license as a result in late 2017.

Morris was arraigned Tuesday on a first degree murder charge and ordered held without bail. Court documents obtained by Eyewitness News stated he a mental health advocate and attention. documents also revealed police dug into Bridgham past as part of their investigation, looking for health department records including complaints made against the doctor.

One of Bridgham former Pleasant Street neighbors on Wednesday told Eyewitness News he had to move away because his relationship with Bridgham was so strained. The man, who declined to be identified, said he felt Bridgham was a danger to children and young adults and even though he was shocked to hear of his murder, said it didn come as a surprise to him.

In a police report from 1999, a neighbor told East Providence Police that Bridgham had sexually assaulted a 12 year old boy, but the boy family had declined to pursue charges.

Another Department of Health complaint against Bridgham from 2003 accused him of having a sexual encounter with a patient, according to a consent order.

East Providence Police Chief Christopher Parella said Tuesday thateverything police looked at, which would include complaints they obtained, contributed to Morris arrest.
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The peak of Ugg’s pop culture trendiness was in the early 2000s, when Hollywood starlets made them part of their uniform with short denim miniskirts. Never mind that they were cruising the sunny beaches of Malibu, Calif.

Now it’s evolved into a “Goldie Hawn in Aspen look,” says Adam Glassman, creative director at O, The Oprah Magazine, and that’s how you should wear them: with leggings and a long sweater, or jeans and a fur trimmed parka. Or like you just don’t care.

The beach bums actually had a similar idea to Ugg Australia founder Brian Smith, who brought these boots from Down Under to southern California in the 1970s. They were particularly popular with male surfers.

But Deckers Outdoor Corp. bought Ugg in 1995 and saw its potential with young women. “We inherited its inventory and its customers,” says Rishwain, “but what blew my mind was the sell through. We were pretty much a fourth quarter brand, but it pretty much sold out year round.”

Ugg wasn’t going to be a one hit wonder, however, says Rishwain, who has been with the brand since the Deckers deal. With success came a confidence to create clogs, slippers and the cardigan knit boots that are almost as popular as the original. Ugg needed that depth of merchandise before opening its first stand alone store in 2006. Now, there are riding, high heel and combat boots.

Nordstrom’s Powers says part of Ugg’s staying power comes from consumers who replace worn out products with new ones. Since the line isn’t dictated by “trends,” shoppers come back for the same thing over and over again. She compares it to a favourite running shoe.

Also, notes Powers, people always refer to the brand name it’s never the fuzzy moonboot or shearling slipper. The products are pricey, she allows, but she has no complaint about quality or cut corners. That breeds longevity,” she says.

Put Ugg boots in the category of Wellington rain boots or the all purpose cardigan “cozy” that DKNY has offered year after year, Oprah’s Glassman says. “It’s totally consumer driven. Every high end designer has done a version of Uggs in his or her own line.”

He counted three pairs in his office the other day and it’s only October. “I am probably the only person in fashion who’ll tell you how much they love their Uggs,” he says.

Not true, actually. In previous interviews over the past year, Rachel Zoe and Michael Kors have sung their praises. And it’s always a similar tune: They are for the moments when comfort counts and conditions allow.

They’re not really for the times when you’re making a major fashion statement, but how many of those do you really have?

Glassman recalls a glitzy black tie event during a snowstorm. “Everyone was so glammed up, but I was tired of ruining my fancy and expensive shoes, ruining my pants. I brought a little shopping bag with my tuxedo shoes, I switched them inside and checked in my Uggs at the coat check. It was a little awkward a little Melanie Griffith in ‘Working Girl’ but when we left, it was still snowing. I changed again, walked outside, and everyone said, ‘Wow, you were the smartest guy here.'”
ugg boot store but loyalists have been wearing them all year

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Due to a sharp decrease in how quickly 20 acres are accelerating down Rattlesnake Ridge, officials say it’s difficult to predict when the impending landslide will happen.

“We’ve pretty much taken the end date off the table; it’s too hard to predict when it will occur,” said Joe Smilie, a spokesman with the state Department of Natural Resources.

Late last year, officials predicted the landslide could occur by mid January. That estimate was later revised to sometime in early March. Officials now say the slide which is moving at a rate of 1.7 feet per week hasn’t stopped moving, but it isn’t gaining speed, an action that can indicate a landslide is growing more imminent.

Some 55 local, state, federal and Yakama tribal agencies are monitoring the slide, working to mitigate potential impacts and developing different response plans for a variety of scenarios. Those scenarios range from a slump that would see most of the landslide stopped at an inactive quarry on the south side of the ridge to a massive slide that closes Interstate 82 and dams the Yakima River.

On Tuesday, rocks continued falling into the Anderson quarry at the base of the ridge, where experts say most of the 4 million cubic yards of rock and soil will land.

Most quarries receive some rockfall, Smilie said, but the Anderson quarry has seen a significant increase over the last few months. He said anywhere from a few cubic yards to 20 cubic yards of rocks have fallen, ranging in size from tennis to soccer balls.

Despite some rain and snow in the forecast for the next week, officials at the Yakima County Office of Emergency Management say the weather won’t have an impact on the landslide’s movement.

“The only thing affecting it is gravity,” Smilie said.

Meanwhile, emergency officials have turned over videos taken earlier this month to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office for possible charges against a number of people seen scrambling around massive cracks that have opened up above the quarry.

If identified, the people could face $10,000 in fines and a year in jail for trespassing, said sheriff’s office chief criminal deputy Bob Udell.

Inslee’s office has declined to issue a declaration, saying it wasn’t warranted. But the statement said both Inslee’s and Newhouse’s offices were monitoring the situation and were prepared to take action.

“We spoke this week and are ready to mobilize the state and federal resources and proclamations necessary to assist impacted communities and infrastructure, in the moment they can be most impactful and responsive to the community,” the statement said.
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Despite being labeled as the ultimate fashion faux pas, UGG boots were the most searched for fashion item on Black Friday this year.

Clamoring to get their hands on discounted pairs of the sheepskin footwear, priced between $130 for a ‘classic mini’ pair to $700 for a more embellished design, and shoppers quickly sought out online sales according to Google’s preliminary findings.

The strong demand for the boots surprised many, with readers commenting: ‘”Uggs” and “fashion” used in the same sentence? Only if you have absolutely no sense of style or fashion!’

Backing up Google’s results, the Cyber Week Awards a website dedicated to recognizing the best products, deals, and retailers during the festive season deemed UGG boots the most desirable product in the ‘Women’s Shopping’ category.

They were also ranked number three in the ‘Best Gifts for Adults’ category.

‘Uggs are an excellent choice for men to purchase as a gift for their wife or girlfriend,’ a press release for the site explained.

Other top searches when it came to fashion on Google Shopping included ‘The North Face’ and ‘Nike Air Jordan Retro Sneakers.’

Some of the top trending retailers on Google

were Walmart, Apple Store, Toys R Us, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Kmart. In

fact, there were more than two million searches for Walmart on Thanksgiving dayOverall, as of midday Friday, the top ten trending gifts were video game consoles, computer tablets, Minecraft Legos, Ugg boots, Beats by Dr Dre headphones, Fitbit, The North Face, Rainbow Loom, Barbie Dreamhouse and Nike Air Jordan Retro sneakers.

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‘Girls must be saved from going through this hell’: Call. SAS ‘kidnap’ Meghan Markle and fire live rounds to. Will the free falling 8.5 ton Chinese space station crash. Graduate, 29, sues university for 60,000 over her. ‘It’s a terrier attack!’ Crufts security scare as. ‘What the f is that thing?’ Shocking moment Navy pilot. Putin shows world how he could start World War Three with. Fox News host Jesse Watters is in a divorce fight after. Harry Potter and the mystery of the Thai massage parlour:. Brazilians take to the saddle NAKED in nude cycle ride to. Outrageous moment Kansas high school basketball player. School run parent REFUSES to move their Mercedes at. Put your feet up! Bus crash victim who had his foot. Woman, 20, who ripped out her eyes while high on meth has. Frantic mayday call from pilot reveals how helicopter. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Exercise helps me maintain my sanity!’ Lara. Daycare owner, 32, gets 21 years in prison for drugging. Mother of two, 31, sues after losing nearly all her limbs. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
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Contact Us,Besides his stellar career as South Florida’s premier cardiologist, Dr. Zachariah P. Zachariah moonlights as a bigtime Republican fundraiser. He sits on a slew of corporate and government boards. He has campaigned for three different Bushes. He has eaten dinner at the White House and loaned his private jet to Governor Crist. Reports estimate that over the years Dr. Zachariah has raised nearly $20 million for various candidates. One associate describes him as a “political animal.” Presumably it takes a lot to impress such a man.

One March day in 2007, Dr. Zachariah entered the Wellness Pavilion at Holy Cross Hospital, where he serves as director of cardiology. The luxury gym and fitness facility was named after his family, which donated $3.1 million to build it. Inside the doctor noticed a young gentleman, about six foot two with dirty blond hair, wearing a Harvard shirt and a Harvard class ring to match. Since Zachariah’s own son was considering going to school there, the doctor struck up a conversation.

According to his lawyer, Dr. Zachariah was wowed by the young man’s knowledge of land use and zoning. He was amazed by his grasp of local politics. Whatever the exact details of their conversation, Dr. Zachariah walked away with the impression that Robert Charles Jones Brady, known as Chas, had graduated from Harvard Law, an alumnus of the most prestigious school in the country.

Shortly thereafter Brady, then 26, became a regular guest of the doctor’s. The two traveled together to New York. They socialized on Dr. Zachariah’s yacht. Zachariah introduced his young proteg to his friends successful businessmen and political notables. In November of 2007, when Dr. Zachariah hosted a $2,300 a head political fundraiser at his Fort Lauderdale mansion, he proudly presented Brady to presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

A few weeks later, Brady landed in a cell at a Broward County jail, the subject of six criminal complaints, at least three civil lawsuits, and five investigations by the Florida Bar. They compared Brady’s story to Hollywood movies like Six Degrees of Separation or Catch Me If You Can, both featuring clean cut imposters who knew how to push the right buttons to finagle their way into influential circles.

Said prosecutor David Schulson, “Brady’s a poor man’s Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Brady’s case has inspired a host of emotions: anger, sympathy, bewilderment. With his cultured manner and polished public persona, Brady never looked like much of a criminal. Even in his mug shot, he smiles broadly like the boy next door.

In the days before his arrest last fall, Brady seemed to have ended up where he always wanted to be: in the company of the rich and well connected. But what leaps had he taken to get there? And how many influential people would he embarrass along the way? Most important, as far as the criminal justice system was concerned, was he really guilty of any serious wrongdoing? Or was he having the book thrown at him because he had embarrassed a bunch of muckety mucks. It’ll all come out in the wash, lawyers say. According to one who has represented Brady, the young Ivy Leaguer manqu cleverly bulletproofed himself against would be legal complications. Brady shouldn’t have to do serious time, defense attorney Lawrence Livoti says.

“The law imposes no obligation to dispel a misunderstanding,” Livoti argued in court (before withdrawing from the case because Brady couldn’t afford his services). “Saying you are a Harvard law graduate is not holding yourself out to practice law. Nobody testified that he was a member of the Florida Bar. Nobody stated that.”

Was it Brady’s fault if Dr. Zachariah as well as a lot of other Broward County movers and shakers was a sucker?

Chas Brady’s stepfather James Eddy is now in his late 70s. His associates report that Eddy is winding down his law practice in Oakland Park perhaps because of his age, perhaps because of his troubles. From 1963 to 1968, Eddy served in the state House of Representatives. By all accounts,
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the elder man had carved out an admirable career and enjoyed the respect of his peers.

Chas Brady assisted his stepfather in his law practice. Many clients believed that Brady was a lawyer too a Harvard educated one. Brady now maintains that he was only an assistant, a consultant, a paralegal, and a lobbyist jobs that don’t require special training or advanced degrees.

But his future and possibly his stepfather’s hinges on whether he engaged in the illegal practice of law, which is a felony. Brady also faces charges of grand theft, forgery, and organized fraud. If convicted on all of the 14 counts against him, Brady could face a maximum sentence of more than 75 years in prison, his public defender says.

With his fate in the balance, seemingly minute details have assumed unforeseen importance. Take Brady’s business cards. An associate says they included his name and contact information, but not a title. Documents show that Brady set up, and was sometimes paid through, a business called Crimson Consulting. (Crimson is the school color of Harvard.) At some point, Eddy’s law firm made a distinction on its letterhead: Next to Brady’s name, there was an asterisk; at the bottom of the page, a disclaimer read, “Not a member of the Florida Bar.”

But multiple people, including state prosecutors, say that, technicalities aside, Brady represented himself as a lawyer and that his betrayal cost friends and clients thousands if not millions of dollars. And not least of all, in the behind the scenes confines of the South Florida power structure, it left them with a fair amount of egg on the face.

In police reports, one alleged victim, a businessman named Brent Fardette, claims that Brady introduced himself as an attorney when the two met at a political fundraiser in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the pair began planning a business deal. Brady told Fardette he knew of a shopping plaza for sale in Pompano Beach. If Fardette bought it for $19.5 million they could flip it and resell at a steep profit. In fact, Brady advised, he already had buyers in mind. They were people he knew through his stepdad’s law firm: major condo developer Jean Francois Roy of Ocean Land Investments (famous for an unsuccessful bid to buy the town of Briny Breezes in 2006 for $510 million) and State Senator Steven Geller.

In June of 2005, Brady presented Fardette with documents to back up the deal: a contract supposedly signed by the seller and a letter of intent to buy, supposedly signed by buyers Geller and Roy. Fardette gave Brady a $100,000 deposit.

Meanwhile, Fardette’s friend Frank DiMaria the owner of Frank’s Restaurant in Pompano Beach came calling to see if Brady could help him too. DiMaria hoped to open a juice bar on Pompano Beach, but first he needed to obtain a variance from the City Commission. Between October 2004 and April 2005, police reports say, DiMaria gave Brady $25,000 in retainer fees.
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The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) and the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles are hosting a meeting in support of the Macon Reentry Coalition, according to a news release.

The breakfast is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. in Vinzant Hall the at State Offices South at Tift College.

The Macon Reentry Coalition is a collaborative effort, in partnership with the GDC and the Parole Board, to educate and assist offenders who are on probation or parole. The coalition involves law enforcement, faith based organizations and elected officials from Central Georgia.

The goal is to enhance already existing risk interventions and serve to help reduce repeat offenders. The group also provides job placement, skills training and counseling to assist offenders after their prison release.

Jimmy Autry with Flint Energies says the line shut off power at two Flint substations, Peach Blossom and Sleepy Hollow.

He says about 9,000 customers were affected around Peach Blossom, Feagin Mill, Houston Lake Road, Highway 96 and Lake Joy Road. as their distribution line is repaired.

He says businesses along Highway 96 around Houston County High School and the Houston Lake Road intersection may experience temporary outages as the power load is moved around.

A group of former Macon police officers say they’ve filed a federal class action lawsuit for around $500,000,
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based on race discrimination, retaliation and a hostile work environment.

They filed the suit in May 2009 and hope for a possible trial date within a couple weeks.

45 year old former Macon police officer Joseph Calloway says he and three others were wrongly fired and not given a fair chance to keep their jobs because they were black.

Calloway says he got fired in 2008 for two reasons. One was a complaint he filed claiming a hostile work environment and racial discrimination. He calls the other “a witch hunt” that happened after he told then Lt. Tracey Brazee that he’d heard a damaging rumor about her.

“Had I been a white officer, it would’ve been swept under the carpet,” says Calloway.

For Oak Hill Middle School in Milledgeville, starting a uniform policy two years ago meant getting the kids “dressed for success.”

But what about the families that can’t afford a new uniform wardrobe?

The school is reaching out this month to make sure no child is without a polo and slacks.

Sorting through khaki pants and polos has become all too familiar for Britton Tuck.

“There are so many children that are in need here,” says Tuck.

Tuck is the Communities in Schools Site Coordinator for Oak Hill and she says starting a uniform closet was her number one priority.

There are probably certain holidays when showing appreciation to the men and women in uniform is in the forefront of your mind.

But what about this time of year?

For Linda Backus, the holidays are not complete until she’s wrapped up her gifts and donated them to her sponsored military family.

The long time participant in the Family to Family program at Robins Air Force Base says she looks forward to the shopping and the wrapping each present, a little “Thank you” to the family she will never meet, but who will receive her package.

“They give of their time and talent to support and protect the country. I think we should do the same for them,” Backus says.

Lieutenant Colonel Gwendolyn Badie heads up Family to Family, which has been around in some form for about twenty years.

Macon police found more bones on a Pleasant Hill side street Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a man found some bones, including a skull in the wooded area off Ferguson Street,
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near Vineville Avenue.

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