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Beware taking Lithium. No one would listen and I became toxic and was only taking 400 mg. Lost use of my legs, slurred speech and finally effected my breathing to the point all they did was put me in a nursing home saying I wasn’t coming out and it was COPD. Well here I am out and my range was within range and by the time in the nursing home I faked a heart attack to go to the ER it was 2.4. Thank God for the intern because the specialist sure didn’t pick it up. Here I am out of the nursing home after de tox but they tell me it is gonna be a long recovery.

Hey everyone. six months ago I googled how to kill myself with seroquel and I found this page. Therefore I still get these emails.

In August, (August 15th to be exact), I was fired from my new job. That was about the 5th job I had been fired from in the last 3 years. I was finally broken after 32 years and I couldn’t face telling my strict, abusive father that I had lost another job.

Long story short, I went to my bedroom and tossed back about 60mg Klonopin and a handful of Seroquel. I had been taking those drugs for so long that I knew I had a whale’s tolerance for it, so I went to the bathroom and grabbed the bleach and the windex. I then drank out of both bottles (I really don’t recommend that and I ruined my favorite pants dammit!).

So, to get to the point, this is the brief rest: I texted my mom and sisters goodbye. I also messaged my best friend from college, who saw that and ended up racing here from Philadelphia (about a 6 hour drive), while a friend of ours from college who I haven’t seen in 10 years called local hospitals to see where I was).

I was truthfully shocked that anyone still cared that much about me.

So my texts triggered my mom to call the cops, they knew our house because my brother is Schizophrenic and we have had to call the cops on him many times. It was to the point where the same police arrived every time because he knew them, And I had dealt with them many times explaining what was going on. It only now occurs to me that the call in to them had to have said “white 32 year old female, suicide attempt” at our address, which they knew by heart. So I guess they knew it wasn’t my brother and wanted to assist anyways. Hmmm.

Anyways, it goes as this: I lie on my bed, tears streaming down my face, and staring at the ceiling while they bust through my “barricade”. There are many more details but I want to get to the point of why I decided to share this with strangers when I have only told maybe two people this whole story.

Ok, so, ER, psych ER, Psych ward for a week. A total of ten days.

Because I intentionally overdosed on Klonopin, I was no longer prescribed any benzodiazepines. And no, they did not ween me or taper me. Cold turkey. After eight years of being prescribed daily, and I was up to 4mg/day. The funny thing? As the days went on, it was as if I were coming out of an eight year depression. I developed neuropathy due to Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. But that can be treated with clonidine, a blood pressure med. I have a whole other story on trying to convince the doctors I was experiencing PAWS, which I failed to do until I had to go to the ER because my body was involuntarily spasming at about every four seconds.

But my mood. my ability to be happy came back. I thought for the past 8 years that I was unable to feel happy. Because every time I felt my mood elevate a bit, it would go sideways into anxiety, and then I felt dull after.

Take away the mask of Klonopin, and I could experience and see things in a different way.

I had lost jobs, relationships, and friendships over the past 8 years due to my unhealthy behavior and inability to feel content. I had seen three different NPP’s over the last 8 years. All had prescribed me Klonopin without question.

I also had tried numerous anti depressants and mood stabilizers over the last 8 years. I even went off of Effexor after being on it for 9 years (THAT was a sixth month withdrawal for me). Nothing worked and I only got worse and more self destructive.

It wasn’t until I was forced to be totally without Klonopin that I felt better. Now, let me be honest, I take Adderall, Effexor, Wellbutrin, and Lamictal. I am not at all Pharmaceutical free. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I didn’t have any panic attacks. I def felt a little manic but I was doing things that I had only briefly thought of doing before and then losing energy over the thought of it.

I couldn’t identify with “happy” before and I didn’t know how it felt. So let me give you an example of a time that blew me away because it made me HAPPY.

My niece and goddaughter Maya is a beautiful, smart, sweet six year old. She is my love. Her parents told me that she was making presents for everyone, including 20 of her friends, and she was using her own possessions (for example, she gave me a headband and a few barrettes and a picture of her from preschool in a shoebox). When I thought of this beautiful, generous, gifted child, my chest didn’t tighten, but it expanded with love. I involuntarily smiled, and tears came to my eyes. Yes, that sounds like love, and it was, but I loved her before I tried to kill myself. I noticed it right away as joy. The cool thing about this whole experience is that I’m noticing the moments where I feel a different way or see things more clearly. Trust me, it is not devoid of challenges. But I never thought that I could feel like that.

The long term effects of benzo use (this includes taking daily as prescribed) are an overall decrease in quality of life. I read that a month ago, among many other psychiatric symptoms. Why the F did my NPP’s NEVER question the benzos? They are not helping. They are snuffing out our ability to feel joy.

I’m going to stop babbling. I hope someone feels a little more hopeful after reading this. If you do, I’m glad. If you DON’T, trust me, I understand. But whether you feel it or not, chances are that there is hope for you too. Because there was hope for me, and I felt like a forgotten and lost cause.

I got arrested for DUI. (I’m on Elavil, buspar, and seroquel at bedtime. That’s after I spend my days on paxil, buspar, and vistril. I’m bipolar with borderline personality disorder). I woke up and immediately ran out to get a 20 piece mcnugget. I had warrants for a drive off and 3 bad checks. Literallly, everyone in my life turned their backs on me that day. My children won’t take my calls or messages, my parents told me not to contact them anymore, the one friend I had refuses to speak to me. My 4 siblings have all, very politely, told me to go fuck myself. I’ve been in trouble before. Never anything any bigger than a misdeamenour. All “victimless crimes”. Sadly, I’m not leaving out any details. People love me so much every single person I had left has abandoned me. So the ” someone loves you” bullshit, is just plain bull shit. Not everyone has someone who gives a fuck if theirnalive or dead. Not one person gives a shit I’m sleeping in 12 weather at night because I got kicked out after I got out of jail and no one will let me even sit in their kitchen for a cup of coffee. Much less sleeper on their couch. Some people are too hard to love to be worth the effort. Your statement is a very nice and thoughtful. But this isn’t the movies.

My mom took 90 pills of seroquel at 100 mg a pop along with soma compound (muscle relaxant) and probably her lorazepam, she did die and no one was there to stop her. I think sometimes I will do the same exact thing cause I’m depressed and no one notices. Life is a bitch and I was also homeless at one point and my family and so called friends all turned their back on me even in the winter. I screamed to god saying ” why the fuck won’t you let me die!!” Even took 120 kp 1 mg but once again I didn’t die. So ya probably by the time I’m 45 to 50 I’ll do what my mom did. She was 54 years old and she felt like no one loved her even tho her 3 children adored her. I still miss her but she isn’t in pain anymore and I know she is at peace cause I’ve seen her spirit over 8 times and she is happy. Sober only after accomplice to burgulary from being dope sick, and rehab for almost three months. Did I mention i was in a wreck that was suppose to have killed me? Brain injury, destroyed leg, face completely reconstructed, had a bone graph surgery in rehab with no pain meds. Still glad I’m alive.

I’m 40 have 4 children ages 21 12 I have Eupd was diagnosed last oct have had it all my life I have always been impulsive etratic paranoid not enough a mental mess I guess I got up n left my family 2 yrs ago I wanted to go back was told I’m dead to em all i only went for a wk end away I hate this disorder back then I knew there was something not right wiv me n now I’ve been diagnosed which does help explain my erratic n unexplainable behaviour no forgiveness or understanding from my family I am wanting to not be here anymore this time I want to do it right no waking up forever gone n not missed cos I’m so fucked up in the head

Bruh, I dont know how old u are or who made you god but chill the fuck out. It takes a lot of balls to decide and create a finalized plan to end your own life. Coming from myself, I attempted suicide when all the people i loved and needed turned on me and I couldnt stand my own worthless existance. Honestly life isnt for everybody and then comes a stupid fucktard like yourself who thinks their ugly shit and total disrespect for another human life in crisis is acceptable. Honestly I’d prefer to see them live and you go. See, these people arent hurting anyone but themselves. You on the other hand are viciously attacking people with no right what so ever. I can only say that I pray to God these people find the strength to stop hating themselves and stop beating themselves up so badly like I did and find reason to live. To the people here have nothing more in this life, just give it some time. Just because shit don’t get fixed overnight doesn’t mean it never will. You just got to make that commitment to yourself and keep moving ahead. Even if you only move a milifraction of a centimeter per day, keep pushing forward and never fall back or go into neutral. One day down the road you’ll look back on all this and it will be a distant nightmare.

I have given all too my children, my son with ADHD was prescribed seroquel. due to many variables, it does not matter how i have gotten the meds prior to my lay off. we do nothing but fight in my house, thus economy sucks. i have taken to cutting, but it has lost its help factor. After stockpiling, i have gottin to a point of taking enuf to wish death but not enuf to get there.

Just enuf too make me as numb as possilible. I am scared of dying, but I am more scared of being murdured, by my sons’ fathers son. being my son himself.

You have no clue about mental illness. You think you are doing ok then bam out of no where you make decisions that are life changing and people talk about you and make fund of you. I just lost my son who was 23 and he shot himself on December 12th 2016. I thought I was handling my grief and then I went out and drank and destroyed my best friends house. I do not remember doing this and she said I was going through their clothes and saying it was my deceased sons. I want to kill myself. I was in bad relationships in the past. One wanted me to prostitute and he was a so called Christian and we went to church and counseling. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am mentally ill like my son who had schizoeffective disorder. I don’t have that but I have bipolar and multiple personality disorder. You are a creep and people like you cause us to feel even more terrible about ourselves. You will never know the pain of losing a child and you will never know the fight we have to fight to try to be normal in the ways you think are normal. You are blessed for having a sane mind and you should give hope to those in despair because our feelings are real to us at the time. You suck for posting such a cruel message to those of us in need. May you find compassion in the Lord and Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins and the sin you have posted here.

I’m not whining my wife just took all the money I had and ny entire retirement for Oct I have no money now so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do no cash no credit nothing worth any thing to sell or pawn so no money till Nov 1st I’m medically retired but did my 30 got a full pension but she gets half of that so l got what I had she got house I paid for all 401 k and 1235.00 A month she makes 2200 a month so I can’t afford meds gas food doctors nothing till Nov 1 so I take up to 300 a day . I have about 4000 mg of serequel that a letal dose 62″230 56 congestive heart failure type 2 diabeties ismoke so

Already been hospitalized two weeks in psy ward at county hospital now its come to I agree to all the money so my sister doesn’t have to be bothered cause having to get a home equity loan on fathers house for 150000 by 45 days to give to her so I’m done and would that amount do the job if Not I can use gun but I’m done so can someone p,
ugg boot sizing How Much Is a Lethal Dose of Seroquel
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