ugg boo How Long does Abercrombie and Fitch take to Call back London store

ugg boots 5 How Long does Abercrombie and Fitch take to Call back London store

i had my hair down and natural. had no nail polish. wore studded earrings, light makeup . Im a girl by the way xx

I wouldn’t worry about it. I worked for 18 months at one Abercrombie Fitch then moved to a different state. Before I could get hired on at my new store, I had to do an application and an interview. During the interview, they said they would call us within seven days. Days and days went by and I was nervous. I mean, I had all this experience, I knew the system, why wasn’t I getting hired immediately? I got the call on the seventh day. I really think they just procrastinated until the last minute. The other guy at the interview got the job too and I asked him when the store called him and he said seventh day as well. If they want to give you the job, don’t worry about how long it takes them to call back within the time frame they’ve stated. From what I’ve seen, it has no bearing.

Stina wrote:

I had an interview on monday at the abercrombie flagship store on 5th ave . Im really nervous because i really want to work there . I wore no make up and my hair was straightend amd left down n i had jeggings with flip flops . I gave the best answers i can give but now its sunday so im worried . Any answers ?

Are you hot? I don’t mean this to be shallow or anything, but they will only hire you if you are extremely attractive (unless you applied for impact). Especially at the 5th ave store, you shouldn’t bother applying unless you were recruited. I used to be a store manager in a smaller A in Southern California, and our district managers would give us hell if we hired anyone who was only moderately attractive, then instruct us never to schedule them again. Unless you are hit on everywhere you go by every guy you see, don’t hold your breath waiting for the phone. You will probably hate the job anyway

Hey I went for an interview at the london abercrombie and got a voicemail the next day saying they’d love to have me work at the store and that I should call back within the next two days to schedule training. I did call as soon as i got the message and left a message. however they haven’t replied to my messages ( I left another one a day or so later as they had said if they didn’t hear from me they’d assume I wasn’t interested). It’s only been 5 days or so since I left them but is this unusual?
ugg boo How Long does Abercrombie and Fitch take to Call back London store