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ugg boots womens sale Perfect FSG target suggested for Liverpool

All Liverpool rivals are strengthening

We need to keep in mind, it’s not just city who are strengthening but potentially all of our rivals . It would be different if it was just City with their unlimited resources.

That’s the challenge especially if we get any injuries to our front 3 or heaven forbid if Firmino gets banned for any length of games following the Holgate incident (I dont think he’s done or said anything wrong btw but mistakes do happen).

I also (like Ginger) agree that we need to give the likes of Ings and Solanke more game time now that’s all we are left with. They need some kind of rhythm if they need to play for any length of games and / or Firmino needs a rest!

Klopp will NOT be sacked even we failed to make top 4. Klopp is FSG’s cup of tea. Klopp is able to improve the team WITHOUT spending (too much).

He is make used to selling his best players every season in order to balance the book in Dortmond. He is also used to let his best player to see out the contract (Lewandowski) and lose him for nothing. Klopp will not ask for more budgets, if his top target player(s) is too expensive he will come out and say that the price is excessive. Then, wait for a long time for another target.

His patience to terrible players is second to none, otherwise Mignolet will not be still one of our players. So, if Klopp allows Sturridge leaves, it tells us that the player is 100% useless under his system.

Klopp is a top class manager, he strengthened the team and got a CL spot without spending a penny. He made a fantastic attacking line by signing Mane and Salah (both in reasonable price). If Coutinho was not being sold, our CL spot will not be put on the line.

Just hope Klopp can make another miracle signing in summer and make us a title challenging team next season.

I’m not convinced we’ll end up in the Europa, i think we can still make top 4.

My stance is when you sell one of your best players mid season, your most creative player and loan out your best attacking option of the bench then you should at least replace some of what they offer you otherwise it’s a massive gamble with implications that could be devastating for our future.

This is particularly relevant when the top 4 position is so tenuous and your direct competitors are all strengthening.

From the 31st Dec to the 31st Jan our squad has been weakened. We may hope we don’t have any injuries to our front 3 particularly Salah or Firmino.

I know there are atleast two threads discussing giroud’s potenial transfer,but with this particular stat I’ve come across has to be highlighted.

Not sure how that’s an ‘incredible’ stat. If we win a game 2 1, then the first goalscorer’s goal is equally as important, isn’t it?

The far more telling stat is the number of games when Giroud hasn’t scored at all and Wenger clearly has no intention of using Giroud as first choice, so I’m not sure why you want a player, that you say you like, to languish on the bench, putting at risk the small chance he has of making the World Cup.

Auba is already on 13 goals in the Bundesliga in January which is just three short of Ollie’s highest tally, in any league season.

I love Ollie but he’s not good enough to be our main striker and because I like him, I don’t want to see him wasting what few years he has left kicking his heels on the bench.
uggs kids sale Perfect FSG target suggested for Liverpool