uggs earmuffs Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID

uggs girls Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID

It’s worth noting perhaps that my career has been around privacy and security, and so this really flustered me. After years of loyal service, when I’ve already provided AirBnB with access to my home address, phone number, and social media accounts, they’ve taken it a step further and decided that wasn’t enough. government agencies can have access to it. It’s also an unacceptable risk to allow Jumio or any American third party provider, to hold my personal information, when they will likely be hacked.

I contacted AirBnB and asked them to reconsider. They insisted that the transfer of one’s government issued ID to their new American partner was secure; and I responded that I didn’t ask about that. I have no doubt the transfer of the information is relatively secure, that’s exponentially easier than guaranteeing me that no American government agency will get access to my information on Jumio servers, or even that Jumio complies with Canadian privacy legislation.

They responded again telling me that the transfer of the data is secure,
uggs earmuffs Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID
and that if I had further questions I needed to contact Jumio. Why would I contact Jumio, an organization I have no business relationship with?

Well, tonight I decided I would take a look at Jumio’s privacy policy, and see what I would be signing up for if I chose to move forward with AirBnB:

Jumio may use the Personally Identifying Information a user submits for any purposes related to Jumio’s business, including, but not limited to providing you with Jumio’s services and personalizing and improving those services for you.

What? If selling my passport photo and information generates revenue for Jumio, that is an acceptable usage for them? There are several other obvious concerns. Basically, if Jumio feels like it, they can provide your information anyone they consider a partner or contractor.

Best practice in Canadian privacy for businesses is not to request any more information than is required to complete the business transaction. Best practice for any non American is to avoid sending personal information unencrypted over the Internet or to anywhere on American soil.

Best practice for privacy protecting users is to wait until AirBnB resolves this issue before submitting your government issued ID.

As for me? I worked out a deal with my AirBnB host as they respect my concerns, and I’m now staying here with a private, non AirBnB contract. I wonder if a privacy respecting alternative will appear before AirBnB resolves this issue.
uggs earmuffs Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID