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Anonymous asked: I have been a larrie for 3 months already, and I tend to ignore all the bad interviews. I work in the media in my country (a latin one), and the promo and stuff are almost always lies, like to many lies, lol. But I just don’t care because I’m not a fan, but being a fan of louis has made realise that everything is so fucked up, for media ppl all this bullshit is normal but now seeing it from afar it is really bad. :/True, every celebrity lies. It just unusual to see a celebrity saddled with so many that are utterly useless to selling his product, and regurgitate them like a textbook.

If only one thing were fake, it would be much easier to believe than to throw the textbook at us, but that the modus operandi of Louis PR. Being noticed on the streets and the harassment that followed dominates the memories of both Black and white narrators. Ronni gives a typical description:

you were looked down upon socially. When I walked down the streert, cars used to pull over and say, faggot, hey lezzie. They called you names with such maliciousness. And they hated to see you when you were with a girl. I was the one that was mostly picked on because I was identified. I was playing the male part in this relationship and most guys hated it. Women would look at me in kind of a confused looking [way], you know, straight women would look at me in kind of wonder. remembers how the police used to harass her for dressing like a man:

had the police walk up to me and say, out of the car I drivin They say get out of the car; and I get out. And they say, kind of shoes you got on? You got on men shoes? And I say, I got on women shoes. I got on some basket weave women shoes. And he say, you damn lucky. everything else I had on were men pants. At that time when they pick you up, if you didn have on two garments that belong to a woman you could go to jail the same thing with a man They call it male impersonation or female impersonation and they take you downtown. It would really just be an inconvenience It would give them the opportunity to whack the shit out of you. narrators mention the legal specification for proper dress, although some said it required three pieces of female clothing, not two. If such a law did in fact exist, it did not dramatically affect the appearance of butches, who were clever at getting around it while maintaining their masculine image. The police used such regulations to harass Black lesbians more than whites, however.

Given the severe harassment, the butch role in these communities during the 1950s became identified with defending oneself and one girl in the rough street bars and on the streets. Matty describes the connection between her appearance and her need to be an effective fighter. The cultivated masculine mannerisms were necessary on the street:

I first came out in the bars it was a horror story. You know they say that you play roles. Yeag, back then you did play roles, and I was a bit more masculine back then than I am now. That was only because you walk down the street and they knew you were gay and you be minding your business and there be two or three guys standing on a street corner, and they come up to you and say, want to be a man, let see if you can fight like a man. Now being a man was the last thing on my mind, but man, they take a poke at you and you had to learn to fight. Then you go out, you better wear clothes that you could really scramble in if you had to. And it got to be really bad, I actually had walked down the street with some friends not doing anything and had people spit at me, or spit at us, it was really bad. If the world was dangerous for butches, it was equally dangerous for the fems in their company, whom the butches felt they needed to protect. Some butches state that they did most of their fighting for their fems. Sandy describes how confrontational men could be.

you had to be strong with the punches. If some guy whacked you off, said, babe, you know. Most of the time you got all your punches for the fem anyhow, you know. It was because they hated you come this queer can have you and I can do this and that You didn hardly have time to say anything, but all she would have to say [is] when he said, go, I get you away from this. He was so rejected by this that he would boom, go to you. You would naturally get up and fight the guy, at least I would. And we did that all the time, those that were out in their pants and T shirts. And we knock them on their ass, and if one couldn do it we all help. And that how we kept our women. They cared for us, but you don think for a minute they would have stayed with us too long or something if we stood there and just were silent Nine times out of ten she be with you to help you with your black eye and your split lip. Or you kicked his ass and she bought you dinner then. But you never failed, or you tried not to You were there, you were gay, you were queer and you were masculine. Kennedy and Madeline Davis, Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Communitywhen did tumblr collectively decide not to use punctuation like when did this happen why is this a thing

it just looks so smooth I mean look at this sentence flow like a jungle riverThis is really exciting, linguistically speaking.

Because it not true that Tumblr never uses punctuation. But it is true that lack of punctuation has become, itself, a form of punctuation. On Tumblr the lack of punctuation in multisentence long posts creates the function of rhetorical speech, or speech that is not intended to have an answer, usually in the form of a question. Consider the following two potential posts. Each individual line should be taken as a post:

ugh is there any particular reason people at work have to take these massive handfuls of sauce packets they know they not going to use like god put that back we have to pay for that stuff

Ugh. Is there any particular reason people at work have to take these massive handfuls of sauce packets they know they not going to use? Like god, put that back. We have to pay for that stuff.

In your head, those two potential posts sound totally different. In the first one I ranting about work, and this requires no answer. The second may actually engage you to give an answer about hoarding sauce packets. And if you answer the first post, you will likely do so in the same style.

Here what makes this exciting: the English language has no actual punctuation for rhetorical speech is, there are no special marks that specifically indicate speech is in the abstract, and requires no answer. Not only that, it never has. The first written record of English (actually proto English, predating even Old English) dates to the 400s CE, so we talking about 1600 years of having absolutely no marker whatsoever for rhetorical speech.

A group of teens and young adults on a blogging website literally reshaped a deficit a millennium and a half old in our language to fit their language needs. More! This group has agreed on a more or less universal standard for these new rules, which fits the definition of Which is to say Tumblr English is its own actual, real, separate dialect of the English language, and because it is spoken by people worldwide who have introduced concepts from their own languages into it, it may qualify as a written form of pidgin.

Tumblr English should literally be treated as its own language, because it does not follow the rules of any form of formal written English, and yet it does have its own consistent internal rules. If you don think that cool as fuck then I don even know what to tell you.
ugg wellies this is a blog