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I’m pretty desperate here so I’d REALLY appreciate if anyone could help me!

I bought a few weeks ago an used IBM ThinkPad 2655 (A22e) in a vey good condition (barely used) which came with Windows 2000 Professional, and I thought still was under guaranty (but last night I found out with horror that it had expired a few months ago!).

I partitioned it, installed Suse 8.1 and have been using it everyday with no problems at all, that is up to last night when I was on Linux coding some HTML with JavaScripts when suddenly everything froze! (something I’d only experienced under Windows before)

There was no way to ‘kill’ anything or restart the computer (and it started making a funny noise) so I turned it off and on again but then it wouldn’t get past the first screen (one saying to “Press F1 to enter IBM BIOS Setup Utility” or F12 for boot device).

It just won’t even ask for my hardware bios password much less get into the selection between Linux and Windows!

I tried several times getting into BIOS but all I got were the following error messages:

ERROR 0271 check date and time settings

ERROR 0188 Invalid RFID Serialization Information Area or Bad CRC2

Then after a couple of tries it changed to:

ERROR 0270 Real time clock error

ERROR 0251 System CMOS Checksum bad Default Configurations used

ERROR 0188 Invalid RFID Serialization Information Area or Bad CRC2

I really do not know what happened, if something suddenly melted in there (the TP does feel a bit hot) and it died (which CAN’T happen!!!),

or if stupidly something was changed and there IS hope, that all I need is reconfigure something in BIOS or something so I can boot again!

I checked the “Numeric error codes” with the numbers above and most of them say something needs to be reconfigured in Setup (like the date and time which might have been changed recently but not right before I was studying last night!)

but HOW can I do that if I can’t get into any sort of Setup or in BIOS??!!

Something weird is that when I try starting it with it plugged to electricity sometimes not even the F1 or F12 screen shows up, it just makes noise and the screen stays black, but then I try with it unplugged (battery’s full) and there comes this first IBM screen, it blinks a while and either nothing happens and it stays frozen on it, or it goes all black or the 0270, 0251 and 0188 error messages show up,

all the time I turn it on the board (or something) inside is making a super WEIRD NOISE like a cd being skipped (there’s no CD in the CD ROM).

Under 0188 I read that I’d need to “Replace the planar” / “Box serial number needs to be reinstalled” if that’s the case how can I do that??!

Does anyone have any idea of what’s wrong, what can I do, if there’s any hope!!!!!!?

Thank you so much for any help, I’m really desperate!

>> Re: Thinkpad won’t start, BIOS problem? Please HELP!

Chris, not sure how far you’v gotten with this since posting it. It sounds like a possible bad HD. I support a corporate environment of about 75 TP T2+ models, as well as TP600s. Many times I’v seen HDs on these machines die within a few months, most of those are made by toshiba.

However, IBM does have a great technical support website, that provides almost everything you need to figure out and or resolve your Thinkpad problems (although having Linux may slow things up abit) Start by search for the Thinkpad PC Diag tools, I believe you can find them here:Your Model TP (A20) Type is 2628, enter that in the product box, click submit, and PgDwn several pages until you find the PC Diagnostic tools.

I can tell ya from experiance, that the Thinkpad models I support run great with Windows 2k/XP installed. However, before installing any OS on them,
office shoes uggs sale Thinkpad won't start
I always apply the lates Bios updates, install the OS, then download and install ALL of the appropraite driver updates from IBM, then apply any MS pacthes. they Run like tanks! 9 times outta 10, when there is a problem, its hardware related (worn out or failed)

I have also seen several hard drive patches posted for your A20 (on IBM’s website) If you’v lost the drive (you’ll be able to tell by running the IBM PC Diagnostics, bootable diskettes) you might be able to check for warrenty info on the Hard drive manufacturer (Travelstars are IBM drives)