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More than $3 million worth of lobster is at the centre of a complex, international case involving fraud and theft allegations against three men from southwestern Nova Scotia, RCMP said Tuesday.

been in the lobster industry for quite some time, RCMP Supt. Martin Marin said in an interview. have deep roots.

During the course of the investigation, the RCMP looked into similar allegations that a lobster company in Clark Harbour had been defrauded of over $500,000 in 2014 15.

RCMP say they also investigated allegations that a Barrington company was defrauded of over $500,000, a Shelburne County company was defrauded of $1.7 million and a company in Taiwan was defrauded of over $250,000 all in 2015 16.

Marin declined to offer details about the allegations, nothing that none has been proven in court.

Three men from Shelburne County were arrested last Wednesday.

Marin said the three have substantial reach and influence on the local, national and international seafood markets.

a multimillion dollar industry, he said. where there opportunity, there also crimes of opportunity. It seems as though that is what transpired here. lobster business remains the most lucrative fishery in Canada, producing more than $1 billion in commercial landings last year. The 10,000 licensed enterprises in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces employ about 30,000 harvesters and they been making big money in recent years.

In 2015, 82,700 tonnes of Canadian lobster was exported 80 per cent of it to the United States generating $2.03 billion in revenue, according to federal figures.

Amid growing demand for the tasty crustaceans, fishermen have been hauling in record catches that are commanding the highest prices in more than a decade.

The market for lobster has been getting a boost from the weak Canadian dollar, growing demand from China and a shift in consumer tastes toward processed meat in everything from lobster rolls to lobster macaroni and cheese.

The biggest lobster fishery in Canada can be found in southwestern Nova Scotia,
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where there are more than 3,000 fishermen and deckhands.

The Mounties say their recent investigation in that area included help from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada Revenue Agency, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries.

Terry Dale Banks, 51, of Shag Harbour, is facing four counts of fraud over $5,000 and three counts of theft over $5,000 involving four lobster companies: Independent Fisheries Ltd. in Shelburne; Stoney Island Fisheries Ltd. in Barrington; CRT Seafoods Ltd. in Clark Harbour, and the Sure First Seafood Company Ltd., based in Taiwan.

Wayne Lawrence Banks, 69, of Shag Harbour has been charged with three counts of fraud over $5,000 and three counts of theft over $5,000 involving each of the same companies, except CRT Seafoods.

Fifty one year old Christopher Olen Malone of Port Clyde is facing one charge of fraud over $5,000 and one charge of theft over $5,000 involving Independent Fisheries Ltd.
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Epic. Webster’s Dictionary defines epic as extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope. That pretty well sums up the Air Jordan 11. This shoe is definitely goes well beyond your ordinary basketball shoe. In every category used to measure a shoe. Quality, design, style, performance and reputation. The Air Jordan 11 has dropped in many epic colorways and is widely considered to be the best Jordan, and best basketball shoe, ever made. This shoe was even part of an ensemble cast in the movie “Space Jam”, starring the man himself, Michael Jordan. This shoe is the definition of epic.

The Air Jordan was first released during the 1995 1996 NBA season. A season that saw the return of Michael Jordan. After retiring for three years and playing baseball, Jordan made a comback and returned to the hardcourt sporting the most famous Air Jodan made and led the Chicago Bulls to an NBA Finals Championship. He also was the NBA regular season MVP and All Star game MVP. Now that’s a comeback!
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Michael wasn’t the only legend to make a comebakck that year. Tinker Hatfield, the Nike designer responsible for some many legendary Air Jordans, also returned. He returned to design the Air Jordan 11. Again, now that’s a comeback!

The legend of the Air Jordan 11 primarily lies in two elements that Hatfield used in the making of this shoe. A new patent leather and the return of a clear rubber sole. These two elements combined with a classic silheoutte make the Jordan 11 the greatest pair of Jordan shoes for basketballever made. It also was released in some of the most memorablecolorways ever seen on a basketball shoe. The “Space Jams”, “Breds”, “Cool Greys”, “Columbia”, and the “Concord” are timeless classics. Perhaps the king of them all,
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the “Concord” is making a triumphant return this December 23rd to a store near you.

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My wife and I took our two kids and our neighbors’ two kids (ranging from 3 to 10) to see Ariel Theatrical’s recent production ofPeter Pan. I had somehow managed to not ever see or read the work from beginning to end. So the musical’s depiction of indigenous people played at Ariel by 20 kids who looked between 4 and 11 was stunning.

They stalk around in faux buckskin clothing and feathered headbands, and startle each other like bumbling cowards. They sing a song called “Ugg a Wugg,” a gibberish approximation of indigenous languages. They appeal to Peter Pan as their Father. They give war cry whoops and “speak um” in broken English. Barrie more than 100 years ago. Its depiction of indigenous people not to mention its colonialism and patriarchy hasn’t aged well.

Ariel founder Gail Higginbotham admits that. They didPeter Pan10 years ago. She says when she got the script this time, from licensing company MTI, she was “a little taken aback” at how little it was updated. The indigenous people were still referred to “redskins.”

“We’re not doing that,” she decided. “We’re changing [redskin] to ‘warrior.'”

But she says they were bound by the strict rules of the licensing agreement. And they had 53 kids already signed up.

So the show went on, with gestures to mitigate the stereotypes. Higginbotham says they talked to the young cast about the roles and the historical context, showed videos of rain dances, asked the actress who played Tiger Lily (the leader of the “Indian” tribe) how she felt; the 15 year old was OK with it. And how did parents and audiences feel?

“They said [the Indians] were the best part of the show,” Higginbotham reports. “They saw it as an exercise in the innocence of childhood.”

But for a theater company that prides itself on teaching kids “correct principles,” there were admitted missteps. There were no indigenous people brought in to consult, as the Children’s Theatre Company in Minnesota did. And Ariel didn’t send any requests for changes to MTI.

Stephen Moorer of PacRep, which is producingPeter Panin August, says they will fix the most problematic stuff without rewriting the work: “Theater companies make slight [changes] for casting, understandability, technical reasons. I have no problem adding ‘cultural awareness’ to that list.”

Peter Panis loved by millions who cherish the escape of flying off with Peter to Neverland. The way to do that, according to the musical, is to “think lovely thoughts.” And to not think ugly thoughts like, maybe, about demeaning stereotypes right in front of them.

Higginbotham says they won’t be doingPeter Panagain: “It was written at a time when the world was seen differently. It creates non intended social and political statements. We’re about life affirming statements. Within the bounds of that contract, we did everything we could to create an affirming situation.”

Editor’s note: This piece originally stated that the kids who played Indians in ARIEL Theatrical’s performance of Peter Pan referred to Peter as “Great White Father.”
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The footwear chain Schuh is to share nearly 40m among almost 3,000 of its youthful staff after it was acquired by Genesco, the US retail group, in a deal worth 125m.

Colin Temple, the managing director of Schuh, and Mark Crutchley, its finance director, will net a whopping 25m each, but the earn out depends on them remaining at the company. The two directors own 75 per cent of the retailer.

Genesco said that Schuh which is based in Livingston, Scotland, and has 59 stores and 16 concessions has “attractive store economics and solid growth prospects”.

Schuh’s 2,827 staff, who have an average age of 21, will share a payout of 37.3m, based on their salary and length of service at the retailer.

For instance, an employee of Schuh for four years would receive a bonus equal to 110 per cent of their salary, while someone with 10 years’ service will bag a multiple of 250 per cent.

The branded footwear chain is also donating up to 7m from the transaction towards a newly established charitable foundation, the Schuh Trust.

In addition, the deal provides for an earnings related bonus of up to 25m payable if Schuh hits targets for underlying earnings.

Mr Temple who joined Schuh 26 years ago as a merchandiser of men’s footwear said it had been approached by Genesco about the acquisition, rather than soliciting a sale.

Schuh delivered net sales of about 164m in the year to 27 March 2011, boasting an operating margin of more than 9 per cent.

He said: “It secures growth for us under a parent, such as Genesco. The cost of borrowing is cheaper for us and they understand the pain we sometimes feel because they are in the same marketplace.”

The purchase price paid by Genesco was 100m before adjustments for debt and working capital.

Genesco sells footwear, headwear sports apparel and accessories in more than 2,285 retail stores in the US and Canada, primarily under the names Journeys, Lids and Johnston Murphy.

Schuh is the latest UK retailer to be acquired by a bigger US group. Jones Group bought Kurt Geiger, the premium shoe retailer, from Graphite Capital, in a deal worth 215m this month.

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So I was in Miami this past weekend (thus, the lack of blogs written) and was livin’ li vida loca. I ate some authentic Cuban food black beans rice, plantain chips, Red Snapper and some other good stuff. I saw some of the world’s most beautiful women (and men).

Miami is my city! I grew up there and attended powerhouse Miami Carol City Senior High School, home of Flo Rida, Rick Ross and Pretty Ricky. Miami has style and is deeply entrenched in the hip hop world and the fashion world, which brings me to the point of this blog.

Fashion. In particular, the shoe game. It has been brought to my attention (thanks son!) that all your Nike sneakers are pass whack and so 2009. What’s in? Exclusive shoes. That’s right! Sneaker/designer shoes that scream, “What the fuck are you wearing?” It ain’t about the Nike Swoosh logo if you’re trying to wear a sneaker that’s club ready and funky fresh. Your shoe game should be about individuality, exclusivity, and swagger like no other.

The tennis shoe, which is club chic, is called “Cadillac” (as in the car). Cadillac sneakers are off the chain fresh. My son made me cop a pair of all black Cadillac sneakers with the patent leather trim. Sick! And they aren’t that expensive. About $80.00. I don’t think anyone in Denver has a pair. I am the sole owner of a sick pair of Cadillac sneakers! I bask in that. Lol!

Also, I copped a pair of designer Gucci sneakers that are waaaaaay too stylish for an old man, but I had to have them. I won’t even mention the price. Just know that you gotta have your money right to get them.

So all of you Nike wearing people save them shits for the playground. If you wanna rock a pair of sneakers to the club, get you some shit that people either respect (like a Gucci or Louis Vuitton sneaker) or a sneaker that is an exclusive shoe that no one can clock you wearing. Step your shoe game up! Don’t let an old man stunt on you! Check out my sneakers.

Comment by mister on February 4, 2010 at 6:07am

Okay, now your talking my language. I took a trip to Sweden back in December and found two brands that are killing it in Europe right now !

(well when i say killing it, i really mean “the people who know”) As a self confirmed trainer (yeah thats what we call sneakers in Europe) addict

i had to buy some similar style stuff.

The First brand is by a company called Gram, these as you’ll see by the price are very much in demand, iThis company names each Trainer (Sneaker) by the amount of grams they weigh. peep these Gram 383g bordeaux leather and these 395g Black leather i bought. i have always been into trainer/shoe style as well as typical trainers. The Grambrandhave a million more styles but they seem go change the site with every season just google them and youl see a tone of flavas.

The next brand i saw in Sweden is a brand called Tretorn all im going to say is peep the site, if you USA peeps wana drop some shit none of your friends have ever seen just have a quick look. Peep these Skymra Mid Vinter SICK ! ! ! ! ! They all have fur inside too ! so ooober comfy in the winter.
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If you want to take a look at the intangible assets any company would ever have, the very brand that it produces would most likely top any list. The stronger the brand, the more valuable this intangible asset becomes. Quite frankly, you would not see any brands that would be listed on the corporate balance sheets that your management team would be processing. In spite of this, the brand produced and conceptualized by the company actually plays quite a key role in the very success of the company itself. And it all boils down to brand KPI or brand key performance indicators, when you want to have actionable measures in managing your very brand at its optimum.

There have even been a lot of research studies that have been done on brand management. Results brought about by the recent ones include how strong brands actually hold to their names at least a third of what is known as shareholder value. With companies that have very strong brands in the market, the share prices of these companies actually have very modest returns of investment. Matched with these ROIs are lower risk rates as well. This is a strong indication as to how powerful and influential a company’s brand can be on the very success of the company.

When it comes to brand measurements and brand key performance indicators, these can actually be grouped into three: brand perception, brand financial value, and brand performance. These categories are further comprised by brand KPI themselves.

Brand perception, for starters, has the following metrics: consumer awareness, brand strength, credibility,
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relevance, and consideration. Let us explain each in depth. Consumer awareness is all about brand recognition, pertaining to the customer’s ability to differentiate your brand from other brands in the competitive market. Brand strength pertains to just how stable the brand is in the market amidst its competition. Credibility pertains to just how reliable the brand is, as well as how effective the process of brand advertising is. Relevance pertains to how modern the brand is at the moment, as well as how effective it is in exciting emotions in customers. Consideration pertains to brand familiarity amongst customers.

Brand financial value is measured through revenue generation capabilities, ROIs, transaction values, and growth sustainability rate. Revenue generation capabilities pertain to the influence of brand familiarity on sales. ROI is pretty much self explanatory. Transaction value pertains to the potential and current value that the brand has, which can be added to each transaction. Growth sustainability rate pertains to the influence of the brand on the growth rate at its maximum that the brand owner can sustain without having to increase leverage financially.

With the following brand KPI in mind, you can then see the need to make use of the appropriate balanced scorecard. This way, you can have in writing all of these metrics, which can guide you along the path towards stronger and improved brand management. What’s more, with such a system, it would actually be easier for you to identify and determine the strong and the weak areas when it comes to brand management.
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In the event that you wear these sorts of shoes when playing tennis then you absolutely risk bringing on a damage to yourself. The primary dangers are that the standard mentors on offer don’t bolster your foot or your lower leg to the right particulars and this is the thing that can lead you to get harmed while playing.

There are two key things that you have to consider while you are choosing the correct tennis shoesfor you. The primary component that you have to take a gander at is you have to consider which sort of court surface that you play the vast majority of your amusements on. You should distinguish this to ensure that you select the correct sneaker for yourneed while playing.

Next you have to discover which shoes will be the most agreeable to you as a person as far as your body and feet qualities. Obviously there is no genuine science behind what you ought to wear in a sneaker however a few people lean toward various qualities in their shoe and you ought to purchase the sneakers as per what will better suit your necessities.

In the event that you play the majority of your tennis on a hard court surface, for example, solid then you ought to hope to buy sneakers which can withstand rehashed use on these surfaces. A shoe that is strong and does not wear effectively is the correct decision for this condition. Rehashed use on this kind of court surface can wear the tread off the sneakers rapidly which can bring about issues.

When playing on a hard surface like solid players who are correct given tend to wear out the toe range of the correct shoe rapidly because of the procedures utilized while playing a stroke. So in the event that you are correct given make sure to get a sneaker that is cooked for your side of playing. So on the off chance that you are correct given the correct shoe ought to have extra hold on the correct toe and the left gave player ought to have extra grasp on the left shoe.

The other more famous kind of playing surface is the delicate court which is normally earth. On the off chance that you are a dirt court player then you ought to take a gander at getting a sneaker that will furnish you with solace and in addition a decent measure of footing so you don’t slip effectively. You ought to never wear a standard coach,
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for example, a running shoe on an earth court as it can harm the surface because of the little plastic spikes on the soles. Most clubs won’t permit you to play on this surface in something besides a level soled shoe.

At long last the shoe that fits is the shoe that you ought to wear. Sneakers ought to fit you over the width of the shoe however do take into consideration some slight development as the shots that you play in tennis do require some development of the foot from side to side. The shoes that fit like this will give you the perfect measure of support around the lower leg and a decent level of solace while you are moving and taking shots.

Never be hesitant to attempt the sneakers on. Such a large number of individuals waste several pounds on shoes that look great yet don’t address their issues. Indeed, even have a go at moving like you would on a court to perceive what impact the shoes have all alone individual feet for solace and support. When you have bought the sneakers the time has come to get out your racket and play.
ugg bling The Key Attributes When Looking To Purchase Tennis Shoes

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An eighth grader at St. Louis Catholic School, she never missed the honor roll. She was a member of the SLS children’s choir and would often join in singing during weekly masses as well as school masses. She was a previous member of the SLS scholastic bowl team, Hawks basketball team, and CHAOS youth group. Very athletic and bright, she was a member of the Nokomis Lady Braves volleyball team where she played thelibero position. She was also a second baseman and center fielder for the Lady Braves softball team where she led the team in stolen bases and had received the team Spirit Award for being a role model to her team.

She had many friends and loved to go to all of the Braves’ games, especially the Lady Braves’ basketball games, announcing her friends as they took the court. She volunteeredcollecting food for the food pantry, painting the newly remodeled Nokomis Christian Missions, helping the little ones shop at the Santa Store at the Winter Wonderland, as well as helping at many fundraisers for her school and church. Ayden enjoyed slumber parties, music, Snapping, Starbucks coffee, hanging out with her friends, family and cousins. She brought a vibrant spirit wherever she was, and loved her role as aunt to her two year old nephew spending as much time with him as she could.

She is survived by her parents; sister Amber (fianc Bryant Wright) O’Malley of Blue Mound and brother Nick O’Malley of Nokomis;
black uggs The Journal
nephew Brody Wright; grandparents Denny and Doris O’Malley of Nokomis, Mike and Gaylyn Casey of Nokomis, Larry and Gail Johnson of Fillmore; great grandfather Ernie and Mary Ann Pieper of Deer Park, TX; many aunts, uncles, cousins, especially Alexandra and Lauryn Miller, Seth Johnson and Spencer O’Malley; friends, teammates, teachers, coaches, youth leaders, priests,
black uggs The Journal
neighbors and lives she touched.

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The legend that is Michael Jordan ammased huge numbers in every statistical category that exists in the game of basketball. 32,292 is the amount of points Michael scored in his career. He was an NBA Finals MVP 6 times. He was an NBA regular season MVP 5 times. He participated in 14 NBA All Star games and was MVP in 3 of those games. I could keep going but the list of Jordan’s accomplishlents is way too long to mention here. Perhaps the most significant number, other than the number 23, is the number 6. Michael Jordan is the owner of 6 NBA championship rings.

The Jordan 6 Rings Air Jordan shoe is a clebration of Michael’s unique acheivement. Jordan Brand dropped a Jordan 6 Rings “Championship Pack” which includes a pair of 6 Rings representing each of the teams that Michael and the Bulls defeated on the way to their 6 championships. Each and every pair used laser printed graphics on the shoe’s upper. The graphics depictied elements unique to each city.

Los Angeles Michael’s first NBA championship came against Magic and the Lakers. What a way for Jordan to break through! Magic vs. Michael. A heavyweight title bout! The 6 Rings dropped in the championship pack to commemerate Michael’s first ring features a white leather upper on the silheoutte of the Jordan Retro 11, a purple midsole, and a beautiful laser print graphics on the top portion of the upper.

Do you remember the video footage of Michael shrugging his shoulders with outstretched arms running back down the court after draining what seemed like his 20th 3 pointer in a row? Michael was on fire and the Bulls rolled to their second title in as many years. The Jordan 6 Rings dropped to commemerate this title also featured a white upper with laser print graphics. The midsole used black. Black was also used on the tongue and is the only shoe in the pack with a solid colored tongue.

Phoenix Michael’s next victim was Charles Barkley and the Suns. It took a six games for Jordan and the Bulls to dispatch of Barkleys’ Suns and earn Michael his third ring. Orange and purple of course, are the staples of the 6 Rings commemerating this championship.

Seattle This series featured two of the all time great trash talkers in the game. Gary Payton and the man himself. As we all know, Michael was the only one of the two that was able to both talk the talk and walk the walk. The 6 Rings honoring this NBA finals included a green pine colored midsole, white upper, and laser graphics celebrating the Emerald City.

Utah The Jazz and John stockton and Karl Malone had the dubious distinction of losing twice to Michael and the Bulls in NBA Championship finals. One of the greatest guard forward combo’s of all time just couldn’t get it done. Jordan’s final shot would bring him and the Bulls a sixth NBA Finals championship. A classy metallic silver, light blue and purple were used on this pair of 6 Rings.

6 NBA Finals championships, 6 Rings, 5 pairs of Jordan 6 Rings. A whole lot of numbers. The list of Jordan shoes for basketball grew by 5 as a direct result of the greatest baskeball player of all time. Thank you Mike.
kids kensington ugg boots The Jordan 6 Rings Championship Pack

ugg scuffette ii The Joke Thread The Joke Thread

3 guys were about 50 stories up working construction when the boss came by to tell them lunch break. The first guy an Italian says “mommamia, if my wife makesa nuther plate of speggetti for lunch I swear I will jump from here to my death tomorow. The 2nd guy a Mexican say “Votho, I am with you, if my seniorita makes me anouther barrito for lunch I am gonna jump too. The 3rd Guy, a Redneck says “man if my wife makes me another peanut butter sandwich tomorow, I’ll jump as well.

Tomorow comes and its lunch time, the Italian slowly opens his lunch box and sure enough Spaggetti, he says like I said guys cya in Heaven, so he jumps to his death, the Mexican goes, “Oh man, it better not be a burrito” he opens his lunch and its a burrito, He jumjps to his death, The 3rd guy the Redneck says Man I hope its not a peanut butter sandwich, but low and behold it was so he jumps to his death.

A few days later at the funeral the 3 wifes were standing there crying and weeping saying why , why? The boss comes by and says “I tthink it had something to do with their lunches” The Italian’s wife says If only I had known, I would of made him something else, like chicken ala King or something, The Mexican widow crying as well says “Oh I wish I had known as well, i would of made him some enchiladas or tacos” they both turn to the Rednecks wife and stare at her, she shrugs her shoulders and says, “hey don’t look at me, he made his OWN lunch”
ugg scuffette ii The Joke Thread