mens black ugg boots Sales of sheepskin shoe once beloved

sale on ugg boots Sales of sheepskin shoe once beloved

They were once the height of fashion worn by fashionistas from Kate Moss to Stella McCartney. But it seems we’ve now fallen out of love with the comfy Ugg boot, as sales of the shoes have plummeted this year.

Ugg’s parent group Deckers have seen sales drop 31 per cent in its third quarter of the year, according to The Huffington Post. The company expects profits to drop further by the end of the year while their shares have also fallen to a three year low.

Cheaper imitations, rising prices and a warm summer have been blamed for the recent lack of interest in the sheepskin shoes which originated in Australia.

The boots have also fallen out of fashion as high heels have become back in vogue.

Rana Reeves, founder of brand agency John Doe, hinted in The Guardian that sales could also be down due to the brand’s reputation being tarnished by D list celebrity fans.

While once A listers like Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman stepped out in the boots and still managed to look glamorous, more recently it’s been TOWIE stars and Wags who have worn them paired with tracksuit bottoms for a just got out of bed look.

Reeves told The Guardian the brand would need to rethink their marketing policy if they want to turn their fortunes around.

‘I’d say they’re in a similar position to when Daniella Westbrook wore Burberry,’ he said.

‘It’s a victim of its own success,’ they said. ‘It is living proof of why brands work so hard to protect their designs when copies are sold everywhere from supermarkets to market stalls, the original item is no longer considered exclusive.

‘Many people questioned the aesthetic

of the boot (our Aussie friends think we’re crazy for wearing footwear

they see as slippers on the street), but having the celebrity

endorsement of big names like Kate Moss drove sales sky high.

‘Now everyone and their mother has a

pair. They are undeniably a wardrobe staple, but the ubiquitous Ugg boot

is no longer a style statement.

‘Rather it’s a pair of comfortable

boots you might pop to the shops in and you’d be hoping you wouldn’t

bump into your chicest friend.

‘As with any trend, unless it

evolves, it will die. For the Ugg sheepskin boot to make a comeback now

it would take time or a total reinvention and I’m not sure even Jimmy

Choo could bring them back to life now.

‘Saying that, Ugg have plenty more styles to fall back on from very chic biker boots to heeled knee boots so the Ugg brand is not under threat just because the sheepskin boot is no longer a trend item.’
mens black ugg boots Sales of sheepskin shoe once beloved