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Apparently there’s nothing like a sale to pull us out of the Sandy slump.

Shopping in general is an interesting topic in the aftermath of a disaster, whether or not you’re personally affected.

The thought itself should affect us a bit, however, whoever and wherever you are. Meaning, what value does shopping hold when in comparison to those still in need of help? But the world goes round and, just as the man at the hotel said to me when asked if the Sandy discount was still being offered to those displaced, “Sandy is unfortunately over.” Interesting choice of words, nonetheless.

There are definitely elements that we could shake. For instance, my Sandy hair is getting a little too Sandy. I couldn’t justify tidying up when everyone else on my block was walking around in hazmat suits for three weeks. But dry shampoo only works for so long.

I couldn’t help but feel ashamed to go for a quick jog past my neighbours as they cleaned out their livelihoods from sewage water. And who could be concerned about a diet when you had to walk 20 blocks just to get food? We were eating whatever we could get our hands on, hence downtowners in Manhattan experienced what was pegged as the “Sandy Seven” similar to the Freshman Fifteen, in that you’re going to gain the designated weight gain and that’s just the way it is. But who wants to go through a hurricane and on top of it get fat? That’s not fair!

A lot confused me about the whole situation and I’ll admit, I am still slightly offended when I see others with blown out hair and high heels. Thank goodness for my Sandy Uggs. But I’m sure those people had jobs to show up for and events to attend and the fact simply is, life does go on. Ipad minis are still selling in a storm and people will still choose to spend their time waiting in line all day for one.

I’m not trying to judge. Sure, I wasn’t a big fan of the Twitter feeds delivered by the Gap and American Apparel on the eve of Sandy, picking up flack for blasting sale alerts with extra discounts going out to those states in danger, suggesting they’d have nothing better to do with their time besides shop online while stuck at home. I was, however, delighted to see local businesses offering post Sandy in store sales to encourage foot traffic in devastated areas. “We’re open!” signs never looked so good.

I’m starting to think shopping might bring some joy around. It may just be time to get back with the program. After all, Cyber Monday’s only two days away and that only comes around once a year. The holidays are right around the corner, and in no time, we’ll all have to strut our stuff at holiday parties and get togethers. Perhaps it’s time to, once again, start dressing like I mean business and not as if I’m still without a mirror.

The finds are definitely out there. For starters, if you’re an H fan, famed designer Maison Martin Margiela released a line for the reasonably priced fashion forward store which debuted on Nov. 15. Hunter boots come in a fabulous new colour called merlot which I’m dying to get my hands on, and Crate and Barrel has the cheeriest, most festive ad campaign I’ve seen in a long time.

You can still support Sandy while shopping The Bay has given shoppers the option to donate their points. Lululemon, a proud Canadian company, has taken on incredible leadership in terms of Sandy relief community events in the local devastated areas.

Scosha, my favorite jewelry line based out of Brooklyn, has designed a Sandy specific relief bracelet in which all proceeds go to the cause; this can be purchased on their website.

I am proud to suggest that this year, donations may just be the way to go when it comes to spending money.

What better a gift could you give?

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chocolate brown ugg boots Sales in Sandyland